The Gmail Genius #47 – The top 10 ‘How I Email’ interviews (and how to email like an indie hacker)

How I Email: Courtland Allen, Founder, Indie Hackers
Courtland is the founder of Indie Hackers, an online community for people who make money independently, which was acquired by Stripe in April 2017. He offers an entertaining look inside his inbox and shares how cold outreach played a role in starting Indie Hackers. 

The 10 Most Read ‘How I Email’ Interviews of 2019 From The Gmail Genius
Who can resist a good top 10 list? As 2019 draws to a close, we decided to take a look at the last year of our How I Email Q&A series and see which were most popular. 

How I cut down my email time by 90%
The writer offers a step-by-step guide for how he spends less than a half-hour per day on email.

The investor who calls herself a ‘human social network’ keeps her inbox organized through triaging email as it comes in
This woman categorizes her emails by “city, industry, or project” as soon as she gets them.

An interesting Inbox-like delivery option for Gmail
Here’s a neat hack for using Boomerang to batch the delivery of your email.