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A GMass API is ready for you to test

GMass API to test

We’ve launched a beta version of the GMass API that can handle basic GMass functionality around sending campaigns. Over time, we’ll be adding more functionality, like accessing reporting data.

Getting Started

All endpoints begin with https://api.gmass.co/api/. The API is mostly RESTful and conforms to OpenAPI standards. To get started with the API:

  1. Create an API Key in your Dashboard. Go to the “API Keys” section.
  2. Visit the API homepage, which serves as both a reference for all API methods and provides test forms for all methods.
  3. You can perform a test API call to retrieve all the Google Sheet titles in your account with this URL: https://api.gmass.co/api/sheets?apikey=your-api-key


You can authenticate into the API using your API key and passing it either:

  1. Via the query string as “apikey”
  2. Via an HTTP header using X-apikey

Note that it must be passed as “apikey” and not any other variation of that. api-key and api_key will not work.

How to send a campaign

The basic steps of sending a campaign through the API are similar to the steps you would take in the Gmail interface with the Chrome extension.

  1. Determine the Google Sheet and the corresponding Worksheet that your email list is in using the /api/sheets and api/sheets/{sheetid}/worksheets endpoints.
  2. Create a GMass list address (for example: 10-recipients-akejflaek3@gmass.co) using the /api/lists endpoint, in which you’ll use the spreadsheetId and worksheetId from step 1.
  3. Create a campaign DRAFT using the /api/campaigndrafts endpoint. This will return a Gmail DRAFT Id, which you can then use to send a campaign.
  4. Send the campaign with the /api/campaigns endpoint and pass in the Gmail DRAFT Id from step 3, plus other campaign settings.

You can store the GMass alias addresses and reuse them in campaigns, and thereby skip steps 1 and 2 most of the time.

We’ll be adding endpoints, functionality, and better documentation with time.

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