How to get support from the GMass team

GMass is a bigger operation than it was when it launched in September of 2015. Now there are multiple team members, we use Zendesk as our support ticketing system, and we have lots of blog content answering almost every question imaginable.

Whereas before it was customary for users to email the founder (Ajay) directly, now you should email our support email address (provided below). We do not offer phone support.

We do not respond to all requests. GMass is a low-cost, self-service (mostly) system. If a question has an obvious answer or an answer easily found on our blog, we may discard the request in the interest of time and keeping GMass an efficient operation.

Here are some additional steps you can take to ensure the best possible GMass support.

Please do:

  1. Please send one single email to our support address (given below) and not to any other email addresses.
  2. Make sure your email comes FROM the Gmail account for which you are seeking help. If your email comes from a different From Address, be sure to specify the Gmail account with which you’re using GMass and want help. If you send us an email “from” an address for which we can’t locate a GMass account, and no other email address is mentioned, the support request will be discarded.
  3. Include screenshots and videos where applicable to illustrate the issue.
  4. If your question has to do with a specific campaign, include the campaign ID in your request.

Please don’t:

  1. Please do not email team members directly for new requests. This can either result in no response or a severely lower response time (a month or more), since the team member has to first notice the email, and then has to forward the email to our support address in order to create a ticket. In most cases, emails sent directly to team members asking for support are missed or discarded.
  2. Do not respond to mass emails from GMass staff announcing new features asking for account-specific support.
  3. Usually a support requested can be answered by a blog post. Please do not be offended if your support question is responded to with a simple link to a blog post rather than a complete sentence.
  4. Do not respond to an old support ticket from a long time ago introducing a new issue unrelated to the previous issue. Instead, create a new ticket by sending a new email to our support address, given below.

The most popular support questions and answers

  1. If you’re trying to cancel a campaign, read this article.
  2. If you’re looking to stop other types of GMass emails from sending, read this article.
  3. If you’re looking to cancel a paid subscription, follow these instructions. Do not contact us to cancel your subscription. You must do it yourself.
  4. If your emails are bouncing because with a “You have exceeded your limit” message, read this first.
  5. If you are trying to cancel a GMass subscription or request a tracking domain or do anything that requires an command in the To field, and you get a bounce, it’s because you hit the Send button when you were supposed to hit the GMass button. Please do not contact us to tell us that an email to an address bounced.

Thank you for reading through this post before contacting us for support. Our support address is

268 Replies to “How to get support from the GMass team”

  1. Cindy Jones (office staff) WSFA

    We are considering your services: already use classic gmail with chrome.

    Do you have to build a new mass email list every time you want to send out a mass email

    or can I put the emails for all of our clients (just over 1000 working emails) into a build created once and then use that same list for each new mass email?

    If I can only build the list one time, can that list then be edited for whenever a stray email is no longer valid?

  2. Mila

    I have been trying to use GMass and I am having problem with the Personalization.

    I use a google spreadsheet with 2 columns: Email, FirstName – and the first name becomes blank when sent (instead of entering the name).

  3. vivek sharma

    Hi GMass Team

    I have paid charges/subscribed approx 20 days ago but still my account comes/showing Trial Version which make unable to send More then 50 mail per day.

    I have not received any particular link [if there] from your side to activate my paid account.

    Please do the needful.

    Thank you
    Vivek Sharma

  4. Heywood

    I keep unsubscribing from your emails and they keep coming. I guess I’ll just mark them as spam and report you to gmail.

  5. Lu Madrid

    GMass is free for a limited time?
    or it can be used as free-trial for a long time ( without all the ‘special features’ like sending more that 50 mails) ??

    • Maya Quijada

      You can use the free version of GMass to send up to 50 emails per rolling 24 hours. There is no other time limit or trial period on free accounts.

      • Carla ann Litton

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        will be able to show her
        Thanks very much

  6. nitish agarwal

    Hello!!whenver im trying to make the payment through my debit card or paypal assccount in order to subscribe for gmass..its showing the error action with the cannot make the action with the debit card you have selected please select other debit card…

  7. Nandini Chauhan


    I used to send only 20 emails a day through Gmass but most of the time my emails get bounce and also getting blocked.

