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Email List Building

You can have the greatest email tools in the world at your fingertips. I'm not saying that's GMass, but I'm not saying it's not GMass. But shameless plugs aren't really the point I'm driving at.

No, the point is: You can write the greatest email copy in the world and queue it up in the greatest email platform in the world — but you need people to actually send those emails to.

List building is a huge component of the cold email process: Hunting for qualified, targeted leads... finding their email addresses... and bringing them into your campaigns.

Here in our email list building archives, we cover strategies on how to build your email marketing lists. We also cover GMass's list building feature, which allows you to build new lists out of targeted Gmail searches.

(You can read even more about GMass's email list builder feature if you're interested once you're done here.)

February 18, 2023

Email Lists in GMass: How to Reuse Prior Campaign Lists for New Sends

You can reuse lists from prior campaigns in GMass to quickly send new messages to the same group. Here's your how-to guide to email lists in GMass.

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How to get subscriber emails from a web form into Google Sheets

September 9, 2022

How to Get Subscriber Emails From a Web Form Into Google Sheets (Then GMass)

Methods to have subscribers fill out a web form, then get that info into Google Sheets so you can use it for an automated welcome series with GMass.

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How to automatically scrub and maintain a clean email list

April 29, 2022

Email Scrubbing: How to Automatically Scrub and Maintain a Clean Email List

The ROI of an email campaign isn’t always proportionate to its list size. If a large number of your emails …

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April 8, 2018

How to Build an Email List from your Gmail Account

In this post, I'll teach you how to build an email list from the emails sitting in your Gmail account. You can then easily send an email campaign to them.

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October 18, 2017

How to Find Emails: 6 Sneaky Ways To Find Prospects’ Email Addresses

Email outreach is one of the most important steps in any marketing strategy. Whether it’s prospecting for new clients, promoting …

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