How to get support from the GMass team

GMass is a bigger operation than it was when it launched in September of 2015. Now there are multiple team members, we use Zendesk as our support ticketing system, and we have lots of blog content answering almost every question imaginable.

Whereas before it was customary for users to email the founder (Ajay) directly, now you should email our support email address (provided below). We do not offer phone support.

We do not respond to all requests. GMass is a low-cost, self-service (mostly) system. If a question has an obvious answer or an answer easily found on our blog, we may discard the request in the interest of time and keeping GMass an efficient operation.

Here are some additional steps you can take to ensure the best possible GMass support.

Please do:

  1. Please send one single email to our support address (given below) and not to any other email addresses.
  2. Make sure your email comes FROM the Gmail account for which you are seeking help. If your email comes from a different From Address, be sure to specify the Gmail account with which you’re using GMass and want help. If you send us an email “from” an address for which we can’t locate a GMass account, and no other email address is mentioned, the support request will be discarded.
  3. Include screenshots and videos where applicable to illustrate the issue.
  4. If your question has to do with a specific campaign, include the campaign ID in your request.

Please don’t:

  1. Please do not email team members directly for new requests. This can either result in no response or a severely lower response time (a month or more), since the team member has to first notice the email, and then has to forward the email to our support address in order to create a ticket. In most cases, emails sent directly to team members asking for support are missed or discarded.
  2. Do not respond to mass emails from GMass staff announcing new features asking for account-specific support.
  3. Usually a support requested can be answered by a blog post. Please do not be offended if your support question is responded to with a simple link to a blog post rather than a complete sentence.
  4. Do not respond to an old support ticket from a long time ago introducing a new issue unrelated to the previous issue. Instead, create a new ticket by sending a new email to our support address, given below.

The most popular support questions and answers

  1. If you’re trying to cancel a campaign, read this article.
  2. If you’re looking to stop other types of GMass emails from sending, read this article.
  3. If you’re looking to cancel a paid subscription, follow these instructions.
  4. If your emails are bouncing because with a “You have exceeded your limit” message, read this first.
  5. If you are trying to cancel a GMass subscription or request a tracking domain or do anything that requires an command in the To field, and you get a bounce, it’s because you hit the Send button when you were supposed to hit the GMass button. Please do not contact us to tell us that an email to an address bounced.

Thank you for reading through this post before contacting us for support. Our support address is

63 Replies to “How to get support from the GMass team”

  1. Cindy Jones (office staff) WSFA

    We are considering your services: already use classic gmail with chrome.

    Do you have to build a new mass email list every time you want to send out a mass email

    or can I put the emails for all of our clients (just over 1000 working emails) into a build created once and then use that same list for each new mass email?

    If I can only build the list one time, can that list then be edited for whenever a stray email is no longer valid?

  2. Mila

    I have been trying to use GMass and I am having problem with the Personalization.

    I use a google spreadsheet with 2 columns: Email, FirstName – and the first name becomes blank when sent (instead of entering the name).

  3. vivek sharma

    Hi GMass Team

    I have paid charges/subscribed approx 20 days ago but still my account comes/showing Trial Version which make unable to send More then 50 mail per day.

    I have not received any particular link [if there] from your side to activate my paid account.

    Please do the needful.

    Thank you
    Vivek Sharma

  4. Heywood

    I keep unsubscribing from your emails and they keep coming. I guess I’ll just mark them as spam and report you to gmail.

  5. Lu Madrid

    GMass is free for a limited time?
    or it can be used as free-trial for a long time ( without all the ‘special features’ like sending more that 50 mails) ??

    • Maya Quijada

      You can use the free version of GMass to send up to 50 emails per rolling 24 hours. There is no other time limit or trial period on free accounts.

  6. nitish agarwal

    Hello!!whenver im trying to make the payment through my debit card or paypal assccount in order to subscribe for gmass..its showing the error action with the cannot make the action with the debit card you have selected please select other debit card…

  7. Nandini Chauhan


    I used to send only 20 emails a day through Gmass but most of the time my emails get bounce and also getting blocked.

    Can you plz tell me solution of this problem


    We also have a few confusions. Please advice:
    Are you sure all the mails will be sent from our registered mail id and get properly delivered to inbox and they wont be going to spam.
    What is the Auto Follow up feature mentioned in premium? I would also like to know about Gsuite.
    Is this a service from google?

    How shall we proceed? We are looking forward for a one year subscription.

    Please revert with your comments.

