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Bachelorette Party Invitations: Step-by-Step Guide to Free, Amazing Emails (30+ Examples)

bachelorette party invitations

Not to get too melodramatic about it… but it’s easy to get trapped in an expensive, time-consuming, anxiety-inducing, paralyzing cycle when you’re in charge of a bachelorette party and sending out your bachelorette party invitations.

There are a lot of options out there for invitations — and even if you’re not feeling pressure from the bride, there’s still that self-imposed feeling of pressure to get them right.

Let’s relieve that pressure.

Today, we’ll go step-by-step through everything you need to do to send bachelorette party invites that look good, get across all the key info, hit the right vibe, build excitement, and actually get everyone on the list to RSVP. Oh — and we’ll show you how to do all of that for free.

Sounds good? Let’s jump in.

Bachelorette Party Invitations Guide Table of Contents

The 6 Things You Need to Figure Out Before You Send the Invites

Good news: If you have the answers to these six questions, you’ll be sending invitations within a half hour (or less). If you don’t have these answers, you’ll need to figure them out before sending the invites.

Who’s on the bachelorette party invite list?

You need to coordinate with the bride on who’s invited to the bachelorette party before you start sending invitations. (We hope that’s an obvious step… but you’d be surprised).

To prepare for sending the invitations, you need to make a Google Sheet with everyone’s first name, last name, and email address. (You can see my example below.) You’ll use that Sheet for the invitations we send later in this guide.

Google Sheet for bachelorette party invitations

Also, make sure to put yourself as the first person on the Sheet. You’ll use that for testing the email invitations before you send them. (See that image above — I put myself as the first line.)

When are you throwing the party?

Make sure you’ve locked down the bachelorette party dates before you send out the invitations. You never — never — want to send this invitation email asking people what dates work for them.

If you want to get group input on the date, you could send a separate email first with a Doodle (where people can mark which dates do and don’t work for them). But send that well before you send the invites. And know you’ll probably face a scenario where there’s no weekend that works for everyone so you’ll have to decide who’s getting left out. Sounds like a fun job.

Where are you throwing the party?

You don’t have to figure out the entire itinerary for the party before you send the email. But you do need to decide where the party is (so people will know if travel is involved and to build hype).

What’s the estimated cost?

While you don’t need to provide an exact cost for the bachelorette party here, it’s good to give an estimate (or, at the very least, hint at the cost). Cost is a major consideration in whether or not someone attends a bachelorette party.

Is the bachelorette party a surprise?

If the bachelorette party is a surprise — or elements of it are a surprise — you need to indicate that in this invitation. And even when you do, there’s still at least a 40% chance someone accidentally blows the secret.

Is this the right time to send the invitations?

You just got the maid-of-honor call. And even though the wedding isn’t for another year-and-a-half, you’re ready to take care of business now. Time to pump the brakes.

It’s good to give approximately three months’ notice for the bachelorette party, or four months if travel is involved (or it’s during the summer, when people’s calendars fill up).

Any earlier than that and you should probably send a save-the-date rather than an invitation. And if you’re a lot later than that and the bachelorette party is supposed to be around six weeks away… let’s get these invites out ASAP.

The 4 Options for Bachelorette Party Invitations — Pros & Cons, Plus the Best Choice

One of the overwhelming parts of the bachelorette invite process is figuring out how to send the invitations. Here are your four options, along with their pros and cons.

Sending invitations in the mail

In our article on sending bachelor party invitations, we did not include the mail option. It’s not a thing people do for bachelor parties. Unfortunately, it is a thing people do sometimes for bachelorette parties — adding to your list of decisions.


  • The most formal approach. People respond to mail invitations different than digital invitations. The invitations that come through the post office carry extra gravitas. You’ll definitely establish a formal, prestigious vibe with these invitations.
  • Shows effort and expenditure. There are a lot more steps and there’s a lot more cost involved in mailing invitations compared to sending them digitally. The people you invite will take notice — as will the bride.
  • They’re tough to ignore. The guests will see your invitations and will feel an obligation to respond.


