The Gmail Genius #40 – MIT scientists are working on an email tool, and it could be a game changer

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Lots of buzz about this new free Chrome extension that unclutters Gmail.

MIT scientists are testing a better way to let you filter what comes into your inbox
Now this could be a killer tool to help you perfect the art of inbox management. It’s in the research phase and isn’t available to consumers yet.

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Friend of the newsletter JR Raphael just might have the cure to your Google Inbox blues.

How I Email: Khe Hy, Blogger, RadReads

Khe Hy is the creator of RadReads and a contributing editor for Quartz at Work. He left a successful career on Wall Street to investigate how to live a more intentional life (including in your inbox). Here’s an excerpt from the conversation:

I think people get stressed out about email because they use it the wrong way. Email shouldn’t be used as a to-do list. For instance, my wife got a gift certificate when we got married six years ago and the only way she can remember to use the gift certificate is by starring the email, so it’s been sitting at the top of her inbox for years. That would drive me nuts.

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How I Email: Tiffany Markman, Freelance Writer and Writing Trainer

Tiffany Markman is a sought-after South African business copywriter and trainer. She recently released a course on writing better business emails, and gave us a special link so you can get it for free. Read her interview…