    Thank you

    • Ajay Goel

      You can always add GMass to as many accounts as you like, but subscriptions are PER Gmail account. However, if you have alias addresses tied to a Gmail account, then you still only need one subscription to email from the various aliases.

  9. Ash Moses

    Hi I have subscribed to gmass from one of my accounts and now I have also paid to have gsuit but I when I send from gsuit I am asked to pay for gmass again. Do I need to transfer the gmass account to the gsuit account?

  10. Jaymezin


    I just noticed an email that I sent to 1 person was actually returning an “email opened notification” by the recipient’s email address when in fact, I opened the email from my sent folder and refreshed. it. At first, I thought it was just a coincidence, but after completing a test of opening the email from the sent folder, the same amount of email notifications returned as how many times I opened it myself. Now I am not sure if this person actually ever read the email I sent. This is a definite reason I would not want to upgrade and pay.

  11. Vishal

    Hi, After a repeated attempt of subscribing I don’t know where the things are going wrong. On the screen I can see the credit card has been updated but when I am looking at the invoices the status is not paid. It happened in 3 to 4 attempts. Kindly look after it.

  12. Nenille

    Good afternoon,

    please i subscribe to gmass yesterday and i couldn’t able to send my bulk email again. all i received was Your GMass request failed. Error details: All GMass functions have been disabled due to abuse. what can i do please to get me back on my Gmass subscription.

    Many thanks

  13. Nathaniel.


    This question is not related to Gmass. But I used to know how to set Gmail as an autoresponder.

    I lost the message where I saved it.

    Could you point me to where I can get the information.



  14. Jim Haycraft

    I signed up for GMass and paid the fees with my Credit card. You system said it was accepted. I tried to use gmass and it wants me to sign up and pay again. First I don’t like paying for an email but when I do have to pay, I certainly don’t intend to pay twice.

    • Maya Quijada

      You’re likely trying to subscribe to a Gmail plan with a G Suite account. Any account that does not end in will need a G Suite subscription. The G Suite Premium plan is $19.95/month.

  15. John

    Hi, I have a problem. Even though I have created CNAME for a custom tracker and have had this confirmed by gmass as working all of my emails are going to spam. My email is not spammy and have filled out all the details.

  16. Bernadette Vadurro

    Please stop charging me $12.99 per month for your service. I’ve used it a couple of times and found it to be nearly worthless. I no longer wish to be subscribed to GMASS service. Bernadette Vadurro, Speakers Live, Inc. 119 Delgado st. Santa Fe, NM 87501

  17. Alexandre


    I want to understand why Gmass has sent just 100 emails? The message that I have is over limit!

    I have understood that the limit is 2000 day.

    Can you explain please?


  18. Bill Rojas

    I paid the premium package for unlimited emails. What’s the use of paying the premium package if it now says I have exceeded my limits and all my emails have being bouncing for the last two days and I still cannot use my email. I have send an email to support using another email as I cannot send emails using my email but till now I have had no reply. So far I have lost two days of business. Can you please get this issue solved as I need to work. Regards Bill Rojas

    • Maya Quijada

      Your GMass subscription does not determine your sending limit – Gmail does. If you’d like to enable SMTP sending, you can send unlimited emails, but the Premium GMass plan does not (and is not advertised to) allow you to augment your Gmail sending limit. Sorry for your frustration. I believe we’ve spoken on the Support Desk, but please email us there if you have further questions.

  19. Dhruv Gupta

    I sent a campaign consisting of 48 recipients by embedding a Google sheet. I used the GMass button only for sending the emails. The campaign report shows that the mail was sent to 48 people but only 23 emails are reflecting in my “Sent Mail.” Also, I received emails for bounce and unsuccessful emails.How do I know that how many people out of those 48 people have actually received the mail?

  20. Alina

    I have signed up for a paid account and 2 days later my Gmail account has been disabled!! Please either unblock my account or refund my money! Yur service is pointless, a lot of emails are getting bounced ( even when I send under 50 emails/day to my clients) and now my business account is blocked and I am loosing business because of you!

    • Maya Quijada

      Email us at to transfer your subscription or request a refund. Google reserves the right to suspend any account violating their terms of service, so it’s likely that there was a content or quantity issue with your account. Very new accounts, for example, don’t have the official sending limits of older, well-established accounts.


    I tried sending my emails 3 times today and they did not got through. Please let me know what was wrong because I just lost the ordering window for my farm today, and I can’t get through to my customers.

    Also, some customers are not getting my emails any more and google blocked my account for 48 hours because it said I was a spammer. That is devastating to my business. Please make sure that gets fixed right away.

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