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Setup Gmail Auto Follow-Up Emails Until You Get a Reply [Updated 2024]

    1. Can we set up the auto-follow up with Name syntax {First Name}? can we customize email like the main email?

      1. Hi George,

        Yes, you can. You can use any merge tags used in the main email or you can use unused merge tags based on the column headers of the Google Sheet you have connected for the main campaign.

  1. How do I send a follow up a few minutes after the original email? I tried indicating 0.01 for days but that did not work.

  2. How do I stop a follow up for a particular recipient if he called me instead of replying to the email?

  3. Sorry, but you can't send a follow-up after a few minutes. The minimum is 1 day. You have to enter a whole number for the Number of Days for each Stage.

    1. Is this fixed by now? I’d like to send an Auto follow-up after a few minutes the recipent has clicked on my previous email.

  4. Nice and excellent features. Hope you can tweak this to accommodate the alias email option of the send as address for the follow ups rather than sending the follow ups using default address. Thanks

  5. How can I use an hyperlink in Auto-follow uo? Is this possible cuz i haven't been able to find a way to do this

  6. Instead of using the To button, can we use the BCC button instead? This is so that the recipients will not see who are the other recipients.

  7. Instead of using the To button, can we use the BCC button instead? This is so that the recipients will not see who are the other recipients.

    1. Wait did this and it showed everyone on the email chain? I added my email on the mass email and when I opened it, it shows all other 48 people? Also, when I added some personalized fields, it did not pull them but just kept the {Address} field in the email?????

      1. Hi Gaston,

        All those indicates that you clicked on the Gmail send button instead of the red GMass button. When you click the Gmail send button it sends your emails as is to everyone at once, but clicking the red GMass button will use the mail merge and personalization used in your spreadsheet to each one individually.

  8. Unfortunately, personalized attachments isn't a supported feature yet, but it will be soon! Several users have asked for this, so it's likely that I'll build it.

  9. I added a followup today to a campaign I already sent. I set the days to 3 days after, and today is 4 days after my campaign, but I haven't seen any saved copy of the email sent and I haven't seen any reports about it. I originally sent my campaign at 2:47 pm. Will the followups send at the same time?
    thanks – wondering if my emails were sent or not.

  10. I have sent out some emails using GMass and had selected the follow ups to happen after 3, 5 and 7 days (emails were sent out on the 28th). No follow ups have been sent that I can tell even though everything I look at makes it look like they are set to go. Not really sure what went wrong.

  11. Hello. Question on the Automatic Follow up Feature. Stage one happens X days after the message was sent, Stage two reads after X days if "no reply"…is this X days after the initial send date or X days after stage one kicks in? Thanks for the help. Love Gmass!

  12. My gmail account got disabled by google after just one day of campaign, can i know reason for that? I can't mention my account here…

  13. I have an email campaign out right now with follow up emails that are specific to a type of person.

    I want to send out a new campaign and change the information that’s saved in the follow up sequences.

    If I change that information for the new campaign, will it affect the old campaign?

      1. The Auto Follow-ups automatically populate with whatever you used on your last campaign. It will not affect your previous campaign if you change that message for a new campaign. They are pre-filled for your convenience.

  14. in the automatic reply field, I don’t see a way for me to change the subject title for each follow up custom message. Why is this? I also notice you don’t allow for pictures to be added as you would allow on the first email going out? Am I missing something? Do you have a feature that allows me to do this that I’m not seeing?


    1. You can use the Manual Followup Tool to email recipients of a previously sent campaign: http://www.gmass.co/blog/new-feature-send-follow-up-mail-merge-campaigns-in-gmail/

      If the campaign is still in progress, then you can set Auto Followups by opening the draft in the GMass Scheduled label, setting the Auto Followups in the GMass Settings Box, and clicking the GMass button to save.

      In the future, to get the best support from our team, see: http://blog.gmass.co/2016/11/how-to-get-best-support-from-gmass-team.html

  15. Hello,

    Regarding timing of the emails.

    If my original email is sent on Tuesday, my follow up is sent two days later which would be Thursday…what about the second follow-up? Is the number of days from the original email or my follow-up email?


    Originial email: Tuesday
    First follow-up email: Thursday ( 2 days )
    Second follow-up: Following Monday ( So four days from the first follow-up or six days from the original email?)

    1. Hi John, did you already received an answer to this question? I am also curiuous about this.


  16. Hi, I just wanted to check-in on the questions of John on the 4th of April:


    Regarding timing of the emails.

