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GMass is a very popular email platform for people working in sales.

Whether it's for cold outreach to prospects, following up with interested leads, or sending newsletters or drip campaigns, GMass is the tool of choice for tens of thousands (or more) salespeople worldwide.

Here in the sales archive, you can find articles we've written about the sales world — generally, although not always, related to email.

Find sales strategies, outreach tips, email templates and copywriting suggestions, guides, software reviews and more.
Sales pipeline vs sales funnel

May 12, 2022

Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel (Key Differences & Benefits)

Explore the key differences between a sales pipeline and a sales funnel to determine which strategy best suits your needs.

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How to write B2B emails

March 30, 2022

How to Write B2B Emails (7 Handy Templates, 5 Proven Tips)

Learn how to write compelling B2B emails and find out 7 handy templates you can use today. Also, discover 5 practical tips to enhance your B2B messages.

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12 best sales outreach tools

February 11, 2022

12 Best Sales Outreach Tools for 2022 (Features, Pricing)

Discover the top 12 sales outreach tools for 2022, their features, pricing details, and customer ratings.

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12 Top Sales Email Software for 2022

January 6, 2022

12 Top Sales Email Software for 2022 (Features, Pricing)

Discover the 12 best sales email software, including their key features, pricing, and customer ratings.

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lead vs prospect - 4 key differences

July 28, 2021

Lead vs. Prospect: 4 Key Differences + 7 Useful Tips (2022)

Explore the 4 major differences between leads vs prospects. Also, discover 7 actionable tips for effective lead conversion.

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Inside Sales vs Outside Sales

July 8, 2021

Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: 5 Key Differences + 3 FAQs

Discover 5 differences between inside sales vs outside sales, why you should combine them, and three related FAQs.

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Ultimate Sales Cycle Guide

June 30, 2021

The Ultimate Sales Cycle Guide (7 Stages + 5 Tips)

Explore what a sales cycle is, its 7 essential stages, and 5 practical tips for improving your sales cycle efficiency.

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Practical Tips to Create a Winning Sales Strategy

June 29, 2021

8 Practical Tips to Create a Winning Sales Strategy

Discover 8 actionable tips on how to create a killer sales strategy for your business.

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No Nonsense Tips to Generate Sales Leads

June 27, 2021

7 No-Nonsense Tips to Generate Sales Leads Effectively

Learn everything about sales leads, including 7 easy-to-follow tips to help you generate more of them.

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SaaS Sales Guide

June 26, 2021

The 2022 SaaS Sales Guide (Stages, Tips, FAQs)

Explore what SaaS sales involves, including its 7 stages, tips on how to do it right, and the answers to 4 common SaaS sales FAQs.

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Sales Goals Guide

June 25, 2021

2021 Sales Goals Guide (Examples + How to Set Them)  

Explore what sales goals are, some example goals and tips on how to set them.

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powerful consultative selling strategies

June 7, 2021

7 Powerful Consultative Selling Strategies to Skyrocket Revenues

Explore the basics of consultative selling, including seven powerful consultative selling strategies.

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