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Support Center

To contact our support team, read the support guidelines and then fill out the support form.

The documents below are a collection of all GMass support articles.

Account & Payments

GMass account FAQ

GMass pricing FAQ

GMass subscription FAQ

Pre-Signup Questions

GMass Extension

GMass compose window FAQ

GMass troubleshooting FAQ

GMass install/uninstall FAQ

GMass How-Tos

GMass personalization and mail merge FAQ

Follow-up email FAQ

Triggered email FAQ

Google Sheets integration FAQ

MultiSend (inbox rotation) FAQ

Drafts and testing FAQ

Campaign management FAQ

Inbox management FAQ

Templates FAQ

Unsubscribe, bounce, and suppression management FAQ

Other GMass how-to FAQ



Gmail sending / troubleshooting FAQ

Deliverability tools FAQ

Sending issues FAQ


API & Integrations