GMass Pricing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First, here’s the GMass Pricing page where you can subscribe.

Free versus Paid

Q: Do I have to upgrade to a paid account? Can I just keep using my free account?

A: Free accounts are limited to sending 50 email messages per day. All other features work with free accounts.

Q: What features won’t work with a free account?

A: All features work with a free account. The only restriction with free accounts is that you can’t send to more than 50 email addresses in a 24-hour period.

Q: What if I have a paid account, send a big campaign, and then downgrade to the free account right after? Will I still be able to collect Reporting data on my campaign?

A: Yes, you’ll still receive all Reporting data.

Gmail versus G Suite

Q: Pricing plans for accounts used to cost less than for G Suite accounts, but now they’re all the same. What happened?

A: Starting March 18, 2019 we have simplified our pricing so that all accounts pay the same, regardless of whether they’re Gmail accounts or G Suite accounts. This is part of our website redesign. The original reasoning behind the different pricing levels was that accounts have lower sending allowances than G Suite accounts, so an account should pay less for GMass than a professional G Suite account. Now that we’ve introduced unlimited sending options, that difference in sending ability isn’t as relevant. We have some users sending tens of thousands of emails a day. Additionally, we found that many users were confused by the two sets of pricing plans, so this simplified pricing will eliminate that confusion.

Q: I have a subscription from before March 18, 2019, and my account is a account. Will I now be charged at the higher rate?

A: No. For now, all existing subscriptions are grandfathered into the old pricing scheme. This also applies to upgrades. For example, if you have subscribed an account and you’re on the Standard Plan paying the old pricing of $8.95/month and you upgrade your account to Premium, you will pay the old pricing of $12.95/month rather than the new pricing of $19.95/month. If you have subscribed a G Suite account, then the pricing is the same anyway, so nothing changes for you as well.

Q: How do I know whether I have a Gmail or a G Suite account?

A: If your Gmail account ends in or you have a Gmail account. If your Gmail account ends in your own domain, like, for example, then you have a G Suite account.

Q: I manage multiple Gmail accounts, and want to use GMass with all of them. Do I get a discount?

A: If you’re a G Suite user then you can buy a Team Plan for your G Suite domain, and save on the per-user cost. If you’re a regular Gmail user with multiple regular Gmail accounts, we don’t offer a discount because the prices are already the lowest we can offer.

Q: I sometimes get bounces from Gmail when I try to send that say I’m over my limit. Will subscribing to a paid plan fix that?

A: No. If Gmail is bouncing your emails because you’re over limit, subscribing won’t have any effect on that. Subscribing will allow you to send more than 50 emails in a day, but if Gmail is already limiting your sends, subscribing to GMass can’t fix that. What can help with that is the GMass unlimited sending option, which allows you to send your emails through an external SMTP server.

Q: What will the GMass footer look like?

If you choose a Minimal plan, a footer will appear on your sent emails. The footer will look similar to the link below:

Email marketing inside Gmail

but the text will vary with each campaign you send.

Q: I see the GMass footer on the bottom of my sent emails. Can I pay extra to have it removed?

A: Yes, the footer only appears if you’re subscribed to a Minimal plan. Both the Standard and the Premium plans do not force the GMass footer on your emails.

Subscribing, Canceling and Upgrading

Q: How do I subscribe to a paid account?

A: First make sure you’ve installed GMass and connected GMass to your Gmail account. Then go to, choose a plan, and enter your payment information.

Q: What email address should I use in the payment form?

A: You should use the email address that is the address of the Gmail/G Suite account with which you’d like to use GMass.

Q: I accidentally subscribed the wrong account. Can I transfer my subscription to a different Gmail account?

Yes, if both accounts are connected to GMass, and if the transfer-from account is a paid account and the transfer-to account is a free account. If these conditions apply, follow these instructions to transfer your subscription.

Q: How do I upgrade from one level to the next?

A: See these instructions to easily upgrade or downgrade GMass plans.

Q: How do I cancel my paid account and downgrade to a free account?

A: Follow these simple instructions to cancel your GMass subscription.

Q: My Gmail account has become disabled. Therefore I can’t log in to follow the cancellation procedures. How do I cancel?

A: You can still cancel your subscription yourself. See the cancellation instructions. They explain how to cancel even if you’ve lost access to your account.

Q: I only need to send an email once a quarter. Can I subscribe, then send, then cancel?

A: Yes, you can. You will have to pay for the whole month though, but feel free to subscribe during just the months when you need to send. During the time that you’re not subscribed, all other features, like reporting, will still work.

Q: Can I use one single subscription with multiple Gmail accounts?

