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Dry-Erase Supply Small Business Gets Big Results with GMass

E-Commerce Company Founder Found that Display Ads Weren’t Getting the Results She Wanted

small business email marketingSusan Baker is proud to be an independent businesswoman and a distributor of dry-erase markers, whiteboards, and related materials for over 13 years. When she started www.GoDryErase.com her competition was tough, but not nearly as fierce as it is today. At the time, small office supply stores were still common and she competed on a level playing field. Today however, the giant big-box stores dominate the market and their internet advertising is so entrenched that it is hard to compete for space and attention.

“I used to spend part of my marketing budget on pay per click and the orders rolled in. But recently the results were more and more disappointing, and I realized it was time to be more creative and more pro-active.”

Small Business Email Marketing

Susan looked for help in the email marketing industry, and quickly found that there were a lot of big companies with glossy templates, but their prices were high and results questionable. “I heard about GMass from a colleague and decided that becoming hands-on with the process would be more my style.”

Susan started with a free trial, wrote some email copy, and learned how to insert pictures and links. She especially liked the fact that messages seem more personal with GMass, right from her to her customers. They responded.

“I sent messages to new customers as well as prospects, and I could quickly see who opened the small business email marketingemails and who clicked on my links. Those that read my email received a follow-up phone call, not high-pressure, just a hello. Hello’s turned into new sales and re-orders.”

The GMass Main Campaign Report allows users to see who opened each message and who clicked on the links inside. This allows Susan and all GMass users to immediately see the results of each campaign and is excellent feedback for possible changes to messages, timing, or targets. Email marketing is truly a reactive channel for businesses because you can track results in real time and make adjustments to boost response and sales.

Digital Marketing That Works

So far, Susan is thrilled with the results. “I’m getting more interested customers, and I’m able to decide who to target and when. I launched a ‘Start the New Year with a Clean Slate’ campaign to small colleges after New Year’s Day, and it’s a winner.”

GoDryErase is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and their most popular product is called Whiteboard-in-a-Box, a self-stick dry-erase roll that can be placed on a wall, the front of a refrigerator, anywhere you want to express yourself. It is commonly used to resurface old dry-erase boards which is a huge savings over replacement. Susan can be reached at 941-474-1991 or www.godryerase.com






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