  • The cost. Do you want to sink $100 into just the invitations for the bachelorette party? I priced out 25 fairly basic invitations at Minted and that’s what they came out to.
  • Better to save it for the shower. Printed invitations make a lot of sense for a bridal shower. That’s a more formal occasion. The bachelorette party is more informal. If you send printed invitations for everything, they stop feeling so special.
  • More legwork required. Getting people’s mailing addresses is always more work than getting their email addresses. The bride will have to track down those physical addresses for you — which means you’re adding more work for her.
  • Harder to make last-minute invites. Your bachelorette party guest list might be the final list. But there’s a decent chance the bride will decide later on that she wants to invite a few other people. (Or if you’re getting a really bad response rate on RSVPs, you might need to expand the guest list.) With printed invitations it becomes a lot more complicated to invite extra people down the road.
  • You may have to follow up with email anyway. Not everyone will respond to your mail invitation, which means you’ll have to track them down to get responses. You’ll probably turn to email for that. Later in this section we’ll talk about much more efficient ways to send emails that get RSVPs.

Sending a mass email with everyone CCed or BCCed

The first email option we’ll cover here is the easiest one — but also one that has far more downside than upside.


  • It’s free. You won’t have to pay anything if you send a mass email with everyone CCed.
  • It’s very easy. You’ve done this before: Throwing a bunch of email addresses in the CC field, typing a message, and sending. Couldn’t be easier.
  • It’s very quick. If you’re willing to send a plain text email with no design, you could fire off these invitations in a matter of minutes.


  • It looks low effort. A bachelorette party is an important wedding milestone that requires a time commitment and financial commitment from everyone involved. You significantly undercut it by going so low effort with the invitations — and it can affect everyone’s perception of and excitement toward the party. You also risk disappointing the bride with this method.
  • It’s impersonal. There’s nothing personal about a mass email. In fact, it sends the message you weren’t even all that thoughtful or selective about the guest list.
  • Too easy to ignore. Because the mass email is impersonal, it’s easy for people to “hide”… and not RSVP right away. Or at all.

Emailing invitations with a digital invitation service (like Paperless Post or Evite)

Every digital invitation service offers pre-designed bachelorette party email invites featuring every common bachelorette party cliche you’ve ever seen.


  • Easy (in theory). These services are designed to make the process of sending an email easy — you pick a template, add your info, add email addresses, then send (and collect replies). In practice, it’s not always so easy (you’ll encounter decision fatigue, need to export your invite list as a CSV or enter people manually, not have the customization options you want) — but it’s still fairly straightforward.
  • Shows you put in some effort. This method shows more effort than a mass email where you CC everyone, that’s for sure.


  • Spending money but doesn’t really look like it. Most of the digital invitation services will charge you for these emails. It won’t be a ton of money, but it will be something — and it won’t really look like it. With printed invitations, you’ll spend more — and it’s clear you spent money. Next up in this guide we’ll show you how to make emails that look good without spending the money.
  • Too generic. You may be fine using a template others have used for your emails. But people can only receive so many “last fling before the ring” generic email invitations before they start to lose impact.
  • No follow-ups. You can’t send personalized automated follow-ups to people who haven’t RSVPed. Which means you’ll have to put in a lot of manual leg work to track those people down.

Sending automatically personalized email invites using an email app

The method we’ll recommend for sending your bachelorette party invites (and the method we’ll walk you through) is using an email service app to easily send personalized emails. You’ll do it right in Gmail, so you won’t have to learn a new platform. And we’ll make sure every step is simple along the way.

Now… you’re reading this on the GMass website. We’re one of the most popular apps in the world for sending mass emails through Gmail, so it makes sense we’d be fans of this method. But you’ll be able to send your invitations using GMass’s free trial (which allows you to send up to 50 emails a day).

Why are we, as a business, pushing this method and telling you that you won’t have to pay to do it? First of all, we’re very friendly. And second, I’m pretty sure after you use GMass to send your bachelorette party invites, you’ll realize there are tons of other ways you could use GMass for everything in your life — getting new clientshiring new employees, planning family reunions, organizing your rec league basketball team, and more. And then you’ll sign up for a paid plan (which is really cheap, by the way). But that’s step two. Step one: Why this is the best way to send bachelorette party emails.