    If my original email is sent on Tuesday, my follow up is sent two days later which would be Thursday…what about the second follow-up? Is the number of days from the original email or my follow-up email?

    Original email: Tuesday
    First follow-up email: Thursday ( 2 days )
    Second follow-up: Following Monday ( So four days from the first follow-up or six days from the original email?)

    Looking forward to receive feedback 🙂

  17. UPDATE

    There is some confusion around whether the number of days you specify for the auto follow-ups are from the ORIGINAL email or from the LAST email.

    From testing, I can verify that the dates are from the ORIGINAL email.

    So don’t do what I did and try to specify your dates based on the last email and piss all of your prospects off.

    If you want to set up an email follow-up sequence to email prospects once per week until you get a response, you would set it up like this:

    Original Email
    1st Auto Followup: 7 days
    2nd Auto Followup: 14 days
    3rd Auto Followup: 31 days

    Side note…if anyone from Gmass reads this, please recognize that this is a very unintuitive user experience — you guys would do REALLY well to make this more clear.

    Side note #2….it would be nice to add in a way to NOT send auto followups on weekend days (unless I missed that option somewhere).

    Hope this helps.

    1. Shit.

      so I put;

      1st Stage = 5 days
      2nd Stage = 5 days
      3rd Stage = 5 days

      So on the 5th I will send 3 follow up messages together?

      1. If you configure it that way, you will get an error when you hit the GMass button. Each Stage has to have a greater number than the previous Stage. The error will be something like:

        Stage 2 Days must be a number between 1 and 180 and greater than Stage 1’s Days. Uncheck the box to cancel this Stage

  18. If I set up an automatic follow up for a campaign with a customized email message. Then I start a 2nd campaign to different recipients. When I look at automatic follow up, the email text for the 1st campaign is listed there. If I change it, will I change the text for the 1st campaign? So the question is can you have different auto follow ups going at the same time?

    1. It won’t change the text for the first Campaign or any other scheduled Campaign.

      The Stages auto-populate with the Auto Followups you used for your most recent Campaign – this is for convenience only, and you can change them without affecting other Campaigns.

    1. You’d need to configure a Manual Followup Campaign to do that. Click the Manual Followup Tool (red @ symbol near your search bar), select the Campaign and Behavior you’d like, then click Compose. That will launch a new Compose Window with the recipients matching your selected Behavior.

  19. Hello:

    I’m using Gmass but not a Google Sheet. I’m directing my email to one individual (To Line), but copying two or three others (cc Line).

    Ideally, if anyone of them replied, the campaign would stop. However, the entire district uses the domain so I can’t apply the feature that causes them to stop when one individual with a domain replies.

    If one of the CC’d people responds will my campaign stop? This is my desire.

  20. I just set it up and sent 1 test message. So far so good. IF I DELETE THE COPIES IN MY SENT BOX< WILL AUTO FOLLOW UP WORK PROPERLY?

    1. Yes, auto follow-ups continue as it is based on the trigger you chose such as sending it if they didn’t reply, open, etc.

  21. Is there a way to create a template of the e-mail sequence of follow ups? Like choosing “my follow up sequence” would automatically set a pre-defined sequence of e-mails.

    Is that possible?

  22. Just wish to say the posting is outstanding. The clearly with your write-up is easily outstanding and I can tell you are the specialist about this niche.

  23. Having a problem with this. Even though people are responding, the system isn’t picking it up and sending them auto replies anyway.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Please contact our support team through http://gmass.co/g/support. Please include the campaign ID of the campaign you’re referencing that you’re experiencing this issue with.

  24. Nice and excellent features. Hope you can tweak this to accommodate the alias email option of the send as address for the follow ups rather than sending the follow ups using default address. Thanks

  25. Why is it auto follow up emails were still sent even though the recipient already replied.

    Set up the follow up emails to XX days when there’s No Reply.

  26. Hi,

    I am facing the following issue with the auto follow-up:

    Suppose, I have sent the campaign email to a single person for two different campaigns (for example Mr.Jon Emailed for “Sub1” and “Sub2” 2 different campaigns). The moment I schedule an auto follow-up and send it. It doesn’t deliver correctly to the person. Eg., I want to send follow-ups for Sub1 and I have pitched Mr.Jon for both sub1 & sub2. The follow-ups are going in the wrong subject line.

    It goes in the wrong email thread thereby creating a lot of havoc.

    I hope it helps in understanding. A quick response will be highly appreciated.!
    Please help!

    1. Hi Swati,

      Please contact our support team through http://gmass.co/g/support so that we may assist you directly. Please include screenshots of the wrong replies being attached to the wrong email thread so we can help get this resolved.

