The Gmail Genius #33 – 7 fixes for bad email habits from ex-Googlers

Former Googlers reveal 7 quick fixes for bad email habits
The self-professed “recovering email addicts” say that getting to Inbox Zero was actually getting in the way of their real priorities.

How to hide Gmail’s ‘Smart Replies’ on your desktop or laptop
If you’re just not digging the AI’s simplistic suggestions, Lifehacker will show you what to do. And if you want to spend less time writing email responses, but sound more sophisticated than Smart Reply, check out Wordzen.

The art of writing short emails
“In short, writing short emails is a win-win,” according to this excellent 7-minute read on Medium.

How I Email: JR Raphael, Tech Writer, Android Intelligence

The productivity master behind the Android Intelligence newsletter shared his best Gmail tips and extolled the convenience of custom notifications. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

When you snooze a message in Gmail, Google will offer to return the message to your inbox at a handful of default times—”Later today,” “Tomorrow,” “Next week,” and so on. You wouldn’t know it by looking anywhere in Gmail itself, but you can actually customize the specific time of day each option uses.

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How I Email: Sheri Salata, Chief Visionary, The Pillar Life

Oprah’s former boss lady producer talked about why she’s “upending” her relationship email and Oprah’s preference for emojis. Here’s an excerpt:

To be what I’m being is more important than what I’m doing. So my to-be list is more important than my to-do list. I don’t want to live a life where I find myself filled with anxiety, having to explode out a ton of email responses.

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