  • Free. You’ll be able to send these email invitations using GMass’s free trial. But unlike the other free method (a mass email), with this method the emails will look good and will be personalized.
  • Easy to add personalization. Everyone on the list will get an individual email — and we’ll use mail merge to make it personalized just for them. That’s a great way to get quick replies.
  • Use automated follow-ups to get replies. But if people don’t reply, we can set up a sequence of automated follow-ups that will nudge them to reply… and will continue until they do.


  • Slightly more time consuming than the mass email method. Using GMass to send your bachelorette party invite emails is simple. But it will take slightly longer than the mass email CC method.
  • You’ll need to spend a few minutes on Canva whipping up your design. There are no pre-designed bachelorette party invite templates here. Fortunately, there’s a fast, free way to make an amazing-looking invite in Canva that you can customize and personalize — no generic invitations here. So maybe this is more of a pro than a con?

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording — 30+ Email Subject Lines and Messages

We’ve combed through thousands of bachelorette party emails to figure out what subject lines and messages will help achieve everything you’re after: Celebrate the bride, convey the vibe, build excitement, share all important info, and get quick responses.

Bachelorette party invite email subject lines.

We’ve split these into different categories so you can choose whatever fits best with the party you’re throwing.

Making it about the bride

You can’t ever go wrong making the bachelorette party about the bride. Even if you just made your subject like “Kelly’s bachelorette party!” it’d probably be fine. These are some better bride-centric options…

  • Kelly’s Last Ride 💃 April 14-16
  • Kelly’s I Do Crew – Bachelorette Party! April 14-16
  • Kelly’s Final Fling 👯‍♀️ Bachelorette in Vegas]
  • Party Like Kelly’s Still Single – April 14-16
  • We’re Going All Out for Kelly 💃 Bachelorette Party!

Getting everyone hyped

Yeah, the bachelorette party is celebrating the bride… but it’s also for everyone else who’s going to have a great time too. A good subject line can keep the party about the bride and make sure everyone invited is excited and knows how fun it will be.

  • All that time watching The Bachelorette… has not prepared you for THIS
  • Ladies, it’s about to get real. 💃 Kelly’s bachelorette 4/14-4/16
  • ’Til Death Do Us Party – Kelly’s bachelorette 4/14-4/16
  • It’s Finally Here! 🍾 Kelly’s bachelorette 4/14-4/16
  • {FirstName} – You’re Invited to Send Kelly Off to Married Life!

Focusing on the destination

If you’re traveling somewhere for the bachelorette party you can absolutely play that up in the invitation subject.

  • Destination: Marriage (But First, Destination: [Cityname])
  • Kelly said “Yes!” We said “Vegas”
  • You’re the only Ten I See (Kelly’s Bachelorette in Nashville!)
  • Before Kelly says “I Do”… We Do [City Name] ✈️
  • Time To Go All-In: Kelly’s Bachelorette in Vegas!

The humor approach

Bachelorette parties are lighthearted events, so feel free to get funny with the subject (as long as humor fits the vibe).

  • Time to Un-Veil the Plan: Kelly’s Bachelorette Party!
  • Heyyyyyyyy laaaaaadddddddiiiieees! (Note: The “Hey ladies” opener has been through a lot over the years. By adding a ton of extra letters, you make it clear you’re satirizing it a bit. Then you get the positives of “Hey ladies” without just using the cliched version.)
  • Let’s all get nailed! 💅 Kelly’s Bachelorette 4/14-4/16
  • Kelly will make a beautiful bride (once she sobers up)
  • Let’s Make Some Pour Decisions 🍾 Kelly’s Bachelorette 4/14-4/16

Leaning into well-worn puns and rhymes

You’ve seen the common bachelorette party invitation puns and rhymes. I’ve seen the common bachelorette party invitation puns and rhymes. Everyone you’re inviting has seen the common bachelorette party invitation puns and rhymes.