    Can you plz tell me solution of this problem


    We also have a few confusions. Please advice:
    Are you sure all the mails will be sent from our registered mail id and get properly delivered to inbox and they wont be going to spam.
    What is the Auto Follow up feature mentioned in premium? I would also like to know about Gsuite.
    Is this a service from google?

    How shall we proceed? We are looking forward for a one year subscription.

    Please revert with your comments.

    Thank you

    • Ajay Goel

      You can always add GMass to as many accounts as you like, but subscriptions are PER Gmail account. However, if you have alias addresses tied to a Gmail account, then you still only need one subscription to email from the various aliases.

  9. Ash Moses

    Hi I have subscribed to gmass from one of my accounts and now I have also paid to have gsuit but I when I send from gsuit I am asked to pay for gmass again. Do I need to transfer the gmass account to the gsuit account?

  10. Jaymezin


    I just noticed an email that I sent to 1 person was actually returning an “email opened notification” by the recipient’s email address when in fact, I opened the email from my sent folder and refreshed. it. At first, I thought it was just a coincidence, but after completing a test of opening the email from the sent folder, the same amount of email notifications returned as how many times I opened it myself. Now I am not sure if this person actually ever read the email I sent. This is a definite reason I would not want to upgrade and pay.

  11. Vishal

    Hi, After a repeated attempt of subscribing I don’t know where the things are going wrong. On the screen I can see the credit card has been updated but when I am looking at the invoices the status is not paid. It happened in 3 to 4 attempts. Kindly look after it.

  12. Nenille

    Good afternoon,

    please i subscribe to gmass yesterday and i couldn’t able to send my bulk email again. all i received was Your GMass request failed. Error details: All GMass functions have been disabled due to abuse. what can i do please to get me back on my Gmass subscription.

    Many thanks

  13. Nathaniel.


    This question is not related to Gmass. But I used to know how to set Gmail as an autoresponder.

    I lost the message where I saved it.

    Could you point me to where I can get the information.



  14. Jim Haycraft

    I signed up for GMass and paid the fees with my Credit card. You system said it was accepted. I tried to use gmass and it wants me to sign up and pay again. First I don’t like paying for an email but when I do have to pay, I certainly don’t intend to pay twice.

    • Maya Quijada

      You’re likely trying to subscribe to a Gmail plan with a G Suite account. Any account that does not end in will need a G Suite subscription. The G Suite Premium plan is $19.95/month.

  15. John

    Hi, I have a problem. Even though I have created CNAME for a custom tracker and have had this confirmed by gmass as working all of my emails are going to spam. My email is not spammy and have filled out all the details.

  16. Bernadette Vadurro

    Please stop charging me $12.99 per month for your service. I’ve used it a couple of times and found it to be nearly worthless. I no longer wish to be subscribed to GMASS service. Bernadette Vadurro, Speakers Live, Inc. 119 Delgado st. Santa Fe, NM 87501

  17. Alexandre


    I want to understand why Gmass has sent just 100 emails? The message that I have is over limit!

    I have understood that the limit is 2000 day.

    Can you explain please?


  18. Bill Rojas

    I paid the premium package for unlimited emails. What’s the use of paying the premium package if it now says I have exceeded my limits and all my emails have being bouncing for the last two days and I still cannot use my email. I have send an email to support using another email as I cannot send emails using my email but till now I have had no reply. So far I have lost two days of business. Can you please get this issue solved as I need to work. Regards Bill Rojas

    • Maya Quijada

      Your GMass subscription does not determine your sending limit – Gmail does. If you’d like to enable SMTP sending, you can send unlimited emails, but the Premium GMass plan does not (and is not advertised to) allow you to augment your Gmail sending limit. Sorry for your frustration. I believe we’ve spoken on the Support Desk, but please email us there if you have further questions.

  19. Dhruv Gupta

    I sent a campaign consisting of 48 recipients by embedding a Google sheet. I used the GMass button only for sending the emails. The campaign report shows that the mail was sent to 48 people but only 23 emails are reflecting in my “Sent Mail.” Also, I received emails for bounce and unsuccessful emails.How do I know that how many people out of those 48 people have actually received the mail?