A: No, you must purchase a GMass subscription for each Gmail account you want to send large campaigns from. If, however, you have different From alias addresses configured in your single Gmail account, then you only need one GMass subscription and can still send “from” each From address configured in your Gmail account.

Q: I’m getting billed for a GMass subscription, but I don’t know which account is subscribed, so I can’t cancel it. What do I do?

A: First, try figuring out which account is subscribed yourself. 1) Click the GMass Settings arrow in a Compose window, and looking in the lower right corner for your account status. If that account is subscribed, it will say “Minimal”, “Standard”, or “Premium” in the lower right corner. 2) You can also determine which account is subscribed by searching your email like this:

subject:"gmass billing"

If you still can’t figure it out, provide the last 4 digits of your credit card and some other identifying information to our Support team.

Q: I accidentally subscribed when I didn’t mean to. Can I get a refund?

A: You can request a refund, and if your account meets certain criteria, the refund will be granted automatically by your request.

Payment Methods

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: GMass accepts credit card and PayPal. We used to accept Bitcoin, but then our primary payment processor, Stripe, deprecated its support for Bitcoin, so for now, we are not accepting Bitcoin.

Q: What will I see on my credit card?

A: The charge will say “GMASS”.

Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: Yes, if you can’t pay by credit card, you may pay with PayPal. See our PayPal subscription page to subscribe with PayPal.

Q: How can I change the credit card associated with my account?

A: Follow these instructions to change your credit card.


Q: Do you have a discount for .org and .edu accounts?

A: Yes, if you are a G Suite user with a .org or .edu domain, you will enjoy 15% off the published prices automatically.

Q: I’m a .org or a .edu user. I see that you offer a 15% discount, but when I go to subscribe, the price shown doesn’t reflect a 15% discount. Why not?

A: The discount is actually calculated after you subscribe and can’t be shown at the time you subscribe and enter your credit card. — but we promise that a 15% discount will be applied to your initial payment and all recurring charges.

Q: I’m a non-profit but my domain is not a .edu or .org domain. Can I still get the discount?

A: Unfortunately the discount is automatic and only applies to .org and .edu domains. We understand that you may be a non-profit running under a .com or other domain, but in the interest of keeping GMass as automated of a system as possible, we can’t apply this discount to you in this scenario. We still love you and hope you’ll choose to subscribe. GMass is a low-cost service, and we sincerely hope the lack of discount in this scenario doesn’t sway your decision to subscribe.

Q: I really need GMass but can’t afford it. Can I wash dishes instead?

A: We don’t have any dirty dishes, but if you have a blog with at least moderate readership, we’d love a blog post describing what you like about GMass and how you use it for your organization. Contact our support team for more details.

Billing Questions

Q: On what date will I be billed?

A: You are billed on the monthly or annual anniversary of the date you subscribed.

Q: How can I see my GMass invoices?

A: Follow these instructions to retrieve your GMass invoices.

Q: I want to send a 1,000 person campaign but don’t want to upgrade to a paid account. Can I just use my free account to send to 50 people 20 times?

A: Sorry, free accounts are limited to sending 50 emails per rolling 24 hours.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: No.

Q: What happens if I try to send a large campaign from a free account?

A: The send will fail and you’ll get a message in the yellow bar at the top of your Gmail account indicating that the send failed. You’ll also then be given the option to upgrade to a paid account.

Q: What happens if I try to configure auto follow-ups from an account without auto follow-up privileges?

A: The send will fail and you’ll get a message in the yellow bar at the top of your Gmail account indicating that the send failed. You’ll also then be given the option to upgrade to a paid account.

Team Plans

Q: If I purchase a G Suite Team account, what plan do my individual users get subscribed to?

A: All team plans are for the highest level, Premium account. So all members of your team will have a Premium account.

Q: Who has the authority to buy a team plan for a G Suite domain?

A: Anyone that belongs to your domain can create a GMass Team Account.

Q: How do I choose which users are part of my Team Plan?

A: You can view, add, and delete team members by following the instructions here for Team Plan management.

Q: Can I purchase a team plan at the Minimum or Standard levels?

A: No, Team Plans are all at the highest, Premium level.

62 Replies to “GMass Pricing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

  1. Anonymous

    1) Does the footer appear on emails sent with the Free account?
    2) Does the follow-up feature work with the Free account?

  2. Ajay Goel

    1. Right now with free accounts, there is no footer.
    2. Yes, the auto follow-up feature will work with a free account, but the campaign size is limited to 50 recipients.

  3. Anonymous

    I tried sending 400 emails on my free account and i got a message back stating bounce 2 and over the limit.
    but the limit is for 500 emails through gmass.
    It completely messed up my campaign and iam afraid on what went wrong.
    Please advise me

  4. Anonymous

    If I sign up for a monthly account, how do I cancel if I need to? Do the payments get pulled from my credit card automatically every month?

