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Tracker Blocker

A Chrome extension that improves the accuracy of your tracking reports in GMass by blocking your own opens

Tracker Blocker is a free Chrome extension that solves a key problem for GMass users.

As a GMass user, you can trigger “false opens” on emails in campaigns you send — say, by opening one of the emails in your Sent folder, or opening a bounce notification that contains the original email underneath.

Tracker Blocker is a simple Chrome extension that blocks the GMass open tracking pixel.

Tracker Blocker in action

With Tracker Blocker installed, if you open one of the emails you’ve sent with GMass, it won’t register as an “open” on your tracking reports.

Accurate open tracking data is extremely valuable, of course, for numerous reasons — from gauging the effectiveness of subject lines to making sure auto follow-ups go to the right people.


Get the extension (free)


Check out the blog post about our pixel blocking Chrome extension for more about Tracker Blocker, including why it needed to be a separate extension from GMass and how it differs from other pixel blockers on the market.