The Gmail Genius #43 – 15 Gmail keyboard shortcuts that’ll save you time

Make a joint email address with a Gmail filter
If you and a partner need to receive joint email (let’s say for health insurance), this is a good “set it and forget it” configuration instead of creating a new, shared email account.

5 overrated email phrases you’ve probably used before (and what to say instead)
If you’re writing someone and asking, if you can “pick” their brain, you’re not putting yourself in a good position to get the response you want.

15 Gmail keyboard shortcuts that’ll save you time and make you look like a badass
If you’re not using keyboard shortcuts to whiz around Gmail, definitely read this.

How I Email: Ellen Chisa, CEO, Dark

Ellen Chisa is the co-founder and CEO of Dark, a unique software development platform that aims to make coding easier. In the midst of the company emerging from stealth, Ellen took a moment to share how she configures Gmail to be more productive. Here’s an excerpt:

Rather than manually marking emails that are awaiting reply, I use a modified version of this script from Jonathan Kim to automatically review things that haven’t gotten a response in three days.

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How I Email: Felicia C. Sullivan, Executive Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant

Felicia C. Sullivan is a digital marketer and published author. Over the past decade, she has worked with more than 60 global brands in beauty, fashion, luxury, retail, CPG, and pharma. A popular Medium writer, she graciously shared her thoughts on writing better business emails.

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