The Gmail Genius Issue #30 — Why you should OHIO your inbox

How to customize swipe gestures on Mail, Gmail, and Inbox
This useful guide from Lifehacker shows you how to change what your left and right swipes do in iOS or Android. Happy swiping!

O.H.I.O. your email to shrink your inbox
To avoid allowing your inbox to take too much mental energy, Only Handle It Once (OHIO).

Email’s first real user was also the first person to compulsively check his inbox
This guy apparently lugged around a 30-pound terminal so that he could check his inbox back in the day. File this one under, laptops were the gateway drug.

Smart influencers give their best email management tips, tools, and hacks
Ladders published a curated list drawing from almost a year(!) of Gmail Genius interviews.

How I Email: Jenni Maier, Editor-in-Chief, The Muse

Jenni Maier is the top editor at The Muse where she’s written about why she sometimes doesn’t listen in meetings and the reasons why your email didn’t get a response. We talked about her obsession with Gmail filters and subject lines. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

I’m working hard on not saying, “We,” in emails, like, “We should do this.” Instead I’ll say something like, “Can you do this?” or, “I will take care of this.” Also, if there are multiple people on the email, I bold the names after I give instructions.

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