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You can now toggle GMass Report notifications on and off

When you send a campaign with GMass, event notifications and campaign reports are generated and placed under the GMass Reports label as activity takes place after you send.

For example, every time an email is opened, an “open” notification goes into the Opens label, every time an email is clicked, a “click” notification goes into the Clicks label.

Additionally, campaign reports with detailed campaign analytics are placed in the [CAMPAIGNS] label.

In most cases, GMass report and event notifications are tucked away in these special Labels and won’t clog up your Inbox. In some cases, however, like if you’re using an email client like Apple Mail that doesn’t respect Gmail’s Labels, GMass report notifications will fill up your Inbox and you may wish to turn off GMass report notifications.

GMass report notifications
In the Gmail interface, GMass Reports are tucked away under sub-labels of the GMass Reports label. Categories include Opens, Clicks, and the main [CAMPAIGNS] area that stores detailed campaign-level reports.
While it may seem cumbersome to have every open and every click logged into a special Label like this, most users find it valuable to monitor what’s happening with their campaigns in real-time. This also makes it easy to monitor campaign activity on a mobile device running the Gmail app. Just pop into one of the GMass Report LABELs to see what’s happening. Additionally, if you ever want to send a campaign to everyone that’s ever opened any email from you or anyone that’s ever clicked any email from you, all you have to do is go into the appropriate LABEL and click the GMass build email list button.

The benefit of this approach

Turn notifications OFF

If you wish to turn off notifications, this is how you do it.

turn notifications off
You can turn GMass Report notifications off if they clog up your Inbox.
  1. Launch a new Compose window in Gmail.
  2. Set the To field to notification@gmass.co.
  3. Set the Subject to either “off” to turn notifications off or “on” to turn them on.
  4. Click the red GMass button. Do not click the blue Gmail Send button. You must click the red GMass button.

How to get reports if you turn notifications off

If you turn notifications off, you can still access the reporting data for your campaigns. There are a few ways to access your campaign reports.

  1. You can still manually request a campaign report which will then be placed under the GMass Reports–>[CAMPAIGNS] label at the time you request it.
  2. Any time you receive a notification that sending has been completed, there’s a link to a web-based campaign report in that notification. Notifications about completed sends cannot be turned off.
  3. You can access campaign reports from your dashboard at gmass.co/dashboard.
  1. Hello. Can the send reports be set to go anywhere other than my inbox? I have multiple campaigns running with constantly updating google sheets so I am sending hourly. I end up with hundreds of sent reports in my inbox everyday.

    1. Hi Mike,

      You can set up a Gmail filter to filter out those send reports to skip the inbox (archive) or to forward it to a different address.

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