  20. Alina

    I have signed up for a paid account and 2 days later my Gmail account has been disabled!! Please either unblock my account or refund my money! Yur service is pointless, a lot of emails are getting bounced ( even when I send under 50 emails/day to my clients) and now my business account is blocked and I am loosing business because of you!

    • Maya Quijada

      Email us at to transfer your subscription or request a refund. Google reserves the right to suspend any account violating their terms of service, so it’s likely that there was a content or quantity issue with your account. Very new accounts, for example, don’t have the official sending limits of older, well-established accounts.


    I tried sending my emails 3 times today and they did not got through. Please let me know what was wrong because I just lost the ordering window for my farm today, and I can’t get through to my customers.

    Also, some customers are not getting my emails any more and google blocked my account for 48 hours because it said I was a spammer. That is devastating to my business. Please make sure that gets fixed right away.

  22. Allison Levin

    I just noticed that when using GMass the sender that is listed is my name not the organization name as is the case when I send a regular email. The email address is the same for both that of the Org. Is there a way to have the organization listed when using GMass (Or thought GMass). I want people to know the emails are from the org not me.

  23. Arm

    I have been sending e-mails (max 50 addresses) for the last 4 days. Today it doesn’t work. I have done everything correctly. What are my options? Can I still use the free 50 e-mails per day option?

  24. Karuna Tayal

    Hi Team,
    I am using your app and I have a question regarding email, so can you tell me if I want to change my email where I have activated my subscription.
    Please tell me how is it possible?


  25. amar

    Hello Team,

    I am looking to purchase Gmass but, I need one question to be resolved first.

    When creating a email I need to insert a personalized image for each email. As each recipient will have there own unique image presented to them.

    Please note that I don’t want this image to be an attachment, but to be in the main body of the email.


  26. Chris

    Hi i ve paid the account, but still indicate that my account is free account and cannot mass send more then 50 emails. please assist

  27. Himms


    What’s your refund Policy.

    I Have recently bought a subscription plan but its by mistake. I need refund. I did’t send any campaign from that email id. I need subscribe for different email Id but I bought it for different one by mistake. Please assist asap.

  28. Chris TrPa

    When I send an email to my yahoo email by gmass, the email never come. But I send by normal way, It come. Please tell me why? If I send to 2000 email addresses, how many of them will receive?

    • Maya Quijada

      A Tracking Domain will probably help you. I just put you on one of our shared Tracking Domains to try to address the problem. Try again, and let me know if the issue persists by emailing us at You can also try turning off all click/open tracking.

  29. Michael Velasco

    Hi Ajay,

    I’ve been using Gmass for months now and I’ve been satisfied with how it’s making it easier sending emails to multiple clients.

    My only concern is, it does not accurately trace/track if the recipient has opened the email or not.

    If I go to Gmass reports, It states it was opened but when I trace the IP address, it’s the same as mine. So it does not prove the fact that our clients are really opening the email.

    Is there such benefit purchasing Gmass as compared to the free one?

    Looking forward to your response.

    • Maya Quijada

      Open tracking can be challenging to execute. Our open tracking is relatively accurate, but it is not perfect. Most who purchase a GMass subscription are doing so to send mass mail merge Campaigns natively from Gmail. Our deliverability is another benefit.

  30. Ron Fischer

    I am trying to use GMass for blast emails to my community. On trial attempts, community members who have email service at and have received my test emails. However, members using have not received the emails. Is there something I am doing incorrectly? The blast emails are from account.

  31. Shobhna Batta

    Hi – Is there a way to change the sender name/email on mass emails?
    We will be using Gmass to send out surveys and it has to go out from a different sender than me.
    Please advise.

  32. Timos

    I wrote from another account because on my private account i’ve got ban.. so i thinked that cancelation is automatically maked, but i missed. Please send me my money back for second payment because i had ban on account where i have subcription still .. it is bullshit to pay for something on banned account ?? or no ???

