The Gmail Genius Issue #31 — Yes, you can @ people in Gmail. Here’s how

Are leaders who email at night more efficient?
If sending business emails in the evenings had a manifesto, then this is it!

Hang on, you can @ people in Gmail?
Matthew Hughes at The Next Web took note of this feature in the new Gmail. “Tagging people feels like such a naturally fluid way to include people in email conversations, especially when you compare it to the relatively cumbersome process of manually ccing and bccing,” he writes.

5 quick ways to free up space in your Gmail account
Some straight-forward steps in case you’re creeping too close to the storage limit.

How I Email: Natan Edelsburg, COO, Muck Rack

Natan Edelsburg is the chief operating officer at Muck Rack, a digital PR and journalism platform. He’s also the senior supervising producer of The Shorty Awards honoring the best of social media. He took us behind the scenes of his inbox and discussed email pet peeves like time zone confusion. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

A few years ago, I would need to be at Inbox Zero on almost a daily basis. As I’ve relied less and less on email, I’ve tried to care less and less about it. Now I go as long as 2-3 weeks without getting back down to zero since I work with a great team and use Slack enough where email matters much less for internal communications.

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