The Gmail Genius #42 – A simple way to customize Gmail snoozing and make it even more useful

A simple way to supercharge Gmail snoozing
A step-by-step enhancement that will enable you to: send a response to something, archive the message, and set it to return at a certain time only if the other person hasn’t responded.

How to handle your overflowing inbox when you get back from vacation
Check this out if you plan to step away from at least one inbox for a little while this summer.

10 can’t-miss Gmail tips and tricks that will change the way you email
If you’ve been reading The Gmail Genius for some time, many of the tips in this article might be old hat. But with helpful screenshots, it’s a good resource for adding any settings that you might have overlooked.

Josh Evilsizor, Chief Productivity Officer, Atlas Advisors

From Josh Evilsizor‘s perspective, everything can and should be optimized. That definitely includes email. He rounded up his top inbox tips from his blog and details his thoughts on all things email management. Here’s an excerpt from this deep dive Q&A:

Let’s compare email to a freshly picked ear of corn. In this analogy, email is simply the container of the information, much like the corn husk holds the corn. And just like the corn belongs in my stomach, the information contained in an email actually belongs in a trusted system.

To take this one step further, once I’ve shucked and eaten the corn I can throw away the husk. Similarly, I immediately discard (or archive) my email once I’ve actioned the request or moved the information that was in it, to a trusted system. …

People reading this right now are likely having one of two reactions, disbelief or violent agreement. The reason for the dichotomy is simple, those in disbelief do not have trusted systems, those in violent agreement do.

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How I Email: Sarah Evans, Digital Correspondent and Consultant

Sarah Evans is a digital strategist and global brand correspondent who has worked with companies like Paypal, Cox Communications, MGM International, Adobe, and others. An early adopter and digital trendsetter, she tweets prolifically often sharing her tool obsessions of the moment (including GMass!).

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