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AI Features in GMass

GMass’s artificial intelligence features to help you send more effective campaigns and replies faster and easier than ever



Here are all the AI features available to you in GMass



ChatGPT campaigns

Have ChatGPT create entire campaigns (with follow-ups and settings) inside GMass

GMass has a built-in ChatGPT integration that can create entire cold email campaigns: subject line, the initial email content, as many follow-ups as you want, and all the follow-up settings.

Just click the ChatGPT button in the GMass settings, give a quick sentence on what your campaign is about, and ChatGPT will take it from there. Give its drafts a polish, and you’ll be ready to send.

This is great if you want ChatGPT to take a shot at writing your drafts, to help you with brainstorming, or even just to save you some time by handling the process of setting up your auto follow-ups. And you can do it all without ever leaving the Gmail browser tab.

No OpenAI API key is required — GMass has you covered. And this feature is included in all GMass plans (plus the free trial).

You can read more to learn about how to create ChatGPT email campaigns inside of GMass.



AI GMass assistant

AI is here to answer your unique, specific GMass questions

Working on a GMass campaign and have a question about how to use a feature (or whether or not something is possible in GMass)?

Thinking about signing up for GMass and wondering if it will work for your specific needs?

We trained ChatGPT on everything there is to know about GMass so it’s ready to handle your unique questions like your own personal support concierge.

You can ask AI your GMass questions here.



ChatGPT replies

Use ChatGPT to write fast, relevant responses to your campaign replies

ChatGPT in The Reply Project

The Reply Project from GMass helps you plow through the replies to a campaign (and/or your entire inbox) in record time.

One of the best features to help you get through your responses so fast? The Reply Project has a ChatGPT integration.

You can choose one of the pre-written prompts or create your own — and ChatGPT will compose a quick reply to a message. You can also re-use the prompts on other emails going forward.

No OpenAI API key is required here — the ChatGPT integration is included free in The Reply Project.

Read more here about how to use The Reply Project to fly through your campaign responses and your inbox itself.



Sentiment analysis

See if your campaign replies are positive, negative, or neutral with sentiment analysis labels

Sentiment analysis in GMass

Want a quick overview of whether the replies to your campaign are positive, negative, or somewhere in-between?

GMass’s sentiment analysis is an AI feature that determines the tone of each of your replies. It gives you a quick overview of how your campaign is doing and which leads need responses right away.

You can see the sentiment analysis by clicking on the number of replies in both the GMass dashboard and the web-based campaign report.


AI content

AI-focused content to help guide your way

There are a ton of AI products out there. Which ones can really help you out — and how do you use them?

Here at GMass we’re always looking for AI tools that are relevant to our users — then we test them out, give them fair evaluations, and teach you how to use them.

Check out our series on how to use GPT for Sheets, which brings AI features into Google Sheets (so it’s seamless to use your results in a GMass campaign): GPT for Sheets guidecleaning data and extracting emailswriting unique cold email opening linesscraping prospect data… and fixing grammar, typos, tone, and more.

Plus here’s more on the 5 best ways to use ChatGPT for cold emailAI Chrome extensions for email replies… and AI line writers.



Ready to use GMass’s AI features for faster and better campaigns and replies?

Here at GMass we’re always looking for ways to transform the email sending process to help you create better performing campaigns. And we’re continuing to leverage AI into new features to do just that.

Keep an eye on this page to see more of GMass’s new AI features as we roll them out.

And if you aren’t a GMass customer yet, you can try it for free — and see why 300,000+ people have given it an average of 4.8/5 stars across 7,500+ reviews. Download the Chrome extension to get started — no credit card required — and you’ll be sending your first campaign in minutes.


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