  33. focusquota

    ​I just ordered GMASS and when trying to send 720emails in the bcc field it doesnt send immediately. It schedules it and still doesn’t send out, It just stays with in my draft folder.
    I even go in settings to and edit it to send now and it does not work and still schedules it and doesnt send. I currently have a Gmass Scheduled in my draft folder

    I have screenshots so you can see exactlly what Im talking about just provide me an email address


    • Maya Quijada

      That isn’t how GMass works. GMass works by taking all of the email addresses in the To field and sending an individual email message to each of those addresses. So, if you have 500 addresses in the To field and then you compose your Subject/Message and hit the GMass button, 500 individual, personalized emails will get sent, one to each address. Each recipient will only see his/her address in the To line. This might be counterintuitive because if you’re used to hitting the standard Gmail Send button, then you’re used to seeing one email go out to all 500 people, where all 500 addresses are exposed to each other. But that’s the whole point of GMass — to split up the addresses in the To field and send one email at a time to each address.

      Your Campaign isn’t working because you put the addresses in the BCC field. See:

        • Marvin Quinsaat

          Hi Michael, you would need to add the email address in the TO field.

          GMass does not send copies to all of the emails but rather send individual emails (each can be found in your Sent folder) to each of your recipients as if you individually sent emails one at a time.

  34. Chris

    I am attempting to do my first GMASS and put up a window saying “you are about to send a campaign to 200 addresses. Just confirming…are you sure?

    Is this correct?

  35. Thiago

    This message appears to all my campains.
    What should I do?
    Schedule ID 1130006 and Campaign ID 1864545. This campaign has errored out and won’t send any more emails. The error is “1/5/2018 9:37:39 AM: BLOCK B: Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer. The length of …–inner: ***”. It has sent 11460 emails so far. It has been processed 2 time(s).

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Davi,

      If you’re logged into the account with the subscription please follow the steps below:
      1. Open a new compose window
      2. Set the TO field to:
      3. Set the subject line as the email address where you wish to transfer your subscription to.
      4. Click on the red GMass button.

      If you run into any issues or need further assistance, Please email our support team at

  36. Ron Fischer

    Will Gmass work with Chrome on an Android and/or iOS device? When I log into the Gmail account which has Gmass using either Android or iOS using Chrome, compose an email, I see everything from Gmass except the red Gmass send button.

  37. Maden

    Hi ,

    I have problem with blocked emails by GMAss.

    I am sending 50 per day so i dont know how could crosed that limit.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Sarah


    I followed the steps to cancel and wanted to confirm that it has been cancelled because I was charged again. I tried to call the ph# that is associated with the charge on the card….GMASS
    401 N WABASH, UNIT 63E

    Left a message.

    but the email is ???

    can you please help?

  39. bob

    I want to use my domain fpr emails but your instructions seem lacking and unclear about the process.
    When selecting “CNAME” from the record type, you are asked to provide 3 sets of values: “Name,” “TTL” and “Data” Which of these 3 gets the Does a record in addition to the CNAME need to be created?

  40. Samir Selmanovic

    Hello, gmail says I have exceeded limit so there is no way for me to contact you via gmail. I tried gmass to contact you and google bounced that back to me as well.

    So, I am stuck. gmail does not work because of gmass activity and now I don’t have access to you.


    I have subscribed Gmass service for my gsuit account id
    I will suppose to get the daily limit of 2000email/day. but I just run a campaign where it shows Email limit is 500/day. How it is possible if my account is no Gsuit.

    Campaign ID: 2017323

    Please guide me on above issue as earliest. I unable to send email on my registered email as I have reached a limit for sending email.

    +91 7030561007

  42. Shanthakumar A

    I’m unable to locate the Gmass account/Email to which my credit card is charged every month.There are 3 Accounts like this. Total charges = (8.95+12.95+12.95).Please help me to cancel the subscription. The credit card associated is the only information I have and do not have the email id’s to which Gmass account is subscribed

  43. Cascade O

    Why am I being billed 12.95 each time I use gmass. I need to know what I am being charged for and why I am being charged multiple times a month. What is going on?

  44. Ain Kamall

    Hi, is there any way for me to blast more than 10.000 emails as soon as possible? If yes, how long does it take to blast all the emails? Thanks.

  45. Jamie Proctor

    Hey, I got the gmass extension (paid) and I am really happy with the product (just not so happy about gmail send limits haha) I’ve already made 30 sales from one campaign in less than 24 hours.

    I have just one question.

