The Gmail Genius #48 – The inventor of Inbox Zero says you’re probably doing it wrong

How I Email: Ben Collins, Google Sheets Developer & Data Analytics Instructor
Ben is a data analyst/developer/visualizer. He is a certified Google Developer Expert for G Suite Technology, one of only 31 people worldwide with this specialty. Using his intimate understanding of G Suite, he shares tips and tricks for better emailing. 

The 10 Most Read ‘How I Email’ Interviews
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Everything you thought you knew about Inbox Zero is wrong
Merlin Mann, the guy who invented the concept of Inbox Zero and admits to having a cluttered inbox (gasp!), claims people took his idea far too literally.

You can now email your emails in Gmail
In case you missed it, Gmail started rolling out an update in December which lets you send emails as attachments without having to forward or download them first.

How to let everybody on Craigslist down gently via email
Have you ever used Craiglist to hire? GMass Founder Ajay Goel recently used Craigslist to hire someone to deliver a pizza from Chicago to Dayton, Ohio (yes, really)! In this post, he describes how he used GMass to help him along.