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New Feature: Test your email sequence

test email sequence
  1. This function does not work correctly. I have tries it today. When attempting to send out a “test” of the entire sequence , the only email which will be sent out is the first email and not the “followups”

  2. This function works intermittently for me and today was a day it wasn’t working. Today I received the first email but no others in the sequence that are the followups.

  3. Both of these comments above are correct. The test does not send every email in the sequence. Rather, it sends the first one, and saves the remaining emails as a draft. This is not helpful as you cannot really see how the emails playout in a sequence.

    Presumably they send according to the the campaign schedule set, however they do not appear in the “scheduled” folder. So we don’t know. Which is frustrating. There is no way to test the full sequence ahead of time.

    So the only way to check is to go back and look at each individual email on its own. Which is the opposite of what this feature is supposed to do according to this article.

  4. Correct, it used to work correctly and send each email of the sequence, but now it has stopped working for several weeks and hasn’t been fixed.

    We don’t want to see Test in the scheduled folder, we want to see them appear in the Test’s recipients inbox, as a thread.

    Ajay, rather than asking for new features, can we get the ones included in the pricing fixed?


  5. I can confirm it is not working: I only received the first email, not the subsequent emails.


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