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Send Mass and Cold Emails in Gmail


GMass turns your regular Gmail or G Suite account into a powerful mass and cold email platform. When you send mass or cold email campaigns from Gmail, you send emails through the world’s best servers in terms of deliverability. Prepare for the highest open rates you’ve ever seen from a mass email service. Mass and cold email features include open tracking, click tracking, mail merge personalization, scheduling, and more.


Sending mass emails has never been easier.

Do you ever wish that sending out huge batches of welcome emails, invoices, and internal communications could be as easy as sending a Gmail from your personal account? Now it can be. GMass’ mass email service allows you to turn the mail platform you already know and love into a powerful mass email tool for your business, whether it’s a first-time cold email, or a follow-up mass email.

Break Gmail’s sending limits to expand your reach.

Without GMass, Google’s platforms only allow you to send emails to a limited number of people at a time. For G Suite, that means you can reach only 2,000 people. With Gmail, the sending limit is just 500 people. For mass emailing campaigns, that just isn’t good enough!

GMass uses an advanced email distribution system to take that problem off of your plate. When GMass detects that you are attempting to send a newsletter to more than 500 people using a Gmail account (or 2,000 people using a G Suite account), it automatically distributes the emails over multiple days. That means even if you have 8,000 people on your mailing list, you can press the send button once and know that GMass will make sure all of your newsletters are delivered. That’s part of what makes GMass such a smart mass email service.

Avoid the Spam folder for your cold emails with our mass email service.

Sending a mass cold email can certainly increase the likelihood that your email will end up in the recipient’s spam folder. Up to 21% of mass email recipients’ filters will tag it as such. GMass helps to overcome this very common roadblock with our advanced email distribution system to avoid detection by spam filters. Spam filters are designed to filter out unwanted bulk emails, as well as scrutinize an email’s content to determine if your email is relevant to the recipient. By managing the individual distribution of your mass emails and infusing them with personalization, GMass provides a much higher delivery rate than a standard cold or mass email. Also, since we send your cold emails directly from Gmail, your emails are sent from the world’s highest deliverability servers.

Personalize your emails the easy way.

Everybody likes to feel appreciated. In fact, research shows that addressing someone by their first name is an easy way to make them feel valued, both as an individual and as an important part of a group. Addressing your emails to everyone on your mailing list individually is tedious and inefficient. Luckily, you no longer have to sacrifice valuable time to give your mass communications a personal touch.

GMass can walk you through strategies such as mail-merge style personalization, fallback values, and automatic-first-name detection. Personalizing your newsletters to fit your recipients’ interests has never been easier.

Make sure your mass emails are hitting the mark.

Mass emails have a big job to do, so naturally, they’re packed with content. You can cram a lot of videos, links, and text into an email, but is all of it necessary? Do you want to know what content actually draws customers to your site? Are you curious about whether or not employees are interested in the professional development opportunities you send them? Tracking how recipients interact with your emails is important — even on a large scale — because it helps you determine what content is effective and what content might need to be replaced with something a little more engaging.

With GMass, gathering data about your messages is easy. Open tracking allows you to see how frequently your emails are opened by recipients, giving you a broad idea of what content captures your audience’s attention. If you want to develop a more nuanced understanding of how your audience interacts with your messages, GMass also supports click-tracking. When you install GMass, all of the links in your newsletter are automatically converted to a trackable format. That means as soon as you set up GMass, information starts rolling in about what links your recipients are clicking. GMass even collects all of the important data about how often your messages are opened, clicked, replied to, and bounced to generate a report in downloadable CSV format. The best part? You can sit back and relax while GMass’ mass email service does all the work for you!

Create mass emails when it’s convenient for you.

The content of most mass emails is settled long before they are sent. If you already know what you need to say, there’s no reason your email software should keep you from setting up your messages in advance. Getting your mass emails set up and out of the way well before crunch time will eliminate unnecessary stress from your day.

Thanks to GMass, you create your mass emails when it’s convenient for you, even if that’s days or weeks before the message actually gets sent. GMass makes scheduling mass emails a cinch. When you’ve perfected your message, simply select one of GMass’s pre-configured send times to control when it is released. You can even set custom dates and times, giving you the power to send messages at precisely the right moment for your audience.

Manage your mailing list with Google Sheets.

How many people are on your newsletter mailing list? Whether it’s a few dozen or a few thousand, you’ve got to store those email addresses somewhere. Managing your mailing list data can be tough, especially if you’re dealing with a mass mailing list. That’s why it’s essential to have a simple but powerful software tool to keep you organized.

With GMass, you can store your mailing lists where you store all of your other important information — in a Google Sheet! GMass allows you to select a spreadsheet saved on your Google Drive account and uses the information it pulls to fill in all the gaps in your messages. In addition to automatically detecting email addresses in your spreadsheet, GMass can pull data from other columns — for example, columns storing first and last names — to automate the email personalization process.

Review and revise until you’re completely satisfied with your mass emails.

Crafting a beautiful and informative email is an art. It takes someone with the right combination of creativity and intuition to get it right, and perfecting a mass email is not a process that can be rushed.

GMass makes putting together mass emails intuitive by letting you create messages using the same Gmail compose window you would for any other email. You can also put GMass into Test Mode, which allows you to make sure your text, design, and personalization are perfect before the message is actually sent. Review, revise, and repeat until you are completely satisfied with every message you send.

What are you waiting for?

You love using Gmail and Google Drive to keep yourself organized, and now you can use it to create and organize your mass and cold emails, too. GMass has created a mass email service that brings all of the best features right to your Gmail or G Suite account:

  • Break Gmail’s sending limits
  • Permeate spam filters for cold emails
  • Message personalization
  • Open tracking and click tracking
  • Custom campaign-level reports
  • Scheduling
  • Mailing list management
  • Intuitive composing
  • Test Mode

GMass is the tool that will take every email from good to great. Download GMass today!