  5. Unknown

    if i will subscribe to the (Minimal) plan, would i best stil able to see the analytics like (opens, blocks, bounces) etc..??
    please let me soon i want to buy the minimal plan now.

  6. Maya

    Hi there,

    You will absolutely be able to see analytics on the minimal plan. You won't, however, have access to the automatic followup feature. There is a comparison of the plans on

    Although we intermittently monitor the comments on the blog, it is not the fastest way to get support. For any questions in the future, see this blog post for the best ways to get support from our team:

  7. vinod

    Hi i have 2 lakhs email .. want to do email campaign, if i take premium subscription means how many emails i can send in a day?
    help me ..

  8. Nishith U Mehta

    Dear Team,


    I have just started my new business few days back.

    I am planning to go with Gmass in minimal plan but having few quires.

    1. In Minimal Plan, how much mail i can send per day?
    2. How much mails i can send during the tenure the 1 month ?
    3. Can i send a mail from my Gmail id and while replying its shows as my domain id ?
    4. Is it possible to use thru outlook ?

    +91 97370 44831

  9. vishal

    i want my money back of 2nd month , i have already waste my money from first month and accidently subscription of 2nd month is being start i have cancelled it but please give my money back

  10. Karuna Tayal

    Hi Support,

    I have questions regarding pricing plan that how many emails in a day can send through Premium Plan or Standard Plan?

  11. Rashid Lodhi



  12. Reem

    Actually I have purchased the plan with an email address but I wish to use another email address with same domain gsuite address while sending bulk mails through gmass.

    Can I use both emails for gmass bulk emails?

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Reem,

      GMass subscriptions are per Gmail or G Suite account, and GMass doesn’t care what alias addresses are connected to a single account. So if you have all of your aliases on the various domains set up in a single Gmail account, and that single Gmail account is subscribed to GMass, then you are able to send from all of those different alias addresses with a single GMass subscription.

      If, however, those aliases are spread across multiple Gmail accounts, then you would need a subscription for each of those Gmail accounts.

  13. Sean


    If I wanted to send 120,000 emails twice a month, would it be best to purchase a GMass G Suite Team plan ($90) and connect it with SendGrid’s Essentials Email API plan for 120,000 emails/mo (+$45/mo)?

    If so, will each user under my Team plan be able to send up to 120,000 emails/mo or is that amount shared between all users?

      • Ray Cory

        I have read most of your FAQ and blogs questions and answer but here is what am yet to know. If I sign up for gsuite or Gmail and also paid for premium package on gmass what’s the minimum or maximum email recipient can be sent at once?

        If no limit, please notify.


  14. giulia

    i’m trying to have my invoices but it’s kind of a nightmare here! How is it possible that my invoices are simple receipts of paypal payment?
    And why don’t we answer to request by email, even if the problem is not solve at all?

  15. matt


    #1) Should I use your service with gmail or purchase a g suite account?
    (Please explain your reasoning in detail)

    #2) I am currently using a test account. I do not see how I can create auto responders to all my emails I send? Meaning that it seems I have to create an auto responder for each email which is too time consuming?

    #3) Unsubscribe link. I want to include that in all my emails but it seems I have to do it for each individual email which is a pain.

  16. Ray Cory

    If I sign up for gsuite or Gmail and also paid premium package on gmass what’s the minimum or maximum email recipient can be sent at once?

  17. Ray Cory

    If I sign up for gsuite or Gmail and also paid premium package on gmass what’s the minimum or maximum email recipient can be sent at once?


  18. tj

    “The only restriction with free accounts is that you can’t send to more than 50 email addresses in a 24-hour period.”

    This is not true. Campaign size is limited to 50 adresses.

    With a free account you can not create a campaign for 120 adresses and set send limit per day to 40 e-mails. (So that every 24hrs it will automatically send 40 mails)


    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi TJ,

      Yes, that is correct, you cannot create a campaign with more than 50 addresses for free accounts. However, it is also true that you cannot send or schedule to more than 50 email addresses in the TO field in a 24 hour period.

      For example, if you’ve scheduled a campaign today for 35 recipients, you can only send up to 15 more today.

      • Phil

        Hi TJ,

        This is confusing me a little…

        So if I buy GMass then I will still be restricted to sending 50 emails a day due to the 50 TO field restriction?



        • Marvin Quinsaat

          Hi Phil,

          The 50 email limit per rolling 24 hours only applies for the free version of GMass. Paid subscription options do not have this limitation.

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