  27. Does it work even if they have a system where they have a ticket opened say like for example ZENDESK they send you a separate email “Ticket has been created” and he answers the question but the reply will not be within the thread of the email conversation but in a separate email, how does that work?

  28. Hi,
    Does anyone know why, after I finish configuring all the followup messages (i.e. only 3), I cant get back to the top of the gmass configuration popup window to see the personalization options and such. The top of the popup window remains permanently out of view towards the top of my screen and nothing I do will allow the popup screen to move down to the point where I can see the top of it. Thanks

  29. Hi Ajay

    There wasn’t any Step By Step instruction to set-up this Auto Email Follow-up feature

    “The GMass Settings box, where you can configure auto follow-ups” – WHERE?

    “It’s easy to use, and you can try it right now using the standard follow-up language we’ve come up with. Just check the box next to each “stage” you want sent, make any adjustments to the timing and language, and hit the GMass button to send”.- HOW?

    Please show Step By Step how/what to Click first in the message Compose box

    Thank you

  30. Today i add the Ext. of GMASS, but the problem that i am facing is when i send a mail (that containing images also) , the images files doesn’t deliver to the recipient.

  31. One obvious question is “Does a follow-up email count towards the 50 emails/day max limit for a free account?” i.e. if I send out 50 emails each day for several days but they all have auto followups every 2 days, will the number of emails GMass can send / day reduce due to the auto follow-up emails.

  32. Can I add more Auto followup emails after I have setup 2 Auto Follow-up emails and are running ..

    Original Email Sent on Monday

    Auto followup Email 1: Tuesday

    Auto followup Email 2: Thursday

    On Friday I feel like adding 2 more
    Auto followup emails

    Can I simply go ahead and add them?

    I tried to do this and clicked on the Green SAVE button.. but Gmass doesn’t seem to sent the Email 3 out.

  33. If I set the limiter to “reply” and the recipient then sends a reply this means the follow-up campaign will automatically stop, correct?

    If yes, how long does the software take to cancel the auto-followups?

    1. To cancel your subscription, follow the directions here: https://www.gmass.co/blog/how-to-cancel-your-paid-gmail-mail-merge-subscription-to-gmass/

  34. Hello- Info probably right in front of me but cannot find after 30 mins searching. How do I create and save a new “campaign”. I see in the advanced box an entry field labeled “friendly name”- choose a campaign name. I do not currently have the ability to save anything in this field. Ultimately my goal is to send the same automated responses to all emails contained within a specific campaign. Thank you for the help

    1. Hi Matt,

      To be able to send the same automated response, you can “save” the campaign to your account by sending it to your own email address. Then you’ll be able to choose it from the dropdown without manually writing in your responses for each campaign. This will also allow you to reuse the same content for follow-ups across multiple campaigns easier.

      So to summarize, you would first need to draft the email content, go in your GMass settings and set the friendly name, then send it via GMass to your own email address.

      If you’re adding a friendly name to an existing campaign that is ongoing, add your friendly name in the GMass settings box then click the GMass button to save.

  35. Hi, could you please check why people keep on receiving my followup emails, even though they already replied? I think there is an issue in my account. I already checked the point concerning the GmassReports/Replies label. Thank you very much

  36. Can I send a personalized follow up for those who opened on day 3


    Send a personalized follow up for those who did not reply on day 3

  37. I would like to send an auto response to those people who have CLICK. I can’t find where to do this. Please help. Thanks.

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  40. I’m trying to send emails with follow up set up for those who didn’t reply but I keep getting the error message below:

    “You can’t set auto follow-ups based on NO REPLY when using the Fast Sending option with an SMTP service”

    How can I resolve this?

    1. Hi Olu,

      You would need to disable the fast sending option in your GMass settings. Seen highlighted in this image: https://marvin-wordzen.tinytake.com/media/b15b18?filename=1570203620593_TinyTake04-10-2019-11-39-36.png

      Because sending fast skips logging emails in the “Sent Mail” folder, you can’t use reply-based auto follow-ups (such as No Reply) when this option is on. You can still use open and click-based auto follow-ups, but your auto follow-ups can’t be based on whether the recipient replies. This is because the primary way GMass detects whether a recipient has replied is by examining the “thread” of an email. Without the original sent email in your “Sent Mail” folder, replies can’t be “threaded”.

  41. Hey together,

    I am having a more specific question regarding the reporting of the Intro email and follow up messages.

