The Gmail Genius #45 – 7 new incredibly useful things you didn’t know Gmail could do

How I Email: Paul Metcalfe, Curator, Startup Resources
Paul shared how his email habits changed as he made the transition from corporate finance guy to entrepreneur. Learn more about:

– His “savage” system for managing his inbox
– The 2 apps he loves
– His best advice for keeping newsletter readers engaged

How I Email: Mathew Passy, Consultant, The Podcast Consultant 
A few highlights from our chat with Mathew:

– His system for efficiently managing multiple email accounts from a single inbox
– Why he uses different email programs on desktop and mobile
– He’s not so concerned with Inbox Zero, but he aims for ‘notification zero’

7 new incredibly useful things you didn’t know Gmail could do
Friend of the newsletter JR Raphael is at it again with some next level tips. For example, he shows you how you can send important Slack messages to Gmail in just one click.

How to craft the perfect outreach email
There are lots of great details on how to do effective cold outreach in this post. One very practical tip: a great outreach email should be 3-4 sentences max.

43 cold email subject lines that get your emails opened instantly (and when to use them)
While we’re on the topic of cold email, here’s some subject line inspiration from the GMass blog.