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Cold Email

GMass is a versatile email platform that lives inside Gmail; we've seen people using it in every imaginable way (and in plenty of ways we never even imagined).

However, perhaps the most popular use for GMass is cold email. We've invested heavily in cold email features for GMass — and we're pretty serious cold email experts ourselves.

Here in the cold email archives, you can find all of the articles on the GMass blog about cold email — from writing to tactics to templates to software.

We also recommend checking out our ultimate guide to cold email, which will walk you through every important piece of the cold email process on a single page.
Is cold email ruining email for everyone

May 13, 2022

Is Cold Email Ruining Email for Everyone? (+5 Tips for Better Cold Emails)

Is cold email volume ruining email for everyone? 5 reasons why bad cold emails might be... and 5 tips to send better cold emails.

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Cold email AI - the five best personalization tools

May 11, 2022

Cold Email AI: Are the 5 Best Personalization Tools Effective or Creepy?

Cold email AI tools can write intros, icebreakers, subject lines, and more by researching your contacts. We tested 5 top tools. Effective or creepy?

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Elon Musk email series about Twitter

April 27, 2022

The Cold Email Sequence Elon Musk Sent Twitter’s Board

Elon Musk used GMass to send a cold email sequence to the Twitter board to convince them to sell. He shared the series with us.

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Hot settings for cold emails

April 9, 2022

Hot Settings for Cold Email: 11 Essential Features & Tactics to Optimize Campaigns

There's tons of advice on what your cold email should say, but not so much on HOW your cold email should SEND. Cadence, scheduling, deliverability.

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Cold email sequence Will Smith sent the Academy

April 5, 2022

The cold email sequence Will Smith sent the Academy to try to keep his spot

Will Smith used GMass to send a cold email sequence to members of the Academy to try to keep his spot after a slap. We evaluate his strategy and techniques.

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How to ace cold email copywriting

March 31, 2022

How to Ace Cold Email Copywriting (10 Handy Tips + 3 Templates)

Discover 10 handy tips for effective cold email copywriting, 3 practical cold email templates, and the best cold email tool for 2022.

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Outbound Email Marketing Guide

February 18, 2022

Outbound Email Marketing Guide (What it is + 8 Proven Tips)

Learn what outbound email marketing is, how it differs from inbound email marketing, and 8 no-nonsense tips for outbound email success.

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12 Effective B2B Cold Email Templates

February 17, 2022

12 Effective B2B Cold Email Templates for 2022 (Tips, FAQs)

Discover 12 proven B2B cold email templates, along with 3 best practices and 2 FAQs related to B2B cold emails.

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12 best cold email automation tools

February 15, 2022

12 Best Cold Email Automation Tools (Features, Pricing)

Discover 12 robust cold email automation tools for 2022, along with their key features, pricing, and customer ratings.

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is cold email illegal

September 17, 2021

Is Cold Emailing Illegal? (US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia Laws)

Discover if cold emailing is illegal in various countries and 4 best practices to ensure legal compliance.

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spam vs email

August 30, 2021

Cold Email vs Spam: 5 Key Differences + 7 Handy Tips (2022)

Discover 5 key cold email vs spam differences, including their legality, and 7 actionable cold emailing tips to hit the inbox, not the spam folder.

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August 25, 2021

Cold Email vs Cold Call: 6 Key Differences (2022 Guide) 

Explore 6 cold email vs cold call differences, which approach is better, and how to improve your cold outreach.

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