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Hundreds of communities and membership clubs use their Gmail account along with GMass to send out important announcements!

You can use your existing Gmail account, or a newly created news account email account, like OrangeCountyGolfNews@gmail.com or AngusSchoolNews@gmail.com, to communicate with members. Every person receives an individual email, not a group email.

Look how easy this is to set up in Gmail!

You can —

  • Quickly send important announcements to hundreds of people right in your Gmail inbox.
  • With just a glance, know who has or hasn’t opened your emails.
  • Make sure your news gets read with automatic follow-up emails.

What do you have to learn do to this?

Almost nothing! You already know how to compose and send an email inside Gmail. The only difference this time is you’ll hit the red GMass button instead of the blue Send button. That way, individual, personalized, and tracked emails are sent, instead of one massive group email.