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GMass now accepts Bitcoin

Today GMass becomes one of the first email marketing service providers, and one of the first SaaS companies in existence to accept Bitcoin. There are several reasons we decide to accept Bitcoin, in addition to credit cards and PayPal, as a payment method:

  • We believe in the concept behind Bitcoin and want to support the Bitcoin movement.
  • Users in certain countries have lamented that neither credit cards nor PayPal were available to them to pay for software services.
  • The transaction fees for accepting Bitcoin are far less than the transaction fees for accepting credit cards and PayPal payments, allowing us to keep a greater portion of the customer payment.

To subscribe to GMass with Bitcoin, just go to the Pricing page, choose your plan, click SUBSCRIBE, and then choose the Bitcoin option.

Subscribe to GMass with Bitcoin. Click SUBSCRIBE, and then choose the Bitcoin tab.

Because Bitcoin can’t be setup as a recurring monthly payment, Bitcoin-based subscriptions to GMass have a finite life. For example, if you subscribe to a monthly plan, your subscription will end in ONE MONTH. If you subscribe to an annual plan, your subscription will end in ONE YEAR. You can extend your subscription by paying more Bitcoin, but because Bitcoin can’t be setup as a recurring charge, we recommend that you subscribe to an annual plan if paying with Bitcoin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I pay with Bitcoin, can I remain anonymous?

A: The nature of Bitcoin will allow you to remain anonymous, however, we do monitor GMass subscribers for evidence of facilitating crimes via email, and we do terminate accounts used for such purposes.

Q: What exchange rate will I get if I pay with Bitcoin?

A: The BTC to USD exchange rate will be based on the prevailing price of Bitcoin at the time you subscribe.

Q: How do I access my Bitcoin wallet to make payment to GMass?

A: When you choose to pay with Bitcoin, GMass will display the Bitcoin wallet address to send the Bitcoin to. From here, you can open a new browser tab to access your Bitcoin wallet to then send the Bitcoin to the wallet address. For example, if you use Coinbase to store your Bitcoin, you would log in to Coinbase, and use the “Send” option to send Bitcoin to the provided address. After your payment is verified on the blockchain, which should only take a few seconds, the GMass Pricing page displaying the wallet address will update and show that you have successfully completed payment and are now subscribed.

Q: When I click the “Open Wallet” link shown in the screenshot above, the screen just hangs. What’s wrong?

A: The “Open Wallet” link will only work if you have a Bitcoin wallet stored with Stripe, our credit card and Bitcoin merchant processor. Most Bitcoin holders have their Bitcoin stored with an online exchange like Coinbase or Gemini, so you’ll likely need to log in wherever your Bitcoin is stored to make your Bitcoin payment to GMass.

Q: If I subscribe to a monthly plan with Bitcoin, can I keep paying more Bitcoin every month to keep my subscription active?

A: Yes, but the burden will be on you to remember to pay and “re-up” before the monthly subscription expires.

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  1. My gmass cant sent.all mails are bounced though sending limit is not finish.Will u reimburse my joining fee.send a 2 or 3 sentense reply.ur answer is link, link for link an so on. dificult get the original answer.

  2. Hi Ajay,

    I am asking for a full refund of my annual payment, please send the process, I am not satisfied and this is not the services I am expected.

    Thank you, I hope you can process my request asap

    1. Hi Henry,

      Unfortunately, our payment processor Stripe has discontinued accepting payments via Bitcoin so we can no longer accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

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