    Let’s say I sent out my Intro mail with 100 recipients. 65 acutally received the email and 25 opened it. Now the automated follow up is sent out after 3 days and from 62 recipients 20 are opening the email.

    My specific question now is how the follow up email is affecting the reporting of the Intro email. Are all openings and clicks from the follow up email counted to the data of the Intro Mail as well or is it a 100% own tracking?

    Would be awesome to get some more insights on that.
    Thank you!

  42. Gmass is too lazy to delete A campaign’s Draft especially in case of auto follow up. Any possibility to improve this or make a new folder for this to keep the draft folder clean. A clean draft folder helps feel relax. When something is being done automatically then why this headache in the draft folder? Quite irritating.

  43. Not sure where to ask these pre-sale question…but here goes. I my industry, there are some some sweet spot times to reach my audience: Mon, Tues 8am till 10:45am, 2:30 – 5:30pm, and then different hours for other days of the week.

    I was trying another platform and it allows me to specify the follow up time of day for the scheduled email AND for each follow up email to start at (they then send in random increments after the start time)

    So wondering if that is going to be a feature soon or is a feature now.

    Additionally..i have been using standard gmail for a while. I have the ability to send out emails with my domain, is that possible with this product and is there additional spf set up that should be done. I see the instructions for google apps, but if the email is from a non gsuite product is the set up different? Thanks!

    I wanted to use this with my older gmail account

  44. Hi
    Love GMASS!

    My autofollow-ups though are losing the image – is there a trick to getting it to appear – I want an image to appear in my custom auto follow up.

    thank you

  45. Marvin,

    Can we make it do auto-follow ups are sent at different times during the day? I am trying to make my emails look as natural as possible and dont want for the email to be delivered at 8am, 8am, 8am.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Joel,

      Unfortunately, not at this time. Auto follow-up sending times are based on the time the original email was sent but sent on the designated day after the initial email was sent. What you can do is add a long pause in between each email GMass sends, each email will pause anywhere from 60-90 seconds for each individual email, so it would spreadout your campaign’s emails over a longer duration instead of sending them all in one fell swoop.

      To learn more about adding a longer pause, please see https://www.gmass.co/blog/add-a-longer-delay-between-emails/

  46. Love auto follow-up!

    A question I can’t see answered before so fingers crossed I haven’t missed the answer.

    I am using a Google sheet with different tabs e.g. 1) mailing list 2) sent emails

    so I send the initial campaign from tab 1 and then cut and paste everyone over to tab (2) once the first email has been sent.

    However I wonder if I’m being a muppet – does the autoresponder go back to the first tab i.e. my original mailing list, to send the follow-ups? Have I destroyed my follow-up by cutting and pasting the addresses before the auto-responders have been sent?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Chris,

      No, since GMass itself only refers to the original sheet, as long as the sheet you connected is not changed, you can add other tabs to your Google Sheet without it affecting your campaigns.

  47. Ahhhh ok but as I HAVE deleted the data off tab 1 i.e. my MASTER LIST tab and then moved them to tab 2 my SENT tab – then I have messed up.

    It’s not a big problem as I love this tool and am getting used to it.

    So…next question…how do I stop all my campaigns which have autoresponders still planned to run so I can set up from scratch again?

    Thank you.

  48. Hi,

    It’s been a long that my Auto-Followups Reports are not being generated. And I am very concerned whether my Autofollowups are getting triggered or not?

    Please support me as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Roy,

      Please contact our support team directly so we can assist you in troubleshooting and isolating what’s causing the issue you’re encountering.

  49. For follow-up emails that are scheduled for a later time, how do you modify to send the follow-up emails out immediately?

    1. Hi Jesus,

      If the initial email was sent out at least 1 day before you intend to send the follow-ups, you can do this by setting the time to 12:00AM after X number of days from your initial email.

      For example: if your initial email was sent yesterday, you can set the number of days to 1 (which would make it today) and then for the timing, set it for a few minutes from now.

  50. My follow-ups need the ability to add hyperlinks– strategy involves pointing to new material.

    There doesn’t seem to be this availability.

    In that instance, would we need to use the manual follow-up feature?

  51. Very nice piece of research i came across almost covering everything i wanted to know
    there are ton of automated followup tools as well which can make our work easier i have gone through this blog which helped me alot in finding the correct tool for automated followups.
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  52. I have this set up with some of my emails. I am getting replies to my auto follow-up emails but they are not registering as reply emails in my reply folder. For the people that are replying, I don’t want them to keep getting my follow up emails, so how do I make it certain that the follow up email is stopped once they reply?

