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Create Full Cold Email Campaigns in GMass with ChatGPT (New!)

You can now use ChatGPT to generate entire cold email campaigns — including follow-ups and key settings — all inside of GMass.

This feature is great if you want AI to write your email drafts… to help you brainstorm some ideas… or just to take the burden of setting up a campaign off your plate.

And since it’s built right into GMass and requires, basically, clicking one button and typing one sentence — might as well take full advantage.

Here’s how to use the ChatGPT cold email campaign builder inside GMass.

Using the ChatGPT Email Campaign Creator in GMass

The ChatGPT campaign creator tool is included with all GMass accounts. (You may need to refresh your Gmail window if you haven’t been on for a bit.)

In the Gmail campaign window, open the GMass settings by clicking the arrow next to the GMass button. Then click the ChatGPT icon near the top right.

The ChatGPT button in the GMass settings

That brings up the ChatGPT email campaign creator pop-up.

Enter the following:

  • What your campaign is about
  • Roughly how long you want the campaign to be
  • If you want to also generate auto follow-ups (and how many)

Then click the Okay button.

Entering your prompt and other settings

ChatGPT will then generate your messages and the proper GMass settings.

ChatGPT generates a draft and follow-ups

Check out the subject line and message that ChatGPT generated.

We recommend giving the draft a polish before you send.

You can also add in your own merge tags for personalization, and you’ll likely want to add your own formatting.

Clean up the draft

Now let’s have a look at the follow-ups.

Notice that ChatGPT has set the follow-ups to continue until you get a reply. And it’s spread them out over the course of about a week. (It will continue setting this up if you choose more than three follow-ups).

How the follow-up settings look

Once again, I can edit these follow-ups as desired.

And I can see how the sequence will look to recipients by sending myself a test of all stages.

Send yourself a test of all stages

One note: If you hit the ChatGPT button in the GMass settings box again, it will overwrite your current message.

Time to Get Started

Ready to use ChatGPT for your own GMass campaigns?

Again, this feature should be incredibly useful in lots of situations:

  • You want ChatGPT to generate drafts
  • You’re having writer’s block and don’t want to stare at a blank compose window
  • You’re looking for campaign inspiration and want to brainstorm ideas
  • You’re not a native English speaker and want a little help
  • You’ve been using AI to write your drafts anyway and now can save time by doing it right inside GMass
  • You want ChatGPT to handle your follow-ups (and settings) to save you time

This is one of GMass’s growing library of AI features, including quick ChatGPT replies when people respond to your campaign, sentiment analysis on campaign replies, and an AI assistant to answer your GMass questions.

If you’re already a GMass user, the ChatGPT email campaign feature is already set up and included in your plan. (And you don’t need to provide your own ChatGPT API key or anything — we’ve got that covered.)

If you aren’t a GMass user yet, you can get started in a matter of minutes by downloading the Chrome extension.

There’s no credit card required for the free trial — where you can test out GMass to see why we have 300,000+ users who’ve given us an average rating of 4.8/5 stars across 8,000 reviews.

And yes, you can use the ChatGPT email campaigns feature during your trial (among GMass’s other hundreds of features that make it different and better than any other email platform).

See why GMass has 300k+ users and 7,500+ 5-star reviews

Email marketing. Cold email. Mail merge. Avoid the spam folder. Easy to learn and use. All inside Gmail.


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