Product Tour

  • Getting started

    If you've never used GMass before, try pasting a few addresses into the To field of the Gmail compose window, putting in a Subject and Message and hitting the GMass button.
  • Using a Sheet for your lists

    If you want to personalize beyond just the information in your Gmail Contacts list, then you need to store your email list in a Google Sheet . Use any columns in your Sheet to personalize the subject and message.
  • Let's play with the settings

    Open up the settings box, and configure your campaign before you hit the GMass button to send. Let's start by simply adjusting the open and click tracking and the time to send the campaign.
  • Seeing the report after you send

    Your dashboard shows you all your campaigns, stats, and a detailed campaign report.
  • Sending to a segment from a prior campaign

    Now that you've sent at least one campaign, you might want to send another campaign to everybody that opened the first campaign.
  • Thread your new campaign with your old campaign

    You can send a new campaign that is part of the same conversation as your old campaign.
  • Setting up sequences

    If you're sending cold email, you might want to set up automated sequences for your campaign. That's done under your settings.
  • Basic Personalization

    Personalizing every detail of your campaign is important. You can personalize your subject and your message with standard merge variables. You can also personalize entire paragraphs, images, links, and attachments.
  • Next-level personalization with conditional logic

    You can script your emails to personalize based on conditions. We call this conditional logic
  • Automating your campaign

    You can set your campaign to constantly check your Sheet for new contacts and if you've added anyone, GMass will send your campaign and sequences to those contacts. This allows you to set up your campaign once, but then just add rows to your Sheet when you find new prospects.
  • Next-level automation

    You can take automation even further with our API, our webhooks, and our Zapier integration. You can set it up so that new rows are added to your Google Sheet automatically.
  • Getting around sending limits

    Now that you're an email pro, you might want to send more than Gmail's allowed limits. You can do so by connecting your account to a third party SMTP service like SendGrid. You can use our SMTP service, you can set up your own, or you might be lucky enough to have your campaign pushed through for you.
  • Making changes to a campaign

    Oops! Forget to mention something in your campaign? Forget a setting? Just find the campaign's DRAFT, make your changes and hit SAVE. If your campaign is already sending, we'll pause it for a few seconds to grab your changes.
  • Getting to the Inbox

    Your email campaign will be useless if all your message up in the Spam folder. We give you the world's best tools to help you avoid that.
  • A/B Testing

    Once you're comfortable sending campaigns, personalizing them, and automating them, you should A/B test your campaign. That means sending some content to one half of your list and different content to the other half, to see which does better.
  • So much more

    You're almost a GMass expert. Control your campaigns further with embedded images (as opposed to hosted images), suppression lists, and previewing your campaign as Drafts first.

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