    The opens tracker, is that tracking every single time a person opens the e-mail? or if someone appears more than once here, have they been double e-mailed?

    Please respond as I’m not sure if my campaigns are emailing the same people multiple times.

  46. marc


    I bought the minimal to try and see how it works, so far I understood that could send 2000 email every 24 hours,, I prepare 2000 email and send, directly received an email says

    TOTAL Email Addresses in To field: 2000

    Emails remaining to be sent: 1990

    Emails sent in prior batches: 0
    Suppressed addresses from prior campaigns: 0
    Suppressed addresses from date last sent: 0
    Unsubscribes removed: 0
    Bounces removed: 0

    Sending speed: 490 emails/day

    Now I get confused, is sending only 500 email a day like a normal Gmail? and where are all other emails? when can be sent? if sending only 500 email a day what is the meaning to advertise 2000 email every 24 hours??

    Waiting for your update


  47. Rosalina Denacir Machado

    Por favor ! Preciso cancelar minha conta pagado Gmass. Estou solicitando desde o mês de Dezembro 2017

    Vou cancelar pagamento do Cartão porque não sei mais o que fazer.

  48. Chris


    When you suppress based on number of days. Does it suppress also suppress the regular emails sent in your gmail account (if you didn’t send with gmass)



    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Chris,

      No, scheduling will only apply to emails sent through GMass. Your normal emails sent via Gmail send button will send right away.

  49. Edward Woods

    I have cancelled the payment for my GMass account. I do not want a Free account, I want to totally remove it from my Gmail account.

    How do I do that?

  50. Edward Woods

    Anyone there ?

    How do I get GMass out of my gmail account??

    The program does not meet my needs – can someone help.


    Good Morning
    Yesterday i subscribed for premium plan for my account I tried to send 1300 emails using gmas but suddenly google blocked our account. May I know what is the reason and how can i unblock account.
    Also let me know how can we change id of our premium subscribtion.

  52. Romain Gaillard


    My company just subscribed a Gmass account, and we would like to know if there is a way for us to access and use Gmass simultaneously ?
    We are only two at the moment

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Romain,

      GMass subscriptions are on a per account basis, so unless you’ll be working off of the same Gmail account, you will need a second subscription for a different email address.

  53. Michael

    When I hit send it just sends my email to drafts, even when I go to schedule and select ‘Send Now’. I do get a notification that 3 (of 291) emails of have been send and that the rest will finish sending in 5-6 hours. Not sure what is going on but if I can’t be sure if the emails are sending are not I can’t use the product.

  54. Matteo

    I cancelled the subscription and they continued to charge me the monthly fee, I tried to contact them several time by email at but no one is answered me. This is not very professional and serious. Please can some one tell me something?

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Matteo,

      We’ve handled your inquiry through our support email. We apologize for the delay in response but we’re glad we were able to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction.

  55. Ponmudi

    Hi GMass Team

    I have subscribed GMASS 3 days ago but still I am not able to send mails in Gmass.IT always showing “You have reached a limit” but not even i sent 50 mails from past 4-5 days.

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ponmudi Mylsamy

  56. Ponmudi

    Hello, gmail/gmass says I have exceeded limit so there is no way for me to snding mails from past 4 days.I dont know the reason for exceeded limit in GMASS (sending less then the limit last time) I tried gmass to contact you and google bounced that back to me as well.

    as a paid GMASS user it’s not good for waiting 4-5 days to reset my limit for sending mails.

  57. Steven

    I sent an email to to add users but the email came back undeliverable.

    I tried to the same email again to view users but that came back undeliverable as well.

    What is going on please?

    Please advise. Thanks.

  58. ajay gohar

    i am not understand to set the smpt. i have tried so many time to set .but i could’t do .please if possible send help .How will set the smpt and how will work. i am tiring so many time and send many mail . but till now how will make the setup smpt .

  59. Lisa Anderson

    I paid for the $12.95 plan. I received no email confirming my signing up for this plan. I got an email that it would be sent but never got it.
    ALSO my credit card company was billed $19.95 for GMASS????

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  61. Aleksandrs

    I’m just testing Your APP it’s looks good. but, I found one but serious fault.
    Sending to gmail, that kind of fault is not showing up, but to other mail services, the personalizations – like {First Name} appears in different font like all other text, if it’scan’t be repaired, Your app loses all sense.

