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Bug fix: Foreign characters in the To field would appear garbled in sent email

I just fixed a bug that was causing non-English characters in the To “Name” of a sent email to be corrupted. On the receiving end, the recipient, while receiving the rest of the email intact, would also see his/her Name in the To field corrupted.

The issue was due to the fact that GMass wasn’t properly using Encoded-Word format for the To header of sent emails. When you send a Gmail mail merge campaign in GMass, if you’re not using a spreadsheet containing your recipient addresses, you can place contacts directly in the To field of the Gmail Compose window. Gmail will add the Name of the contact if available. While the To Name portion of a contact can contain foreign characters, the email address portion cannot. For example, here is a campaign all set to go, containing foreign characters in the To Names, and these contacts are all Gmail Contacts, not from a spreadsheet:

This is a GMass campaign where the names associated with each email address contains foreign characters.

The MIME standard states that non-ASCII characters in the headers of emails must be properly encoded in Encoded-Word format, and while GMass was doing this for all other email headers, it was not for the To field. This is now fixed.

After the campaign is sent, the foreign characters in the Names of the “To” field are preserved, as seen in the Sent Mail folder, and as would also be seen by each recipient.

Note that this bug did not affect personalization in the Subject and Message. Meaning, if you had used {FirstName} or {LastName} in the Subject or Message, the personalization worked properly, even if the first and last names contained foreign characters. This was solely an issue with how the Name appeared in the To field.

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  1. It failed to encode Ukrainian in the Subject line only in one place in your program… when I want to manually send a follow up and I get the choice of which campaign, the name of campaigns are titled the same as the Subjects… this one in Ukrainian is only a line of ???? <– but in GMail the subject line in the sent and copies sent are correctly in Ukrainian. Does that mean my followup will send the subject line corrupted? 🙁

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