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One of the reasons for email's sustained success as a marketing and outreach platform is its measurability — email is very trackable at every stage of the process. And its measurability allows you to properly evaluate your emails to improve on them in the future.

At GMass, we've placed a significant focus on the analytics side of email marketing (without going so overboard that our reports become unreadable or something you'd see Matt Damon write on the chalkboard in Good Will Hunting; I don't know about you but I've always totally bought him as a low-key math genius).

Here in our analytics archive, you can read all articles about different metrics, reports, and quantitative evaluations for your email campaigns.

Also, if you're interested in an overview of all of the reporting and analytics offered in GMass, check out our page on our reporting features.

January 26, 2023

How to Share GMass Campaign Reports (Internal + External)

Sharing campaign reports on GMass: How to share different types of reporting with your teammates, your clients, or even social media.

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After you send your email campaign... now what?

October 8, 2022

After You Send Your Email Campaign… Now What? 6 Actions to Take Next

How to manage replies and send one click responses, view and share analytics reports, edit or pause campaigns, send segmented follow-ups, and more.

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7 ways email platforms inflate your open rates

July 9, 2022

7 Ways Email Platforms Inflate Your Open Rates (+Smart Solutions)

Your email provider may be causing inflated open rates through their calculations. Here's what to watch out for — and how to fix those problems.

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beatmakers - track who listens to your beats

April 12, 2022

New feature for beat makers: Track who listens to your beats and how long

Beat makers: GMass turns your audio file into a trackable file so you can see who listened and how long they listened for.

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How to Track Email Opens and Clicks in Gmail

December 22, 2021

Gmail Email Tracking: How to Track Email Opens and Clicks in Gmail

Have you ever sent an email campaign in Gmail and been disappointed by the lack of responses? You are not …

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How to Track Email Opens and Clicks with Google Analytics

December 19, 2021

How to Track Email Opens and Clicks with Google Analytics

Email tracking can help you assess the success of your email campaign. Understanding how recipients engage with and respond to …

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Update Google Sheet

June 16, 2020

Update a Google Sheet with Campaign Data (Opens, Clicks, Replies)

Sending a mail merge campaign with a Google Sheet is pretty easy and fun, but now we can update your Google Sheet with opens, clicks, and more.

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September 11, 2018

How to search your Gmail account like a boss

I'll teach you how to use Gmail's advanced search features to find just the email you're looking for, especially when "Sent Mail" is cluttered.

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campaign reports explained

November 19, 2017

Campaign Reports Explained [+ interesting tidbits]

GMass takes a different approach to reporting and analytics than most Email Service Providers, and in this article you can …

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November 14, 2016

You can now toggle GMass Report notifications on and off

When you send a campaign with GMass, event notifications and campaign reports are generated and placed under the GMass Reports …

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May 18, 2016

Why your Gmail open tracking statistics may be skewed

One of the most frequent emails I answer from users is: I was testing your open-tracking, and I know that …

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October 6, 2015

Email Click Tracking: How to Track Email Clicks with GMass?

What is Email Click Tracking and How Does it Work? With email click tracking, you can measure how many times …

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