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How to Cancel, Pause, Edit, or Add Auto Follow-Up Emails

  1. I’ve been trying to cancel the auto follow ups i set for days now.

    I did step one above, but i can’t find the gmass icon below to do step 2.

    Please help

        1. Please contact our support team at https://www.gmass.co/blog/how-to-get-support-from-the-gmass-team/

    1. How come when I try to cancel all my follow ups using the [email protected] command, I get a reply saying

      “Your message wasn’t delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.”

      I just want to cancel my follow ups because I’ve already been disabled for 24 hours just for sending a campaign to a measly 50 people.

      1. Hi Daniel,

        Please make sure to click the red GMass button instead of the regular send button. The bounce notification you received is due to an actual email being sent, however, when you use any @gmass.co address with the red GMass button, no actual emails are sent but issues a command which is in this case to stop all auto follow-ups.

    1. The sending limit is something that is enforced by Gmail, not by GMass. According to Google, regular Gmail accounts are officially limited to 500 emails/day, while G Suite accounts are limited to 2,000. But other factors like the age of the account, content of the Campaign, or reputation of the domain can affect your sending limit.

      There’s some more information about these limits here: 

      You can configure your account with an external SMTP server if you’d like to send unlimited emails without Gmail-imposed sending limits. See: https://www.gmass.co/blog/unlimited-mail-merge-sending-gmail/ ( https://www.gmass.co/blog/unlimited-mail-merge-sending-gmail/

  2. Hi
    By mistake i deleted my draft from gmail.
    please help me . i tried gmass.
    can you please help me how to do step by step

    many thanks

  3. Hi, i am unable to stop our email campaign.
    Please stop all the campaigns ASAP.
    Feel free to call me at 1 408 583 7288

  4. i am not able to send you on given mail id [email protected] to stop my extra campaign. i dont know how it created automaticly. even every time i got popup that my mail limit 50 mail every 24hour rollover. but still gmass send all attempted mail.

    now i am unable to send any single mail from my gusite mail id [email protected]. Due to google mail limit is cross 500 mail. this is look like. gmass without infromation send more campaign. Now pls do below….pls pls pls

    This is very urgent. i am confuse. what is going on. Actually many times, i was try to mail but one popup was come every time that campaign will not send due to 50 mail limit. But, i dont know how more campaign has been send to my client. So, pls stop all extra campaign.

    here is only two campaign 2653764 and 2647842 is right campaign. Rest, pls as soon as possible disable or cancel as soon as possible from this mail account ([email protected])……..

    pls do quickly…..and if possible share me as confirmation.

    if any link to know how see all active and deactivate campaign. it would be helpful us for future as well…..

    mail [email protected]

  5. pls resolve this issue as soon as possible. it will be damage my potential client network…………..

    1. Hi Yogesh,

      No it will not. You would need to clear auto follow-ups in the GMass settings as seen in the image above in Section 1 of this article.

  6. After restoring a campaign (already sent out) and follow up emails edited..

    How to save the follow up emails in HTML? It’s saved on the Gmass Auto FollowUp folder but whenever I’m opening the draft, the old follow up content will still be there.

    If I’m going to hit on the GMass button, will it be sent to the specific group of people again?

    1. Hi Nash,

      Please make sure to click the GMass button. You’re receiving that bounce notification because you’ve inadvertently clicked the regular send button.

  7. how do I get an excel or similar list of bounced or opened emails – so I can purge them from my list and or send a followup to any that has opened my message?

  8. what if send same follow up to a person already received those emails earlier. Will GMass skip that user? or will he get duplicate emails?

    1. Hi Lewis,

      They will be skipped as GMass will not send duplicate emails to the same recipient for the same campaign.

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      1. Is there a way to change the subject line of Auto Follow up? Like sending a totally different message when the contact does not reply?

          1. Hi Scott,

            Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. The reason is when auto follow-ups are sent, they are sent as replies to the original thread UNLESS it’s set up with the condition/criteria “ALL”.

            Since all auto follow-ups based on replies and opens (or no reply or no opens) are sent as replies to the initial email sent, it will always use that initial email’s subject line.

  10. Hello. I want to create a campaign and have automated follow up emails for every email in the campaign. I see where I can create a campaign but I can actually save the campaign as a dropdown. Please provide guidance. Best

  11. A few days ago I send a cancellation email for campaign followups.
    Now I want to activate the campaign again and send it to new people with the same followups. I want to verify that it won’t keep sending the followup to the old ones(before the cancellation email).
    Does the cancellation email mean that all the followups drafts were erased? can I verify it myself in followups label?

