How to cancel your paid Gmail Mail Merge subscription to GMass

If you want to cancel your subscription to GMass’s Gmail Mail Merge system, you can do that yourself.

Be sure to hit the GMass button and not the Send button to cancel your GMass subscription.

1. Launch a regular Gmail Compose Window.

2. Set the To field to

3. Type anything you like in the Subject Line, so long as it’s not blank.

4. Optionally, please tell us the reason for your cancellation in the Body of the email. This is optional.

5. Click the GMass main button. Your subscription will end immediately and your account will go back to being a free account limited to sending 50 emails/day.

Important: Be sure to hit the red GMass button, and not the regular Gmail Send button. Hitting the regular Send button won’t accomplish anything.

If you receive a message from Mail Delivery Subsystem saying “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:, ” then you have pressed the Gmail Send button. Try again, and be sure to hit the red GMass button.

Another note: You must be logged into the Gmail account that has the GMass subscription you wish to cancel.

19 Replies to “How to cancel your paid Gmail Mail Merge subscription to GMass”

  1. Kaushik Bhatnagar

    Dear Mr Ajay Goel,​

    I have paid amount of $8.95 yesterday. Please refund.

    ​What I thought from long and lengthy misleading & unclear literature​ : That I can send 2000 e-mails per day in a click or in one go by using my se…ty@gmail.comaccount. Which is wrong.

    We can send 2000 e mails by using personal domain like, you know what we can send only 2000 individual emails not in bulk.

    Cal you arrange a call. If you have something to explain.

    ​​​ ​is not working!!!!

    • Ajay Goel

      No subscription service is ever for “a month”, and this is certainly not the “rule of thumb”. On both our Pricing page and in the “welcome” email you get upon subscribing, it is explained that you are subscribed to a monthly service and are charged monthly until you cancel. I challenge you to find a SaaS company that operates differently.


    When Can I get my refund? I only used it for a couple of hours because all the messages where BLOCKED due to the US IP address.

  3. Vince Chew

    Hi, if I cancel the subscription middle of the month, will I still be able to have the full functionality until the last date? Or I will end up only with 50emails/day restriction immediately when I can cancel?

    • Maya Quijada

      Hi Vince,

      We ask that users cancel at the end of their renewal term, as we have a very basic invoicing system that cancels universally and immediately.

  4. Ayushi Mittal

    My account also got blocked as soon as i started using it. I was just sending 300 mails per day and even though i got blocked. First of all, please cancel my subscription and second how to use it properly?

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