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All sent email campaigns are now archived under the “Sent Copies” Gmail Label

Want to see a record of what you sent and to whom? Want to copy/paste the content of a previous email marketing campaign into a new campaign?

Now you can!

All mass emails sent from GMass are now archived under the “Sent Copies” Label under “GMass Reports”. Each archived message will show the original Subject/Message of your mail merge campaign and include the addresses in the To field. You can use the “Sent Copies” area to easily review past emails and to copy/paste a previous email marketing campaigns into a new campaign with additional email addresses.

What is not stored here?

GMass will not store your test emails (emails sent with the “Send Test Email” button) here. Also, if you reply to an email and click the GMass button, the reply won’t be stored here. Only actual broadcast email campaigns where you click the GMass button are stored here.

When will a campaign show up here?
A campaign only shows here after it has begun sending. For example, if you schedule an email campaign to send tomorrow morning, the campaign won’t show under “Sent Copies” until tomorrow morning.

How can you use this area?

You can copy the Subject/Message of campaigns from here and paste into a new Compose window to re-send a previous campaign to new recipients.

Why has the From Address been changed from your actual address to [email protected]?

We did this to differentiate between the individual emails that were actually sent versus the messages that show here, which are just a record of the content you’ve sent and to whom.

What’s the difference between this “Sent Copies” area and Gmail’s “Sent Mail” folder?

The difference is that the original email campaign is stored here as a “template”, meaning the content of the email before links are tracked, before open tracking is added, and before personalization is added. If you look in your Gmail “Sent Mail” folder, you will find the individual emails that were sent to the individual email recipients, and those copies show the detail of the tracked links, personalization, and other changes that are custom to that recipient. If you wish to use an old message for a new campaign, you should copy/paste from this area, NOT the Gmail “Sent Mail” folder, since there you will find the individual emails which have been customized for each individual recipient.

Note that in this area, your campaigns are stored with all of your recipient addresses in the To field. But do not fear, because that is not how the emails were actually sent. The emails were sent out individually, and your email list has not been exposed to your recipients.

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  1. Hi Ajay, do you have a search bar function on your blog? I'm trying to find articles based on keywords and don't know how sift through the content of your blog quickly.

  2. Hi Ajay, another question. I ran the Gmass test campaign where it was sent to 10 recipients (the one prepared by Gmass). The report that was generated for that campaign was perfect, providing info on who opened, clicked, etc. However, all of the 10 recipients were copied to the same email. If I run a mail merge campaign through gmail, where 200 emails are sent out individually with a unique subject line (example: "[Contact Name], your item has been shipped"), will the Gmass campaign report give info on the entire mail merge campaign (200 recipients), or will it report on each individual email?

  3. Can I send a mass email with say 300+ email address, but I would like the recipiate to only see there email address in the To: section. Not see all 300+ emails. To make the email appear to be sent from me to them only. Not from me to all 300+ people on the email.

    How can I do this?


    1. This is how GMass works; as long as you send using the GMass button (not the regular Gmail Send button), your campaign will send to each recipient as an individual email. The contacts will not be exposed to each other.

  4. HELP…..I sent an email campaign with Gmass, but when I clicked the Gmass red button, I got a small windown telling my that Gmass will only send 50 emails per day….but the window asked to click on continue, which takes you to the Gmass blog to buy a better membership plan.

    My concern is that this process did not notify me if my campaign with free 50 emails/day was sent or not ?

    So, how can I verify that Gmass is sending my free 50 emails per day ?????

  5. I just now bought your minimal subscription of GMass and I am using mass mails not for any commercial purposes but only for sharing my magazines of around 70 to 80 pages every month and also daily spiritual quotes. The real problem is that my ‘sent mail’ is flooded with such individual mails which I do not want. I have to delete them on every day which becomes a laborious and irksome affairs.

    Can I block such individual mails being shown in my sent mail folder?

    1. I agree. It should just collide as one message if anything. But it fills up my messages when i go to all mail in gmail. Then i have to delete 280 sent messages so that it doesnt take up space

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