The Gmail Genius #39 – Here are the 6 new features Gmail launched this month

Gmail will do even more thinking for you with these 6 new features
April 1 marked 15 years of Gmail and it rolled out a bunch of new features to celebrate, including the ability to schedule an email and send it later.

21 of the best Gmail features you might not have found yet
For Gmail power users, this list might be a little bit 101. But I bet you didn’t know that Google translate is built right into Gmail. Muy excelente!

164 best email subject lines to boost your email open rates (2019)
Yet another list, but if you use email in a sales or marketing role, you’ll love the data and suggestions here.

How I Email: Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist, Wharton

Adam Grant is a leading academic thinker on the topic of email. His research focuses on how we can find motivation and meaning, and live more generous and creative lives. He shares his tactics for being responsive to his busy inbox and discusses the two things he did to make his email life a whole lot less burdensome. Here’s an excerpt:

Generally speaking, if you’re a stranger asking me for my time, the goal is not to convince me that it’s going to benefit me. … Most of the time, I respond because I think the request is meaningful to the person who is asking or they’re trying to help someone else, or I think what they’re doing matters, or, there’s an easy way for me to suggest something that might be useful.

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How I Email: Cat DiStasio, Freelance Writer

Cat DiStasio is a writer and researcher who provides virtual support for high-earning writers, authors, and technologists. With a background in human resources and tech, Cat is all about creative problem solving — for inboxes and beyond. She offers her go-to email tips and riffs on weak subject lines. Read the rest…