  62. Clarence Rudolph

    I cancelled as per instructions and you charged my account for the next coming month. You were NOT authorized to do that, I cancelled to prevent this charge which was NOT scheduled until 5/8/18! This is unacceptable!


    Gmail disabled my email id after sending 400 email through GMASS in a day “”. How is that possible.

    My 1 month subscription is going to over. Only limited time left.


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  65. Maxim

    Hello, I signed today for the plan $ 8.95 and immediately canceled the subscription. I can not send letters according to the purchased plan. Please re-activate my subscription plan for $ 8.95

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      If you’ve paid through credit card, your subscription was still active on your account until your next billing date.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi David,

      If your subscription has become disconnect to your account, you can simply click any of the Gmass buttons and it will prompt you to reconnect.

  66. Shawn Anderson

    Hello Team,

    I am not able to send more than 120 emails after that it’s showing “You have reached a limit for sending mail.” can you please tell me how i can increase my sending email limit?

    I have also done smtp request but it’s saying it will take a couple of days can you please help me to fix this as i need to run my email campaign.

  67. Steve

    I sent a campaign this morning and had manually unsubscribed a number of the recipients before it was sent.

    Apparently though the unsubscribes did receive the email never the less.

    When I used the unsubscribe link which was in the email which had been sent to the subscriber it said that the email was already unsubscribed – yet it was sent never the less.

    Any comments or feedback would be good.


    Also – I had sent in an email to support asking if there is a way to check/download the unsubscribes.

    This support email was acknowledged but not answered.

  68. Steve

    I can honestly not recommend the application.

    We sent this morning an email to 250 users – all of which saw each others emails.

    This has been a real problem for us .

    We do not believe it was an operator error – however – even if it was the fact there are no safeguards to prevent an accidental mass email to every user renders this application worthless.

    It blows my mind that an application will support, without warning, an email blast which discloses the emails sent to each recipient.

    Not good

  69. Jon Ladd

    What determines whether I would need Gmass for Gsuite as opposed to Gmail?

    Is it whether or not I intend to use a custom email address? Something else?

    I’ve got a gmail account with a custom email address. If I can just get the regular gmass for gmail and that will work, that’s fine.

    If I need gmass for gsuite specifically to make it work, please clarify.


    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Jon,

      Our subscription options are based on the domain in which your email ends with. GMass Gmail subscriptions are reserved for those with email addresses ending with or, any other domains will need a GMass G Suite subscription.

      To learn more about our pricing options please see

  70. Mai Hưng

    Dear support.
    I’m from analytica vietnam. I’d like to use gmass for our marketing. I’m very want register and payment. Do you have a hard bill or soft bill for gmass ?thanks

  71. Kevin

    Greetings support,

    My team and I are interested in the premium monthly plan for a team of 5 users. My question is that as a primary user I won’t be using the account. However, I would want to add an additional 5 users to the plan. How would the additional 5 users be added?

  72. Matt Ricozzi

    I’m having trouble importing contacts and emails from my google spreadsheet. The first time I did it, I had no issues. This time after selecting the correct spreadsheet, the new email window opens and in the recipient field it says 0 recipients from worksheet, and has no names or emails from my spreadsheet?

  73. Dr. Vikas Kumar

    I accept Gmass services but there is auto-debit of the monthly amount Rs. 604.96 which is not acceptable to me.
    Rs. 604.96 has been debited from my account for Gmass without my permission
    You are requested to kindly refund the amount back to my credit card account and cancel the gmass account.

    Dr. Vikas Kumar
    Noida, India

  74. Syed Zakir Hussain

    I have g.mass (paid) account, but google have disabled my g.mail account while i was not spamming.
    please help me out.

  75. diego carroll

    I am trying to send a campaign now but it’s scheduled automatically, also it shows massage –

    “you did it Gmass has scheduled your mass email, and your emails will be send Tuesday in about 0 minutes”

    but it did’t send the campaign..

    however I rescheduled campaign after 2 min.
    Yet this is not sending campaign after 2 min.

