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Email Automation

Automation isn't just a part of modern email marketing and cold email — it's hard to have any serious or sustained success without it.

Here in the email automation archives, you can see all the articles we've written about using the power of machines to vault your campaigns to the next level.

We're talking about automation with GMass (and there are lots of powerful automation options with GMass) as well as general theory and strategy for using automation in your emails. We also cover automation apps, services, and techniques to help you grow the suite of tools and tricks at your disposal.

If you want to read a succinct roundup of automated emails with GMass, check out our page that goes in depth on our auto follow-ups feature.
create automated outreach tracker using google spreadsheet

February 13, 2022

How to Create an Automated Outreach Tracker Using Google Spreadsheet

In this post, we'll show you how to create an outreach tracking spreadsheet that tracks and automates email outreach efforts.

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powerful email sequence software

January 28, 2022

12 Powerful Email Sequence Software (Features, Pricing)

Explore the top 12 email sequence software for 2022, their key features, pricing plans, and customer ratings.

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email marketing for photographers

January 4, 2022

Email Marketing Guide for Photographers: Automate Campaigns with Gmail

Learn how to send automated photography email marketing campaigns in Gmail, the most effective email marketing strategies, and common mistakes to avoid.

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top marketing automation tools 2021

May 4, 2021

Top Marketing Automation Tools for 2024 (Features, Pricing)

Searching for top marketing automation software? Here are the top three tools, including their key features, pricing, and more.

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how to schedule an email in Gmail

January 24, 2021

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail (Step-by-Step Guide)

Want to schedule an email in Gmail? This article will cover how to send, edit, and delete scheduled emails and more!

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top 5 transactional email services

November 5, 2020

Top 10 Transactional Email Services (Features, Pricing)

Looking for the best transactional email service? This article highlights 10 powerful services along with their key features and pricing details.

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what is transactional email

November 4, 2020

What Is Transactional Email? (Key Benefits, Tools)

Curious about the term transactional email? This article explains what it is, its key benefits, and how to send such automated emails.

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Top 7 email APIs

November 3, 2020

What Is An Email API? (+10 Great APIs To Use)

Explore what an email API is, its pros and cons, the top 10 email APIs available today, and some FAQs related to email APIs.

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Amazon SES product review

October 9, 2020

Amazon SES Review (Benefits, Limitations, and Pricing)

Looking for a detailed Amazon SES review? This article covers its defining characteristics, limitations, and pricing details.

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Group email in Outlook

July 2, 2020

How to Create an Email Group in Outlook (Step-by-Step Guide)

Want to create email groups in Microsoft Outlook? This article contains everything you need to know to do this easily.

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Top 5 Email Finder Tools

June 29, 2020

Top 5 Email Finder Tools in 2024 (Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing)

Looking for an email finder? This article highlights the top 5 email finders along with their key features, pros, cons, pricing and customer ratings.

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Personalized email attachments

May 26, 2020

How to send multiple emails with different attachments in Gmail

Sometimes you need to send a mass email, where each email has a unique personalized attachment. Here's how you can do that from right inside Gmail.

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