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The easy, powerful way to earn backlinks with cold link building outreach emails campaigns

Send personalized mass emails and automated follow-ups from right inside Gmail, no complex software required

Easy, powerful email for link building emails

You know the value of backlinks. (We do too.) That’s why you’re here.

But… building links can be an overly complex process that requires learning a suite of new tools, dealing with complex software, maintaining endless lists, tracking your stats, running A/B tests, trying to remember who needs a follow-up and when they need it and why they need it and… your brain explodes.

That’s why we created GMass. We set out to make a simple, affordable option for sending cold emails like link building outreach. There’s no need anymore to use expensive tools like Pitchbox and Buzzstream or complex CRMs.

With GMass, you can send a personalized, individual message and automated follow-ups to every website on your list from right inside your Gmail (or Google Workspace) account. If you know how to send an email, you’ll know how to send a mass email.

An example of a link building email in GMass.

Send individual link building emails at scale right inside your Gmail account

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300,000+ users, 7,500+ reviews, and (nearly) a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ average in the Chrome Web Store
“GMass was a snap to figure out and set up and use! Sent out my first mass mailing in less than an hour – what used to take a whole day.” – Nick H.


“This extension was perfect for mail-merge novices like me! I was nervous that it wasn’t going to work (it sounded too good to be true), but lo and behold, it worked seamlessly. There are great prompts that check/correct things along the way.” – Amelia V.


“Great product and amazing support. Easy to use and perfect for our campaigns.” – Yasser K.


Send better link building emails in just a few clicks

Get started fast
Go from installation to sending your first round of link building emails in minutes.
No new software to learn
Know how to send an email in Gmail? Then you know how to send a mass email with GMass.
Save money
GMass has affordable pricing for individuals — or for your entire team.
Personalize each message
Include every key detail, like contact names, URLs, and anything else that will help you earn a link.
Track your results
Track opens, clicks, replies and unsubscribes. Learn how your prospects are responding to your emails.
Avoid the spam folder
GMass’s advanced email distribution system helps your mass emails land in the inbox, not the spam folder.
A/B test your messages
Easily test different subject lines, message copy, or CTAs to see which yields the strongest results.
Send automatic follow-ups
For example: Send a follow-up three days later to websites who never opened your email.
Schedule emails for later
Set up an email campaign for any time and date in the future.
Build a list from your Gmail
GMass helps you mine prospects from inside your Gmail — and quickly build new lists for campaigns.
Create follow-up campaigns
Create new campaigns based on behavior; for instance, send to all who opened but didn’t click.
Bust through sending limits
GMass allows you to break Gmail’s sending limits for virtually unlimited campaigns.


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Your secret weapon in the “numbers game”

SEO experts, content teams, and businesses around the world are using GMass to land new, crucial backlinks

  • Send hundreds of cold outreach emails in a matter of clicks. Blast out hundreds of cold emails (or more) from a Google Sheet of prospective websites in just a few clicks. Whether you’re looking for links on resource pages, broken link replacements (check out our broken link outreach templates!), or any other backlink outreach — you can do it with GMass.
  • Automated follow-ups. Set up an email series for websites who haven’t responded to your prior messages. Follow-ups can appear in the same thread or a new thread. (Here’s our guide on how to write a follow-up email if you want a few suggestions.)
  • Email to new prospects. GMass can automatically email new prospects you add to your Google Sheet — no manual work required on your end.
  • Get new links from existing contacts. GMass can build a new mailing list based off a Gmail search. So, for example, you can find all the sites that linked to a previous project, automatically build a list, then reach out to ask for a link to your newest endeavor.
  • Automatic unsubscribes. Insert an unsubscribe link in your emails. GMass will make sure those recipients don’t receive future emails from you.


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Cold link building outreach with no learning curve

To show you just how soon you’ll be sending your first outreach emails with GMass, we put together this guide… then we realized it’s only five steps long.

Step 1: Install GMass

Install GMass at the Google Chrome web store and connect it to your Gmail account with a few clicks.


Step 2: Import your Google Sheet of website contacts

Connect your Google Sheet of prospects to GMass.

Click one button in Gmail to import your Google Sheet of website contacts.


Step 3: Write your cold email

Write your outreach email in Gmail, just like a regular email.

Write your brilliant outreach email and use the GMass pop-up tool to add personalization fields.


Step 4: Select any advanced features

Choose advanced features for your mass email.

Set up automated follow ups, schedule your email for the future, and more.


Step 5: Click the GMass button to send

Just click the GMass button to send.

Click the GMass button and your email will send now (or at a scheduled time). Now you can track your results right there in Gmail as well.


Well done. You just sent your first personalized link building campaign and it probably took less than five minutes. And that type of efficiency is how you win the numbers game.


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Join the thousands of other link builders using GMass (along with 300k other salespeople, businesses, nonprofits, schools and more)

Try it for free, get up and running in minutes, and start landing high-quality backlinks from cold email outreach today!


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