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Email is very trackable — opens, clicks, replies, and more — which is great for you as a cold email or email marketer. After all, it's way better to make improvements and adjustments based on data than based on guesses.

But email tracking can be complicated — and knowing how to access, interpret, and implement your tracking data is often challenging.

Here in the tracking archives, you can read up on all things email tracking: How we do it at GMass, how to use reports, the technical side of tracking, software options, and more.

And if you're interested in learning even more about GMass's reporting, check out our page that covers all of the reporting features you have at your disposal.

September 6, 2023

How to Get Around Mimecast Blocks

Is Mimecast blocking the emails you're sending? Here are steps you can take to get around Mimecast blocks so your emails make it to the inbox properly.

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Top 10 Free Email Tracking Software

June 24, 2022

Top 10 Free Email Tracking Software (Features, Pricing, Reviews)

Check out the 10 best free email tracking software you can use to analyze your email campaign performance in 2022.

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Top 10 Mail Tracker Tools

May 14, 2022

Top 10 Mail Tracker Tools for 2024 (Features, Pricing)

Discover when recipients open your emails with these 10 amazing email tracker tools and learn what to look out for when choosing an email tracker.

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create automated outreach tracker using google spreadsheet

February 13, 2022

How to Create an Automated Outreach Tracker Using Google Spreadsheet

In this post, we'll show you how to create an outreach tracking spreadsheet that tracks and automates email outreach efforts.

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How to Track Email Opens and Clicks in Gmail

December 22, 2021

Gmail Email Tracking: How to Track Email Opens and Clicks in Gmail

Have you ever sent an email campaign in Gmail and been disappointed by the lack of responses? You are not …

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How to Track Email Opens and Clicks with Google Analytics

December 19, 2021

How to Track Email Opens and Clicks with Google Analytics

Email tracking can help you assess the success of your email campaign. Understanding how recipients engage with and respond to …

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top 5 sales tracking software

March 31, 2021

Top 5 Sales Tracking Software: Features, Pricing (2024)

Looking for the best sales tracking software for your business? Discover the top five tools, along with their key features and pricing.

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Getting around pixel blockers

July 14, 2020

How we get around tracking pixel blockers

More and more email clients, like Superhuman and HEY, are blocking the open tracking pixel that email marketing tools insert. Here's how I get around that.

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Update Google Sheet

June 16, 2020

Update a Google Sheet with Campaign Data (Opens, Clicks, Replies)

Sending a mail merge campaign with a Google Sheet is pretty easy and fun, but now we can update your Google Sheet with opens, clicks, and more.

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November 5, 2019

Top 10 Email Tracker Software (Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing)

This article looks at the top ten email tracking software available today. We'll go through features, benefits, drawbacks, pricing, user reviews, and more.

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October 31, 2019

How to disable “click tracking” on selected links

When you turn ON click-tracking for your email campaigns, every link is redirected. Here's why/how you should DISABLE tracking on certain links.

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False opens

May 30, 2019

Dealing with false opens in Gmail

We recently noticed inflated open rates across campaigns, and upon a detailed examination, we found that Gmail has been triggering …

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