There’s a certain appeal to them, that’s for sure. So if you do want to go in this “road most traveled” direction, here are our five favorite options.

  • Where My Beaches At? 🏖️ Kelly’s Bachelorette 4/14-4/16
  • Wife of the Party 💍 Kelly’s Bachelorette 4/14-4/16
  • One Last Syrah 🍷 Kelly’s Bachelorette 4/14-4/16
  • Time for some miss behavior 🤫 Kelly’s Bachelorette 4/14-4/16
  • It’s a Kellebration! (Note: Plenty of good puns out there based on the bride’s name. We’re also partial to an Ashlorette Party.)

Bachelorette party invite messages

It’s always good to use personalization here. Just by using mail merge to add in everyone’s first name (as we’ll show you below), you make the invitations feel more personalized. That can lead to faster responses.

From there, you can go into your message.

Bachelorette party message template ideas

Some quality opening lines for you to use…

  • This lady is getting married. (Use a funny middle school photo.)
  • Our girl is getting married.
  • Will you accept this rose? Kelly’s bachelorette party is here.
  • The best weekend ever is here!

Then, in the email itself, make sure you include all of these details.

When: April 14th to 16th

Where: Las Vegas (hotel TBD!)

What we’ll be doing: Pool day Saturday, then spa day Sunday for sure! More plans to come.

Costs: Hotel and flights for sure. We’ll also split some food and drinks in the rooms. Spa will be $50 per person. Drinks out are Vegas prices, so plan around that.

Kelly can’t wait to celebrate with you! I need to get a headcount to book rooms and make reservations so please just reply to this email to let me know if you can come. And please RSVP as soon as you can, but by January 15th at the latest!

Can’t wait!


Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Bachelorette Party Emails

Now that you have the guest list done, all the details locked, and you know what you want to say in your email, it’s time to design it.

Step 1: Design the invitation in Canva

If you’re not familiar with Canva, it’s a website where you can design pretty much everything (including, naturally, bachelorette party invitations) without needing to know Photoshop or any other design software. And they have plenty of free invitation design options, which we’ll use here.

Head to Canva (we’ve filtered a search for free bachelorette party invitations) to start designing. If you’ve used Canva or you have a good eye for design, you can also make your own.

I made this one from scratch in four minutes. I even used the “Animate” feature on the champagne glass. (Which you can’t see because I saved this screenshot as a still image, but I assure you it’s quite exciting.)

Creating the invite in Canva

Once your design is done, click the Share button in the top right. Click Download, then download the card as a PNG or JPG (either is fine). If you used animation like I did, save it as a GIF.

One other thing to do while you’re in Canva: Note the background color of your invitation. We’ll want to use that in our email. I made the background a gradient, so I’ll grab one of the colors to use as the background of the rest of my email.

To get the background color, click on your image, then hold your mouse over the color. You’ll use that color as you design the email. In my case, the light pink/purple color was #feecff. I also grabbed the text color while I was in there, it was #004aad.

Getting the background color for bachelorette party invites

Step 2: Set up GMass (it takes about one minute, maybe less)

The next step is setting up GMass to send your personalized invites to everyone.

In Google Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store and add GMass to Chrome. Then give it the necessary permissions.

Download and install GMass

Step 3: Connect your Google Sheet with all the people you’re inviting

Head over to your Gmail. Open a new Gmail compose window.

Click into the To field and a little GMass icon will appear on the right. Click that icon to connect your Google Sheet.

Click the icon to connect a Sheet

Click “From a Google Sheet” in the pop-up window. (You may need to give a few more permissions for that — sorry, Google is really cautious about permissions at every step.)

Get email recipients from a Google Sheet

Choose your spreadsheet of bachelorette party guests from the dropdown menu.

Choose your Google Sheet

Your Google Sheet is now connected and you’ll find yourself back in the Gmail compose window. And you can see GMass has turned all the email addresses into one alias (something like “[email protected]”).

Step 4: Put together your email

Now we’ll put together the email invitation itself.

Add your Canva image

Click the “Insert photo” button in Gmail.

