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This week I launched the GMass YouTube channel with an entertaining video (I laughed anyway) about myself and GMass. If you haven’t seen the video yet, please watch it, like it, and subscribe on YouTube. Why should you? Read on.

This year, we’re taking a more data-driven approach to cold email and email marketing. After serving more than 500,000 users sending emails directly from their own Gmail and G Suite accounts, we’ve complied a treasure trove of data on sending limits, email deliverability, and response rates. We’re soon going to be making all of this data available and searchable, and I’ll be making videos analyzing the data to help you make better decisions for your organizations. My next video will be a detailed look at the state of Gmail’s sending limits.

Now I won’t bore you with content just about email. I’ve also learned a lot of business lessons from running GMass, so I’ll also be talking about:

  • growth strategies
  • negotiation
  • marketing
  • Chrome extensions
  • software development
  • recruiting

I promise you this — the content in my videos will be atypical. If I make a video on growth strategies, it will cover unique strategies that I’ve discovered or created — not the usual ho-hum “here’s how to make a Facebook ad campaign” or “here’s how to get started with cold email”.

So go ahead and SMASH…ahem…I mean, SHRED that Subscribe button. Here’s that video link again.

  1. Been with Gmass for a year or so. Love the personalization capabilities.
    The “reporting” needs a revamp – it’s huge and needs to be smaller and more organized. One email that summarizes the campaign would be nice. if you want more, click something in the original email to drill down.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for the recommendation, we’ll be sure to send it to Ajay to see how we can improve reporting in our roadmap ahead.

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