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Sending limit of free accounts will change to 50 emails/day

Note: GMass no longer offers free accounts due to unsustainable amounts of abuse and resource drain. A free trial is still available for all new GMass users.

Starting Thursday, September 8, 2016, we will be changing the sending limits for free accounts.

Previously, a free account was limited to sending 50 emails at a time, with no restrictions on how many total emails it could send per day. For example, if a free user wanted to send 1,000 emails, the user could split his email list into 20 batches of 50 email addresses each, and send 20 times.

Starting on Thursday September 8, 2016, however, we will be placing an additional restriction on free accounts of 50 sent emails per 24 hours.

We are doing this to curb the abuse of free accounts.

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  1. What time of day does the 24 hours reset? In other words, what time of day does the 50 email quota resest?

    1. I have sent a gmass campaign at 1:45 today and I scheduled the next 50 emails for 2pm tomorrow and I still get the exceeded 50 emails error

  2. Does this mean that if I did one merge with 50 recipients, I’m done for that 24-hour period, or does it mean I could do up to 50 merges a day with any number of recipients, as long as I stay within Google’s sending and addressing limits?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Your first statement would be true. You will be limited to 50 emails per rolling 24 hours.

  3. Even after 24 hours it’s not working still it’s showing showing ERROR message that 24 hours is not yet done.

  4. I tried to send a personalised email to 2000 recipients inside a google spreadsheet split in 50 mails per day. It tells me I need to upgrade. Why is that happening?

    1. Hi Kurt,

      If you have the free version of GMass, you can only schedule/send up to 50 emails per rolling 24 hours.

      Since adding a spreadsheet with more than 50 emails will add those email addresses in the TO field, the limitation on our free option will prevent you from scheduling no more than 50 emails.

    1. Hi Terry,

      Free accounts are automatically applied on your email when you connect your email account to GMass.

  5. Does this mean instead of SCHEDULING up to 50 emails to be sent every 24 hours (e.g., 50 emails every morning at 9am), I need to log in to Gmail, create the mass email and SEND to up to 50 emails at 9am everyday?

    1. Hi Vivek,

      Yes, the limit on free GMass accounts include all emails sent (initial outreach and any follow-ups) sent for each 24-hour block.

      1. Hi Marvin, What does a “rolling” 24 hours mean? I sent out 50 emails yesterday at 4 pm. I tried to send out 50 more emails today at 6 pm but it said I couldn’t because of the rolling 24 hours.

  6. I just want to be clear on how this works.

    I connected GMass to a list of Google Sheet list of 2663 Email addresses,

    Since I have a free account that means GMass will only send 50 emails at a time correct?

    So then in the email under Speed I set it to 50 emails/day.

    Does this then mean that the Email I wrote will be sent to 50 of the emails from that list every 24 hours until it has been sent to all 2663 addresses (over 54 days total)?

    So then I don’t need to do anything else and GMass will be sending out these emails automatically to all of these addresses over the next 54 days correct?

    1. Hi Joshua,

      The GMass limits on free accounts is 50 emails scheduled/sent per rolling 24 hours. Since you are already connecting 2663 addresses to GMass, this means you are scheduling those 2663 emails to go to each of those addresses which would put you over the free versions limits.

      1. I have sent a gmass campaign at 1:45 today and I scheduled the next 50 emails for 2pm tomorrow and I still get the exceeded 50 emails error

      2. What if you copy and paste 50 email addresses into an email in the “to” field and send them out at 2 pm. Then the next day copy and paste 50 new emails into the “to” field and send them out at 4 pm?
        This did not work for me. It still says I have to wait for this “rolling” 24 hours

  7. I am only sending to 42 email addresses and I keep getting the error message
    “Please upgrade your account because free accounts are limited to sending 50 emails per rolling 24 hours.” Help!

  8. I am running into the same challenge. I just tried sending emails to 50 addresses. It gives me the “Please upgrade your account because free accounts are limited to sending 50 emails per rolling 24 hours.” I am sending my first 50 emails, so they should be sending. Please advise. The only thing I can think of is that the test emails I sent to myself are counting against my 50 total.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Yes, that’s correct. Any emails sent, including test emails are counted against your free version’s limits.

  9. I sent 44 emails today, and I have 25 left to send. I tried scheduling those for tomorrow, 26 hours from now and then for the day after tomorrow, but it wouldn’t let me schedule those emails right now. So now I have to think about it on Saturday morning (which is just annoying and inconvenient). Does that 50 limit mean emails sent or scheduled to send later?


    1. Hi Margaret,

      Yes, unfortunately the free version’s limits is based on when you schedule them not when the emails actually go out.

  10. Hi,

    What is the emails sending limit for Standard version monthly?

    I don’t have G suite account only Gmail Account

    1. Hi Stefano,

      It would depend on whether you have your own SMTP service with SendGrid that you’ve connected to your GMass account but by default, campaign emails are sent natively through Gmail. If you do have a SendGrid account connected to your GMass account, then you can choose whether you would like to send the 50 emails per rolling 24 hours for the free version of GMass through Gmail natively or through SendGrid.

    1. Hi Nagesh,

      The GMass subscription plan you choose doesn’t have an effect on the sending your account is able to per day. The sending limit is something that is enforced by Gmail, not by GMass. According to Google, regular Gmail accounts are limited to a maximum of 500 emails per day. But other factors like the age of the account, content of the Campaign, or reputation of the domain can affect your sending limit and varies from one account to another.
      If you wish to learn more about these limits please check out the following article: https://www.gmass.co/blog/how-many-emails-can-you-really-send-with-gmass-and-gmail/  
      You can configure your account with an external SMTP server if you’d like to send unlimited emails without Gmail-imposed sending limits. See: https://www.gmass.co/blog/unlimited-mail-merge-sending-gmail/  

  11. the fact that you refuse to define what “rolling” 24 hrs means and are dodging inportant Qs here is very telling. I would have signed up for a paid plan until i saw this shadiness.

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