How to cancel your paid Gmail Mail Merge subscription to GMass

How to cancel your subscription to GMass’s mail merge tool depends on whether you subscribed with a credit card or a PayPal account.

Credit Card Subscriptions

If you paid by credit card, do the following:

Be sure to hit the GMass button and not the Send button to cancel your GMass subscription.

1. Launch a regular Gmail Compose Window.

2. Set the To field to

3. Type anything you like in the Subject Line, so long as it’s not blank.

4. Optionally, please tell us the reason for your cancellation in the Body of the email. This is optional.

5. Do not click the Gmail Send button. Click the GMass button. Your subscription will end immediately, but your account will remain on its plan until your paid period is up. So if you’re a monthly subscriber, you can still use GMass until the end of your monthly period. The same applies if you’re an annual subscriber. You will receive a message in your Inbox telling you when your account will be demoted to free status.

Important: Be sure to hit the red GMass button, and not the regular Gmail Send button, because is not a real email address; it is a command. Hitting the regular Send button will result in a bounce. If you do not have the GMass button because you uninstalled the extension, you must re-install the GMass extension to cancel your subscription.

So that means: If you receive a message from Mail Delivery Subsystem saying “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:, ” then you have pressed the Gmail Send button. Try again, and be sure to hit the red GMass button.>

Another note: You must be logged into the Gmail account that has the GMass subscription you wish to cancel.

One more note: Uninstalling the GMass extension does not automatically cancel your subscription to GMass. Just like, if you remove the Netflix app from your mobile device, it doesn’t automatically cancel your Netflix subscription. If you no longer have access to the Gmail account that carries the GMass subscription, then contact to cancel. Please only contact us to cancel if you don’t have access to your Gmail account.

PayPal Subscriptions

If you paid with PayPal, you must log in to your PayPal account and cancel your GMass subscription from there. Your GMass account will be demoted to “free” account status within a few minutes after canceling. When you cancel a PayPal subscription to GMass, you do not get the unused time for the month or year. Your account will be demoted to “free” status right away and its limits will reset to the free account sending limits right away. With credit card subscriptions, you would get the unused time.

63 Replies to “How to cancel your paid Gmail Mail Merge subscription to GMass”

  1. Kaushik Bhatnagar

    Dear Mr Ajay Goel,​

    I have paid amount of $8.95 yesterday. Please refund.

    ​What I thought from long and lengthy misleading & unclear literature​ : That I can send 2000 e-mails per day in a click or in one go by using my se…ty@gmail.comaccount. Which is wrong.

    We can send 2000 e mails by using personal domain like, you know what we can send only 2000 individual emails not in bulk.

    Cal you arrange a call. If you have something to explain.

    ​​​ ​is not working!!!!

    • Ajay Goel

      Like I’ve explained above, is not an email address. It is a command to cancel your subscription.

      It is explained all over the website and blog that Gmail accounts can send 500/day but G Suite accounts can send 2,000/day.

    • Ajay Goel

      No subscription service is ever for “a month”, and this is certainly not the “rule of thumb”. On both our Pricing page and in the “welcome” email you get upon subscribing, it is explained that you are subscribed to a monthly service and are charged monthly until you cancel. I challenge you to find a SaaS company that operates differently.


    When Can I get my refund? I only used it for a couple of hours because all the messages where BLOCKED due to the US IP address.

  3. Vince Chew

    Hi, if I cancel the subscription middle of the month, will I still be able to have the full functionality until the last date? Or I will end up only with 50emails/day restriction immediately when I can cancel?

    • Maya Quijada

      Hi Vince,

      We ask that users cancel at the end of their renewal term, as we have a very basic invoicing system that cancels universally and immediately.

  4. Ayushi Mittal

    My account also got blocked as soon as i started using it. I was just sending 300 mails per day and even though i got blocked. First of all, please cancel my subscription and second how to use it properly?

  5. Vera


    I cancelled an old paid subscription to g-mail and bought a new one, but somehow still have the old features. I would like to know how to solve this as soon as possible, as it affects my working.

  6. Rhandell Mitchell

    I tried to cancel just a few minutes ago and the email address on this post to cancel doesn’t even work. Last month Google almost shut my account down for using GMass.

  7. Diones Aparecido dos Santos

    Hi Gmass,
    The account I signed up for got blocked by google. Is there a way I can still cancel my subscription?

  8. Annodominii

    I subscribed for GMass yesterday , still Gmail is not allowing me to send more than 50 emails per day. I want to cancel my subcription. I want to know will I be charged for using the service for single day or money will be refunded?

    Kindly reply


    My gmail account has been blocked by google. Now what is the way to cancel the subscription? I do not find any way to do so. Please reply because many people are facing the same problem.

  10. Manish Joshi

    I am not very pleased with GMASS
    I got my account closed
    BUT cancellation was QUICK, just took one Minuit
    For all those trying to cancel, read all instructions and cancel accordingly.

  11. Kalyan Chakravarthy

    I wish to send mail to Around 50,000 contacts i have. Can you please suggest the best plan for this??? Also, can i send the mail in any regional language like (Telugu).. Please advice me at the earliest.

  12. Miraan Tabrez

    Hi Ajay,

    Didn’t realize I was still subscribed! I only used gmass once months ago. I paid by card but it’s not a direct debit; you’re just charging my bank card every month so I can’t even cancel it from my online banking. That’s pretty dangerous. A direct debit would be much easier to manage and safer. Right now I’m on my mobile so I can’t even cancel it with your instructions. You need to make it easier to cancel these payment subscriptions, including from mobile, otherwise it comes across as a bit sneaky on your part. Just a simple link to login to gmail would do. Would really appreciate it if you refunded my payment on 14/07/17 as I haven’t been using gmass for many months now – I forgot I had it, and saw no indication on my direct debits or standing orders that I was still being regularly debited each month. Thanks.

    • Ajay Goel

      It’s made clear both on the Pricing page, the Pricing FAQ, our homepage, and in the subscription confirmation email that you get that GMass is a monthly (or yearly) service, and that you’re charged at those intervals.

      To contact us to request a refund, please contact our Support team:

      GMass, being a Chrome extension, does not work on mobile, so we are not going to make it possible to cancel on a mobile device.

  13. Taylor Peugh

    The Account I was using was a test account. How do I cancel service if I don’t have access to that account anymore?

  14. Sophia

    Please Cancel my subscription not satisfied with the services at all and also provide me the summary of my whole subscription and refund.


  15. vishal chauhan

    m paid user of g-suite and gmass
    I did follow your every blogs and emails
    but i can not be able to send 2000 emails per day

    i set command just created draft
    i also set 1900 limit per day

    after what happend m just sending 100-200 emails

    if really it has any feature of 2000 emails per day than you have to proper guide me

  16. Rajesh Kalra

    Mr. Ajay I have been using G Suite with my company domain name. Even then I’m only able to send 500 mails per day. Please refund my 19.95 USD.

  17. Marc

    I have uninstalled gmass from my chrome extensions however it still appears as an option on my emails how do I remove this.

    I do not wish to use the service.

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