Choose insert photo

Then click Upload and upload the PNG or JPG from Canva. (Or a GIF, if you used animation like I did.) Your invitation should appear in the email.

Your image is now added to the email

Adding everyone’s first name

We’ll use mail merge to take everyone from the Google Sheet and add them here.

Underneath the image, type a left curly brace { and your list of merge tags should appear — those correspond to the columns in your Google Sheet.

Curly brace brings up merge tags

I called my column FirstName. So I can write:

Hey {FirstName}!

Add the rest of your message

Use the rest of the email to fill in any details that you didn’t put in the Canva design.

Type in the rest of your bachelorette party email invite message

Set the background color

This is the only part that looks technical. (But it’s really just copying and pasting.)

Click the down arrow next to the red GMass button at the bottom of the compose window. That will bring up the GMass settings.

Click the little “HTML” link on right side, near the top.

Click into the HTML

That will bring up a box showing you the HTML code for the email. You don’t have to touch any of that. You’ll just paste a line at the beginning and a line at the end.

The HTML code of the email

Paste this before the code:

<table width="100%" height="100%"><tr><td width="100%" height="100%" bgcolor="YOURCOLORHERE">

And paste this at the bottom:


Where I wrote YOURCOLORHERE, replace that with the color you got from Canva. (Mine was #feecff.)

You can also try out other background colors. At this website, you can find the six-digit hexadecimal codes for other colors.

Paste a line before and a line after

Once you’ve pasted in the code and the correct color, click the “Okay” button. Now when you get back to your email, the whole window should be filled with the background color.

You now have a background color

Take care of any other formatting

You can use Gmail’s standard formatting options to design the rest of your email. Change the font, colors, size, or spacing until everything looks good. I centered everything as well and added lines above the invitation and below my text.

Here’s my final result:

My final bachelorette party invitations design

Set the subject line

Decide on your subject line (from the choices we gave you above or your own). Then write that in the subject line.

I decided I wanted to use personalization in the subject line to make it clear this email is personalized, using the {FirstName} merge tag again.

Adding in the subject line

Step 5: Set up the automated follow-ups

Now that your email is designed, we’re going to set up plain text follow-up messages to nudge people to reply if they haven’t.

Go back into the GMass settings box and click on “Auto Follow-up.”

Click auto follow-up in the GMass settings

Check the box on Stage 1. Leave the dropdown menu set to “No Reply”; that means this follow-up will only go out if the person hasn’t replied to your first email. I set this one to go out 4 days after my first email.

Then type a quick sentence in the box. You want these follow-ups to feel like you just fired off a quick, individual email to the person.

As you can see in the image below, I set up three follow-ups to go out over the course of about two weeks. And these messages will stop to each person once they’ve replied.

The auto follow-up messages

Step 6: Send yourself a test

Everything set and looking good? Time to send yourself a test of the email sequence so you can see what the invitation and the follow-ups will look like. You can make sure the mail merge is working and all looks good.

In the GMass settings, put your email in the “Send Test Email” box. Then click the arrow next to the Send Test button and choose “Send all stages.”

Sending the test email sequence

Click the purple Send Test button to send the test sequence to yourself. Here’s what you should receive.

The email test sequence

Step 7: Send the invites!

If everything looks good, you’re ready to send the invite. To send, click the GMass button in the compose window. Your personalized mass emails will now go out to everyone on the list.

Hit the GMass button to send

Bachelorette Party Invitations: Time to Get Started

You should be all set to send bachelorette party invites that accomplish all the goals we covered earlier: Celebrate the bride, set the tone and vibe, build excitement, get across all the key details, and get RSVPs. And your invitation will look good doing it.

If you’re ready to get started, download GMass from the Chrome Web Store and install it.

We hope you’ll also consider using GMass for your other wedding emails in Gmail. It’s the most cost-efficient option and will save you a ton of hassle.

Until then, enjoy that last fling before you ring in the next phase of your email-based career and personal life using GMass. Now that’s a catchy slogan.

Ready to send better emails and save a ton of time?

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