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GMass’s Gmail list builder: Build a targeted mailing list inside Gmail with a single email search

Build an email list with GMass then send out a personalized mass email to that list — all without ever leaving Gmail



When you’re sending a “traditional” mail merge with GMass, you’ll use GMass’s Google Sheets integration to send your personalized mass emails in Gmail. 

But that’s not the only way to send an email to a mailing list with GMass.

You can also build a mailing list right inside Gmail using a Gmail search or label and send a personalized mass email to that list — no spreadsheet required.

There are really endless scenarios where GMass users have built lists with Gmail searches for an email. Some examples:

  • Emailing everyone who’s reached out to you about your website
  • Finding every email you’ve labeled “Possible Lead” for an outreach campaign
  • Searching through your transactional emails to find everyone who placed an order in the past three months, then sending them a special offer
  • Reconnecting with past clients to ask them to leave a review
  • Searching for support requests asking for a new feature in your app to let them know that new feature launched
  • Notifying job candidates when you won’t be moving forward because you’ve made a hire
  • Reconnecting with every business contact you emailed back in 2018

Read on to learn about GMass’s list builder so you can construct mailing lists from a search then send a personalized mass email to that list — all without ever leaving Gmail.



Gmail search list building

Search your Gmail history to build a targeted email list with GMass

Building a mailing list from your Gmail search

Your own email account might just be one of the best possible sources for leads.

You can build a mailing list out of any Gmail search — that means you can search any folder, any message content, any sender, any date range, any attachment, or any combination of those things and more.

To build your list with GMass, first you’ll perform your search in Gmail. A magnifying glass icon will appear next to the search box.

Click that icon, GMass will build your list — and open a Gmail compose window where you can write your message to that list.

(If you want to merge your new list with a list from another campaign or a Google Sheet you can do that too by clicking the GMass icon in the “To” field of the email.)

You can include any GMass features (things like an auto follow-up sequence, future scheduling,  A/B testing, and more), then click the GMass button to send the email.

And… that’s it. You just built a targeted mailing list from a Gmail search and sent a mass email to that list without ever having to even switch browser tabs.



Gmail label list building

Create a quick mailing list from a Gmail label (better than Google does it themselves)

Building a list from a label

Gmail has a built-in feature that allows you to compile a contact group from a label (and then email that group).

But that feature is severely limited.

You have to label contacts in advance one-by-one, which is impractical for large lists (and leaves lots of room for errors in mislabeled contacts). There are no analytics. And sending follow-ups is another manual process — one that’s probably going to be prohibitively time-consuming.

GMass offers a better solution for creating a mailing list from a Gmail label

Click the label in the left sidebar of Gmail and you’ll see all of the emails with that label on screen (with label:labelname in the Gmail search bar).

Click the magnifying glass icon next to the search bar, GMass will put together a list of all the contacts from that label — then take you to a compose window to send a mass email. From there you can set up GMass features like follow-ups and tracking, then send your email.



Name detection

Personalize your new mailing lists with GMass’s automatic first name detection

Name detection with fallbacks

When you connect a Google Sheet for a mass email with GMass, each column becomes a mail merge field — making it simple to include personalized details like a contact’s name, job title, website, or any other bit of key information.

When you build a mailing list inside Gmail using a search, you won’t have all of those mail merge fields ready for each contact.

However… that doesn’t mean you’ll have to send fully impersonal mass emails.

GMass will grab a contact’s first and last name if it’s available with the contact. And if it’s not, GMass has a unique first name detection feature that analyzes a contact’s email address and predicts their first name with a high level of accuracy.

You can also use GMass’s personalization fallback values for situations where GMass can’t confidently find a contact’s first name (maybe because their email address doesn’t contain their name).

Using a merge tag like {FirstName|auto-first|buddy} and GMass will try to include the contact name first, the auto-detected first name if that’s not available, then “buddy” as the final fallback.



Ready to use GMass to build targeted mailing lists and send personalized mass emails — without ever leaving Gmail?

GMass’s list builder is a quick, effective way to put together a new mailing list in Gmail — then send a personalized mass email to that list on the spot.

If you know how to search your Gmail, you’ll be able to use the GMass list builder to put together an email list in Gmail whenever the situation or opportunity comes up.


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