The Gmail Genius Issue #9 – What can “Alice in Wonderland” teach you about email? It turns out a lot.

Gmail is rolling out a new update that will (finally) turn contact info into links in emails
Google this week announced that it would turn key information in emails — such as addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses — into hyperlinks. Mashable’s Nicole Gallucci has a good overview.

4 simple rules for email mastery (and maintaining sanity)

Writer/entrepreneur Chris Winfield shares the rules he tries to follow to get the most out of email as a tool. Chris’ rules stem from his relatable realization: “I love email as a tool. I hate how dependent we all seem to be on it … I’ve come to realize that the more I check my email, the less happy I am.”

How Lewis Carroll’s rules of letter-writing can make email more civil and digital communication kinder

The Alice in Wonderland author might have died long before email was even a thought. But Brain Pickings’ Maria Popova has distilled lessons from Carroll’s 1890 pamphlet on letter writing, showing how they can be applied for the modern age.

Inbox Exposed: Tim Murphy, Co-Founder of

Email is a non-negotiable part of everyday life. For some, it’s an unruly time suck, but enlightened email users have systems to ensure they’re not a slave to the inbox. We’re asking smart thinkers to give us a peek inside their inboxes, share tips, ideas, gripes, and everything in between.

Tim Murphy is the co-founder of the social community and race review website Tim — an ultramarathoner based in Portland, Oregon — says he likes to keep things simple, so you won’t find any labels in his inbox. Over an email exchange, he explained more.

See the excerpts below and check out the full interview over here.

On being a die-hard Gmail user:

For me, the main benefit of using Gmail is the ability to search and access just about anything that’s ever come my way. I don’t have to remember as much because I know it’s somewhere in my inbox and I can usually search and find it very quickly. So deleting and pursuing Inbox Zero is not only unnecessary but actually wasteful because then you lose one of the key benefits of Gmail – a built-in archive of all past communications.

Email irritations:

One issue that vexed me for too long was all the back and forth that usually goes into setting up a call or meeting. Five emails to find a time that works for us both to talk? I just can’t. So I’ve started using a tool called ScheduleOnce to just put my availability out there and have the other person grab a time that works best for them. So much more efficient, but you REALLY have to have your calendar buttoned up otherwise people can book times when you aren’t available.

I know these schedulers are nothing new, and I always felt like people who used them came off as a bit self-important, but the efficiency was too much for me to resist. Highly recommend.

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