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Triggered Emails in GMass: Send When a Prospect Is in Their Inbox

  1. Wow! such a great new feature. Definitely a great help for me and others out there. Will definitely try the triggering emails now

  2. I used to be able set up triggered emails by “clicks”. I reviewed my messaging and it still has what required which is a clickable text or a hyperlink. However, it is not working anymore on my campaign. I sent myself a TEST all stages, I got the stage 1 which I expected, then I clicked the link in the TEST email I got but I still didn’t get the triggered email. Can someone tell me what to do? Thanks!

    1. Often the issue is when you use a URL (like https://www.google.com) rather than hyperlinked text. We cannot put click tricking on a URL, only on hyperlink text, as putting click tracking on a URL (which would then mean the link does not match the URL) is a big red flag for spam. Were you using hyperlinked text?

  3. great work guys, i have a question if someone replied can we setup an email sequence that will follow up after an email reply.

    1. For now it’s just one message as the triggered response. However, the idea of triggered sequences are definitely on our radar.

  4. Can we add a multiple trigger word for example one is interested and other being like for more info two triggers words and two different templates for each trigger word

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