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Mail Merge

GMass is the Gmail mail merge platform that actually lives right inside of your Gmail — just grab the Chrome extension and you'll be able to write and send mass emails just as easily as you write and send your normal emails.

Here in the mail merge archives, you can read the blog posts we've written on different mail merge techniques for Gmail.

Most of the articles here focus on GMass and how to pull off sophisticated mail merge tasks easily with GMass.

However you will find articles here on broader mail merge theory as well — plus some comparisons between sending a merge email in Gmail versus other platforms.
How to mail merge with attachments in Gmail and Outlook

April 4, 2022

How to Mail Merge with Attachments in Gmail and Outlook

In this article, we'll explain how to perform a mail merge with attachments. We'll also look at how Microsoft Outlook Mail Merge compares to Gmail + GMass.

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PDF Mail Merge

July 27, 2021

Mail Merge PDF: Send Emails with Personalized PDF Attachments

Learn how to mass email personalized PDF attachments with Microsoft Word/ Excel or GMass without a complex PDF mail merge setup.

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Word Mail Merge Issues

July 25, 2021

Common Mail Merge Problems in Microsoft Word and How GMass Can Help

Microsoft Word's mail merge is powerful, but it does have its limitations. In this article, we will discuss Word mail merge issues and how GMass can help.

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how to do a mail merge using Google docs

February 25, 2021

How to Do Mail Merge Using Google Docs (Step-by-Step Guide)

Want to do a mail merge in Google Docs? This step-by-step guide with screenshots shows you how and highlights a better alternative.

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mail merge two recipients per TO line

June 23, 2020

How to send a mail merge to TWO people per row

Sometimes you need to send a mail merge to two people per row, like if you're emailing two parents of a student at school. This is how you do it.

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Update Google Sheet

June 16, 2020

Update a Google Sheet with campaign data (opens, clicks, replies)

Sending a mail merge campaign with a Google Sheet is pretty easy and fun, but now we can update your Google Sheet with opens, clicks, and more.

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December 16, 2019

How to Mail Merge from MS Word and Excel (Updated Guide) 

Want to learn how to do a mail merge? This visual walkthrough guide has all the steps you need for a mail merge with Microsoft Word and Excel.

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December 12, 2019

How to Send Mass Emails from Excel using Mail Merge

In this article, I’ll show you how to use mail merge with an Excel spreadsheet to send letters, emails and other custom documents at scale.

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November 8, 2019

Woodpecker Email Review + 3 Great Alternatives (Pros, Cons, Pricing)

In this article, I’ll review Woodpecker email and give you three great alternatives to try instead. Includes key features, pros, cons, pricing in 2020.

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January 21, 2019

How to send a mass email to your employees

There are a lot of cases where you may want to send a mass email to all of your employees. …

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March 30, 2018

How to send a fast and simple mail merge in Gmail

Sending a mail merge in Gmail from a list of email addresses is very simple with GMass. That list can …

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send unlimited emails using SMTP

October 25, 2017

How to send unlimited emails in Gmail using an SMTP server

You can now break Gmail's sending limits and send unlimited mail merge emails from your Gmail account, using the GMass plugin and a third party SMTP server.

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