The Gmail Genius #50 – Gmail has new filters that will power up your next inbox search

How I Email: Pat Walls, Founder, Starter Story
Pat runs two businesses that depend heavily on email. In the Q&A, Pat discussed how Starter Story and Pigeon (his Chrome extension) color his perspective on the inbox.

How I Email: Dan Oshinsky, Email Consultant, Inbox Collective
Dan, who previously worked as the Director of Newsletters at The New Yorker and BuzzFeed, shares a few tips and ideas for sending better marketing emails.

Gmail’s new filters make it easier to search your mail
Google is rolling out “search chips” that will appear directly below Gmail’s search box to improve email search. These will help users narrow down emails by sender, by time frame, and more.

How to write stand-out cold emails for jobs
A step-by-step guide for crafting an email for your ideal job (with templates).

Exactly which personality types silently judge your email mistakes
What makes some people more sensitive to writing mistakes than others? Science offers answers.