    1. Hi Daniele,

      If your auto follow-ups are set to send until a recipient replies, then once they do reply any pending follow-ups should no longer be sent. Could you please contact our support team (gmass.co/g/support) so we can assist you?

  53. I’m using auto follow-ups with the free account.
    I want to upgrade to the Minimal option. Can I still use auto follow-ups?

    1. Hi Nate,

      Unfortunately, no, auto follow-ups are not enabled in the Minimal or Standard Plans. It is only available in the Premium version of GMass.

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  55. Is there a way for me to send series of follow up emails irrespective of whether the receiver opens, clicks, replies? In other words, just draft all the follow up emails and send them on a preset schedule.

    1. Hi Mohsin,

      Yes, just select “ALL” for each follow-up stage. This will send to all recipients for each stage of follow-ups as the original campaign.

      1. Oh that’s not how I understood the “ALL” option. I thought the ALL option meant: if any of the above happens then send this message.

        Perhaps you could add the word “recipients” next to all: “ALL RECIPIENTS” that makes it clear that the message will be sent to everyone irrespective of their interaction.

  56. Is there any chance to stop a reminder flow if someone fills out a google form? As opposed to stopping the flow with an email reply?

  57. Hi all,
    Is there a way to test the follow-ups? For example, I have my initial email ready in GMass, and I’ve selected the “auto follow-up” function, with 2 stages. I want to run a test and see how both follow-up emails look (is it properly threaded, are the images from the initial email intact, etc), however the shortest delay window is 1 day, meaning that I’d need to wait for tomorrow to see how the follow-ups look. I there a way to test what the follow-ups look like in a more timey manner?

  58. After setting a template containing rich content to be included in my follow-up email, I want to delete the list of previously saved templates that I no longer use from the dropdown menu. I tried deleting the auto-follow up templates from my mail box and clicked on the refresh button next to the dropdown menu but the list does not update. This seems like a bug.

  59. Have you ever wondered about the status of your follow-up emails? Here’s an easy way to stay on top of it all. For me, Thanks to Aritic PinPoint for this great auto-follow-up email service!

  60. Looking for help with auto follow up.

    – Initial campaign was sent on 9/14
    – On 9/19 an auto follow up Stage 1 was created to run after 7 days
    – On 9/21, seven days after initial campaign, the auto follow has not been sent as of 3 hours after the timestamp of the initial campaign.
    – On 9/21 the auto follow up was edited to include a ‘send time’. The send time has passed and still no auto follow up sent.
    – The is no record of a new campaign for the auto follow up in the dashboard
    – The ‘GMASS Auto Followup’ label in gmail has a draft in it that was created on 9/14 (day of the original campaign being sent). When I click on that draft them open the GMASS settings there is no auto follow up created.

    The last bullet above is the one that I’m not understanding. Why was this auto follow up draft created on 9/14 when no auto follow up was created on that date? Why does this auto follow up draft have no auto follow up in the GMASS settings while the draft in GMASS Scheduled does have the auto draft set correct.

    What steps do I need to take to get the stage 1 auto follow up to send automatically? And what steps do I need to take to create Stage 2, 3, 4 etc. auto follow ups that will send automatically?

    Thanks for your time in addressing this issue.

  61. i have created follow up draft, but i need to change template
    Which is right workflow to delete wrong followup mails and recreate correct drafts?

  62. Is it possible to implement autofollowups when I’m sending an email to more than one contact?

    Often times, e.g. after sending a proposal, I use the autofollowup feature. But in my field, I usually have the sales calls with more than one person. If I use the Gmass button, it will send a separate chain to each person in the “to” field. I need the email to be sent to more than once contact (this other contact in the “cc” field or in the “to” field). i.e. I need to be able to create an email with autofollow-up that sends a message to more than one contact at the time.

  63. I accidentally sent an email and it was not set to “automatically send to new emails on the list”. Is there a way to edit/include this option or do I need to start over? If I do start over? Do I need to cleanse the list based on the first report in order to send follow ups and basically start with email #2?

  64. I have set up automatic follow up
    But after sending the first email my mailjet account is suspended.
    Do I need to remove the auto follow up and reset it? Or will the auto follow-up be automatically resent after my mailjet account is unblocked?

    1. Hi Leo,

      If your Mailjet account is restored before your auto follow-ups are scheduled to be sent then they will go out as scheduled.

  65. I have a problem – the set-up window appears under the email window and I have no way to make the settings for automatic follow-up and I don’t know how to solve this problem.

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