    1. Hi Mor,

      If the campaign and its follow-ups have been canceled, the drafts would no longer be available in your GMass Scheduled (for the initial outreach) and in your GMass Auto Follow-ups label (for your follow-ups).

      Moreover, if the campaign has been canceled, you can no longer restart it. You would need to start a new campaign and set the auto follow-ups again. We’ve also answered your ticket directly regarding your question in more detail. Kindly check your email.

  12. Hi – I am running a campaign right now over the next week or two with auto follow ups setup. Campaign is configured to send auto follow up to anyone who hasn’t clicked a link. I have a few people who just replied to my e-mail without clicking on a link. How do I remove those few people from the auto follow up sequence?

  13. tengo gmass standard desde el 25/9/2019 y quisiera saber hasta cuantos correos puedo mandar al dia,muchas gracias

    1. Hi B,

      Please make sure that you’re clicking the red GMass button. Please note that addresses ending in @gmass.co isn’t an actual email so no emails are actually sent. These addresses are commands that is issued to GMass when used with the red GMass button.

  14. yes, did all that, it still sending out emails with incorrect information, cancelling this rubbish service ASAP!

  15. I’ve canceled my auto-follow ups and “Save[d] Changes”. I am skeptical of hitting the GMASS button because I don’t want to send the emails out again. Since “Save changes” isn’t in this instruction, I am curious if it’s necessary to hit that GMASS button or if this new feature does the trick

  16. Hello
    I’ve connected with the people I wanted to connect with, but GMAS is still messaging everyone else, and they are getting annoyed (especially since we’ve already connected!) How do I tell GMAS to “NOT” email specific names, even though they are in the campaign spreadsheet. I have tried to delete them out of the campaign spreadsheet, but GMAS continues.

    Am I supposed to STOP the campaign, Delete the emails, then restart? Won’t that re-send emails to those that already received emails?

  17. Hi Gmass Team – how do I unsubscribe certain users from receiving any future emails? I deal with huge lists all the time and it’s hard to catch duplicates. I just want to make sure that I respect the people don’t ever want to hear from my again.


    1. Hi Boris,

      Once a recipient unsubscribes, their email address is added to your unsubscribes list. What GMass does before any campaign is sent is to compare recipient email addresses to your unsubscribes list and removes those that has a match. So as long as those who wish to unsubscribes uses your unsubscribe link, it’s guaranteed they will no longer receive campaign emails sent using the GMass button.

      However, keep in mind that you are still able to send those people who have unsubscribed emails using the regular Gmail send button.

      Also, please note that when a recipient replies with something like “unsubscribe me” or “stop”, this is not detected by GMass as an unsubscribe so these types of request must be manually added to your unsubscribes list instead: https://www.gmass.co/blog/new-gmail-mail-merge-feature-manually-import-or-remove-unsubscribe-addresses/

  18. I want to edit the subject and message of my ‘auto follow up template’. Also, delete another one.

    I am trying to follow Method 2/Step 2 mentioned here. After I have clicked on GMass Auto Follow-ups Label, when I click on /select the campaign (i.e the Draft as shown in the image in Method 2) the draft box is not opening. I can’t move on to the next step that is clicking on the GMass Settings arrow, because of this.

    How do I delete or edit the auto follow up template while this is the case?

  19. it’s a great idea of warming up gmails but it looks like it doesn’t increase 2 mails per day and stopped at 14 mails per day because my warm-up stats show 14 inbox for last 3 days in a row… something is not ok I guess.

  20. Hi,

    I’m sending an auto followup sequences (6 stages has been setup). However, I think I need to edit the Content set in auto-followup stage 4. Could you please inform how to do it?

    I failed to locate any support article or solution. Please help

    1. Hi Ashique,

      You would need to create a new template for your Stage 4 (the same way you created the current one). Then go into your GMass Auto Followups label and open the draft for your campaign. In the GMass settings under the auto follow-up section, you’d just need to select the newly created template from the dropdown for Stage 4 and save your changes.

  21. Is is possible to add a email to the autofollow up after you streted it already, if its connect to your google spread sheet with emails? does it send out automatically to new emails if you add them to your sheeet? Mine doesnt work

  22. Can you edit this article to know how to stop an auto follow up sequence ?
    It seems like the cancel button of method#1 does not exist anymore in the interface.

    Thank you!

  23. Auto follow-up has not happened. How to resume it or instruct to complete what was not done.(There was an error I think but I searched later and could not find it. My campaign ID is 32475034. Please resume followups.

  24. Hello! I want to edit the auto follow-ups, but i can’t find the campaign draft in order to manage the settings box… I also can see the Campaign in the dashboard, but can’t edit.

    How can I solve it?

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