    • Marvin Quinsaat


      If you were trying to subscribe to the Gmail Standard package, the reason is that your email address ends with your domain name Gmail options are reserved for those ending in or

      If you’re looking to subscribe to G Suite Minimal and are still receiving that notification, please email us at

  76. Priyakant Bhatt

    I want to send FREE OF CHARGE just 500 e-mails on altenet day to my contacts as a community service to teach them how to always remein healthy. I have no profit motive plus it is helping poor and unfortunate people. I also want to send BCC for security purpose. Your help will be greately appreciated.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Priyakant,

      We offer discounted rates for non-profits and educational organizations with domains ending in .edu or .org.

  77. Tracy Polansky

    I JUST paid for the 12.95 per month subscription on paypal. It wont send my email because it says I only have the free account.

  78. Andrea Ibarra

    I just made a payment for standard ($8.95) thru Paypal and when the payment had been made i received an error but they already deducted the 8.95. It seems that there is no any changes on my account. can you please check?

  79. JIM Ruff

    Is there a way to prevent gmass from filling up my sent mail folder with an email for every recipient in my mail list?

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Jim,

      You’re more than welcome to create a filter to archive or delete sent emails. We don’t do that automatically because many people prefer to see each email that has been sent out and have a copy of the sent email to a specific recipient as a reference.

  80. Darlene Davis

    Why am I seeing GMASS billing on my credit card each month? We’ve never signed up for your service. I need to hear back from your billing department to explain these charges.

  81. לירן


    אני רוצה לשלוח ל 300 אנשי קשר הודעה ומקבל הודעת שגיאה
    Your GMass request failed. Error details: You don’t have any email addresses in the To line. See this article for more information. .


  82. James

    I cannot get my invoices anymore. I send an email to as instructed and press Gmass button. A message says “Waiting for Gmass”, then changes to “Your invoices have been placed in your inbox” – But they do not appear. Help!!!!!!!

  83. liran

    ראיתי מה שלחת לא ממש הבנתי מה הפתרון לבעייה שיש לי. תראה סה”כ אני רוצה לשלוח לאנשי קשר שלי מיליים,ואני לא מצליח, אני מקבל הודעת שגיאה שהכל לא תקין! לפי מה שבדקתי אין אפשרות לשלוח להרבה אנשי קשר אני מקבל שגיאה לכן פניתי אליך לעזרתך אני לא יודע מה לעשות… תודה אשמח לעזרה

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Liran,

      As previously answered in your email, the error you’re receiving is due to an invalid character in the TO field of your compose window. You would need to check the email addresses inside the TO field prior to clicking the GMass button for any invalid characters (anything other than letters, numbers, periods, underscores, and the @ symbol).

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi John,

      GMass is separate from G Suite/Google. Your limits would be based on Google’s imposed limits depending on your account’s sending reputation.

      Our subscriptions do not have usage limits. Although Google Apps accounts are officially limited to 2,000 emails per day, we have noticed over time that there are other factors that affect the send limits for an account. Age is a huge factor in this, as Google limit accounts to lower sending capacity until the account establishes its credibility. This is a measure to prevent scammers and spammers from opening accounts and sending at full capacity.

      There’s some more information about these limits and factors here:

  84. Praveen

    Dear Team,


    I have subscribed GMASS to this mail ID ( 6 days ago,

    The issue is when I schedule a campaign from this account my emails are landing in spam.

    so please we are requesting you to look into this and appreciate if you resolve this as at earliest.

    And I have already sent a request @ Ajay Goel
    but there is no response from your end.

    Please do consider it’s very urgent.

  85. Hưng

    Dear support
    I registered gmass account minimal, but I can’t send to 500 email/day.
    It sent about 10 to 150 email, its pause and next send 3 hours .
    I sent email campaign 2 day ago.
    You check again help me.
    If I still to sending any before campain then stop help us.
    Stop campain no stop account.
    Best regard thanks

  86. Saurin

    I tried free GMass. Before sending it to clients, I send a trial mail to colleagues which included an image. In the trial mail, the image was there as intended (in line). After trial when I sent it out to clients the image wasn’t there when I checked in sent emails, it had a broken image symbol. This is extremely disappointing and I’d think twice before using Gmass. Please help

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