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Prospecting is usually the first step in the cold emailing process — you need to send your campaign to someone, after all.

Here in the prospecting archives, you can read everything we've written on the GMass blog about hunting for leads, gathering info on those leads, and putting together a great list of qualified prospects for your cold email campaigns.

You may also be interested in our ultimate guide to prospecting, which covers the entire process of hunting for leads including a step-by-step checklist.

June 11, 2024

How to Easily Scrape Prospect Data with GPT for Sheets (New)

How to use the GPT for Sheets add-on for Google Sheets to find prospect data, scrape it, and get it ready to use in GMass cold email campaigns.

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June 6, 2024

How to Quickly Clean Data & Extract Emails with GPT for Sheets

How to use GPT for Sheets to employ AI-powered data cleaning and email address and first name extraction inside Google Sheets.

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Sales pipeline vs sales funnel

May 12, 2022

Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel (Key Differences & Benefits)

Explore the key differences between a sales pipeline and a sales funnel to determine which strategy best suits your needs.

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lead vs prospect - 4 key differences

July 28, 2021

Lead vs. Prospect: 4 Key Differences + 7 Useful Tips (2024)

Explore the 4 major differences between leads vs prospects. Also, discover 7 actionable tips for effective lead conversion.

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SaaS Sales Guide

June 26, 2021

The 2024 SaaS Sales Guide (Stages, Tips, FAQs)

Explore what SaaS sales involves, including its 7 stages, tips on how to do it right, and the answers to 4 common SaaS sales FAQs.

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Sales prospecting - the ultimate guide

May 16, 2021

Sales Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide (Techniques, Tools)

Discover the best sales prospecting techniques and tools in 2021.

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LinkedIn prospecting 2021 guide

May 5, 2021

LinkedIn Prospecting: 2024 Guide (Strategies, Tools)

Explore the top 5 LinkedIn prospecting strategies and 3 tools to help you find and convert LinkedIn prospects.

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