The Gmail Genius #52 – The 6 most useful Gmail settings you may have overlooked

How I Email: Hugues Bugilimfura, Founder, Email at Scale
Hugues is an email marketer who specializes in creating welcome sequences, abandon cart sequences and newsletters. In the Q&A, he outlines a 5-day welcome email sequence, which received a 20% increase in signups for his client’s business.

How I Email: Marti Sanchez, Founder and CEO of Influence Podium
Marti has had to master the cold email game while growing his business for B2B CEOs. He says it all comes down to personalization and personality. 

Increase productivity with these email hacks
In this 9-minute video, YouTube creator/documentary film producer Matt D’Avella shares a bunch of hacks like how to compose emails without seeing your inbox.

5 cold email templates for any situation (and how they work)
Templates are the best place to start, but no one knows your business or prospects better than you.

The 6 most useful Gmail settings you may have overlooked
Is Reply All the bane of your existence? You can set it as a default, and this list describes how you can do it as well as some other nifty things.