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GMass turns your regular Gmail account into a powerful mail merge platform. When you send mail merge campaigns from Gmail, you send emails through the world’s highest delivering servers. Prepare for the highest open rates you’ve ever seen. Features include open tracking, click tracking, mail merge personalization, scheduling, and more.


Mail merge made simple.

Do you ever wish that your mail merge software was as intuitive and easy-to-use as your personal Gmail or G Suite account? Now it can be. GMass allows you to turn the mail platform you already know and love into a powerful mail merge tool.

Boost conversion with personalized emails.

Research shows again and again that the most successful mail merge campaigns get personal. They prompt visitors to return to abandoned shopping carts, suggest products or articles based on their history on your site, or simply offer a personalized invitation to check out your content. When it comes to personalizing your marketing emails, there are endless possibilities, but that doesn’t have to make your life more difficult!

GMass can walk you through strategies like mail-merge style personalization, fallback values, and automatic first-name detection. Personalizing your mail merge — and boosting your conversion rate! — has never been easier.

Break Gmail’s sending limits to expand your campaign’s reach.

Without GMass, Google’s platforms allow you to send your mail merge campaigns to only a limited number of people at a time. For G Suite, that means you can reach only 2,000 people with your campaign. With Gmail, the sending limit maximum is 500 people. For ambitious companies with equally ambitious mail merge teams, that just isn’t good enough!

Luckily, GMass uses an advanced email distribution system to take that problem off of your plate. When GMass detects that you are attempting to send an email campaign to more than 500 people using a Gmail account (or 2,000 people using a G Suite account), it automatically distributes the emails over multiple days. That means that even if you have 8,000 people on your mailing list, you can “GMass” it once and rest assured that we will take care of everything else.

What are you waiting for?

You love using Gmail and Google Drive to keep yourself organized, and now you can use them to create and organize mail merge campaigns, too. GMass brings all of the best mail merge features right to your Gmail or G Suite account:

  • Message personalization
  • Open tracking and click tracking
  • Custom campaign-level reports
  • Scheduling
  • Mailing list management
  • Intuitive composing
  • Test Mode
  • Break Gmail’s sending limits