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How to disconnect GMass from your Gmail account

While I hate to encourage people to remove GMass from their Gmail accounts, there are several legitimate reasons you may want to.

Phishing Attack Victim?

Over the last week, several Gmail users have been victims of a sophisticated phishing attack where the scammer obtains the username and password for a Gmail account, logs in, installs GMass, then sends a mass email containing a form that looks like a Dropbox form to all the user’s contacts, and encourages the victim to log into Dropbox with his/her Gmail account credentials. Then, after obtaining more Gmail account credentials, the scammer logs into those accounts, installs GMass, and repeats the cycle.

If you are seeing mass emails sent from your Gmail account that you did not initiate, you may have unwittingly given your Gmail credentials to the scammer. To rectify this:

1. Change your username and password immediately.

2. To check if the scammer has connected GMass to your account, go to:


If GMass is listed here, and you are not a GMass user needing to send email campaigns, you can easily remove GMass.

Need to cancel a scheduled email marketing campaign?

If you are a legitimate GMass user and only wish to cancel a scheduled email marketing campaign but intend to use GMass later, then you do not need to remove GMass from your account to prevent the email from sending. Follow these instructions instead to cancel a scheduled emailing.

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  1. I want to delete / remove and deactivate the GMass. I am not into the business where such applications are needed.

    Please help me to do it as the procedure described above did not work and I still see GMass icons (two at the top next to search icon & one next to send button).

  2. Hi,

    Even after disconnecting GMass from Google and Chrome, the buttons are still showing up in Gmail, and I’m getting pop-ups requesting that I connect GMass. I’ve restarted Chrome as well as my computer too. How do I completely remove GMass from my account?

  3. Hello,

    I’ve disconnected GMass from Chrome extensions but the buttons still appear in Gmail, I’ve restarted Chrome and my my computer with no effect.. How do I completely remove GMass from my account?

    please help,

    1. Hi Viorica,

      I have the same issue. Did you get a result from anywhere? This is so annoying and I wouldn’t recommend Gmass to anyone if you can’t remove this THING when you want to.

    2. Remove it from Connected Apps. Remove it from Extension. Then go to and change your google password. This will surely help.

      1. Hi guys. I had the same issues. I had to go into the “Label” settings in my gmail account and delete the Gmass label. This worked for me. Cheers.

    1. Hi Liam,

      If GMass is not listed in that link, then it means that GMass is already disconnected from your Gmail account.

  4. I wish to cancel the deductions from my account for GMASS.
    I have NEVER signed up to it. I DO NOT USE gmail.
    I am unable to cancel something I have never signed up for.
    What do I do?

    1. Hi GJS,

      Please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support) as we’ll need to ask you for the details of the card where you’re being charged on (last 4 and expiration date).

  5. I found Gmass to be a horrible service and could never recommend it.It created problems for me in my business.

  6. What a waste of time. The support is terrible. The learning curve, well, this will be your full-time job. I have spent 45 min, trying to get the buttons removed from my email. Really bad.

  7. Hi, I want to delete/remove and deactivate the GMass. I tried many times but still failed. Could you please help? Thank you!

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