The Gmail Genius #49 – Is your Gmail setup slowing you down?

How I Email: Harry Dry, Creator, Marketing Examples
In less than a year, Harry has grown the Marketing Examples newsletter to more than 10,000 subscribers — a respectable amount, especially as a one-man operation. He offered a glimpse of his email process, as well as the email newsletters he most enjoys.

How I Email: Jonathan Rick, Founder, The Jonathan Rick Group
Digital marketer Jonathan Rick has a unique email productivity trick: He clears out the “sent items” folder.

Is your Gmail inbox setup slowing you down?
Gmail offers five distinct inbox arrangements (not just a theme change – this is more advanced). Within each of those setups lie even more options for fine-tuning and customizing how your email reaches you.

How to achieve email mastery
Friend of The Gmail Genius Khe Hy shares his four-step process for spending 32 minutes a day on email.

Only check email when you have time to respond
Don’t batch your inbox time. Consider using this approach instead.